The Reverse Icarito

We’ve heard your stories about flying too close the the sun and falling back to earth - Your Icarito. What about your stories of salvaging a round or polishing the proverbial turd?

Mine happened in Kohler, WI. After a morning round at Blackwolf Run’s River course, we had an afternoon time at the Meadow Valley course. It was toward the end of the trip and my swing had devolved into a series of spasms and lunges. I was chopping up the course with an array of bogeys, doubles and triples - nothing going right. I had maybe 1 par through 14 holes. Then something flipped. 15 is a long par 3 that was playing into the wind. I pured a hybrid that ended up about 18 inches from the cup for a birdie. 16 is a short par 5 playing downwind. I was greenside in 2, chipped up to 6 feet and made another birdie. 17 was another par 3 playing into the wind. I hit another hybrid, this time to less than a foot and another birdie. 18 is a par 4 with a carry over a river on the approach. A good drive and a strong second, left me about 6 feet and a closing birdie.

So anyway, that’s how I birdied the last 4 holes to shoot 93.


That’s called an Otiraci, or it is now.


It’s still an Icarito moment, it’s just an Icarito at Santa Maria moment.

I suppose it’s not nearly as dramatic as yours, but I was +10 through 7 in a nine hole match in high school, then managed to chip in for par from like 30 yards on 8 and then chip in for birdie on nine (very short par 4) to shoot bogey golf. Truth be told I felt like I wasted my chip ins


Went 66-42 on the last Friday of 2018. Played the last 5 holes 4 under including making an Eagle on the #1 handicap hole to salvage the round and leave with some self respect.

Backstory was I had a 6 month old at home who refused to sleep, weather sucked all fall and I think my last round was early October. What was supposed to be a unseasonably warm and sunny day, was cold, wet, and windy, and the office messed up billing a large job and no one working that day could make it right. Head was not in it at all that day. I sprayed, chunked, and 3 putted my way around all day. Quit giving a crap on 14 and turned myself into Tiger Woods.

Have carried that attitude into this year and turned myself into a pretty good golfer.


Tied my lowest round ever of 75 after starting with 3 bogeys. Course was 7500 yards too.

February 2018 I was 9 over thru 7 in a tourney at champions gate cc in orlando. Only 1 birdie in that stretch and said if I didn’t birdie the next hole I was going home because I was moving the next day.

Well I birdied that hole and 6 others and an eagle in my last 11 holes. Shot a 75 with 8 birdies and an eagle. 2 triples and a quad ruined a career round. But I won $1000 with my eagle so I got over it.


On my buddies trip this year we dubbed the reverse Icarito “the Dante”. Where Icarus flows too close to the sun and spirals to his doom, Dante emerges from the depths of hell back to the land of the living.


I was gonna say I know of a guy that went quad, triple, double, triple, birdie, eagle over the last 6 holes. He seemed to feel pretty good about it.

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Basically every round is reverse Icarito for me now. I really think it’s something mental and has to do with my anxiety. All of my rounds these days go something along the lines of 43-35.

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Last summer, I had a reverse Icarito, then Icarito moment. I shot 41 on the front 9 of a tournament in Houston, and going into 18 I was 2 under on the back. I didn’t know at the time, but for the sake of the story I’ll tell y’all I needed eagle on a reachable par 5 to tie the lead. The reverse Icarito part was me going 2 under on the back thru 8. On 18, I piped my drive, and had 190 in to an island green. This is where I flew too close to the sun. I was thinking lay up and have an easy wedge into the green, but I suddenly remembered who I was. With the No Laying Up motto in mind, I took a hybrid and took dead aim at the flag. I cleared the hips, planning to hit a slight cut against the wind, and as the ball goes into the air, I quickly went from courage to fear. The scuffed Titleist 2 (I don’t remember what number it was just go it) slowly made it’s left to right descent into a watery grave, and I dropped my club at held my head in my hands. A drop, chip, and two putt later, I was forced to write the dreaded curly cue number on my scorecard - a 6.

I think it’s possible to go Icarito-Dante in one round. My daughter played in a tournament recently and was +1 through eight, then 8 over through 16, then made a sick up-and-down on the par-3 17th and crushed a drive on 18 before hitting her 5W to a foot for eagle at the last to shoot 78 (+6).

Two holes might not be a full Dante, but… still. Good finish.

Had a Reverse Icarito into an Icarito (shoutout Tony Hawk) while playing in a NC Am qualifier in Wilmington a couple years back. Hadn’t played much leading into the tournament due to a study abroad in college. Cold topped the opening tee shot and proceeded to bogey 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. Then birdied 9, 13, 14, 16, and 17 to get back to +1 thru 17. Blasted the tee shot on 18 OB and made double. Was outside the cut line until the last group when a kid bogied to drop the cut to 75.

(Note: Not the PV in New Jersey)


I’ve had a couple of these in tournaments recently.

  • Couple of weeks ago, went 47-37 (+12, +1) and nabbed a CTP and a skin to make the day worthwhile.
  • Last year in the second round of the club championship, I went 44-37. Pulled out the net championship, even though I lost the gross by lot with that first 9.

The course I play has one 9 that’s significantly harder, especially if your driving is off that day. So I tend to make a come back on the back 9, but these two scores are outliers.

Today’s unlikely reverse icarito with an icarito thrown in:

Yesterday and today: Stones concert in Canada, on my feet from noon-11p. Trapped on a school bus in the parking lot after for 3 hours, slept in an Econo Lodge on the worst bed in the planet, woke up today trying to find something that didn’t hurt. This morning, Canada Day traffic headed back to the states, a 3 hour ride turned into 5 hours, home at 3:15, buddy picks me up and on the first tee at 4:00. Was expecting to shoot 95 playing off an 8.

Out in 41, best ballstriking and tempo I’ve had in years, 5 fairways and 6 greens, misses were very slight. Poor chipping when needed, burning edges, missed three putts between 4 and 7 feet, plus two more from 11 and 15, a range I really like. Overall pleased, a little miffed at missed opportunities, but still fully expected the weekend to catch up with me and shoot 48 on the back.

10 Penalty drop and scramble for par after finally making a putt
11-15 Five pars, three routine, a sand save and another 15 footer save, realize I’m sitting at 5 over which is my best total score
ICARITO ALERT: 16 420 yards, pull 3w because driver invites a little more trouble, 3w is my favorite trusted club, I was hitting long irons well and wasn’t afraid of a 180 shot in. Block it right, off the cartpath, find ball, good punchout, 3 putt from 40 feet missing a 7 foot downhiller. Oddly calm after making double, brush it off with ‘that’s golf’. Maybe a mistake to go to a safety 3w when I was driving it well with driver or 3w, but I would probably do it again in the same circumstance, and likely with a better result.
17 190 yards, 5 iron tee shot to 7 feet, birdie.
18 par 5, another birdie look from 15 feet slides by, par for 37-78.

I didn’t tie my best and I’ve still never had an even par side, but I was thrilled I didn’t self destruct, and gave myself a look at negating the double on 16.


So what the heck is a mid round icarito? Yesterday was 1 under through 5… Triple bogey 6, triple bogey 7 then finished the last 11 holes 1 under for a 75. Cap is trending down again so that’s good.

I started a high school tourney on a par three over water and put 3 in the drink. Memory is sketchy now, but I believe I had a 1-putt 8. Ended up birdieing four of the final five for a totally standard 76. Went full Jordan Spieth on 12 at Augusta that first hole though; quite embarrassing.

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My finest Reverse Icarito came when I was in high school playing a casual round with my dad and one of his buddies. My dad is a club pro and a ~good player in his own right~ and up to that point I had always gotten serious anxiety about playing with pops. After having a pretty dreamy range session we started on the back and I stumbled around in 9 over and we were all pretty disgusted. Then, it’s like a switch flipped and I birdied five of the next six and the last hole for seven birdies on the side (there was a double on seven but we won’t address that) and it sort of cured me for playing with dad (and I’ve also never gotten stupid hot like that again.) All in all a smooth 75.

A couple moments to choose from:

  1. Played a match in high school on the coldest, windiest, and rainiest day I’ve ever experienced(I’m from Michigan, so that should tell you something). I started with two snowmen, the second requiring me to walk back 200 yards to replay my third(How the shit do you put a green 5 yards from someone’s backyard?) In “Cool Runnings” fashion, I carried my wreck through the 9 and finished with a 49, keeping my streak of sub 50 rounds that remains to this day.
  2. Made a 60 foot bomb for birdie, chipped in for birdie, then made a comfy birdie on the last 3 holes to shoot my first even par round.
    P.S. The first moment occurred exactly 1 day after the second.

Had a Dante at ND Burke a few days ago (shoutout @ericrbens). Looped the 9 holer twice, par 35 each time, ended up being a par 70. Bogey on 1 and 2, 3 putt from 4 feet on three for double, and a triple on the 4th including 2 whiffs from behind a tree. Birdie on 5 followed by a 3 putt on 6 (first putt went off the green), and then another birdie on 7 to get back to 6 over, yes you read that right. A solid par on 8 was false hope, for a 160 gap wedge from a flyer flew the green and ended up being a double. All adds up to a 43 on the front. Feeling like a moose that got hit by a tractor after the front, I quickly wanted some sustenance on the back side. A good birdie on 10 was followed by a clean par on 11, and another two putt par on 12. Redemption for the triple on the first nine was in the books as I made birdie on 13 the second time around, followed by another birdie on the 5 par 14th. 15 resulted in a par, followed by a bogey on 16 to fall back to 2 under. The 17th was a par, and just when everything was going so well, another flier and double cartpath/public street bounce flew my ball OB. Reload and safely on the green, with a 2 putt in succession put the score for the back nine at even par 35. 43-35 for a 78. Not my best not my worst, but in the words of the great @Randy, “I’m proud of how I battled.”