The Refuge Yardage Book for New Users: Rough Draft

Risk/Reward options: The Buck Club Thread, EAL Thread, Various COVID Threads, Barstool Thread


I see the risk, but curious, what’s the “reward”?


A shit load of laughs. Honestly, i love those threads.


Everyone loves a dumpster fire. Some will watch it burn, some will throw fuel into the fire, some will take a peek and turn away, while others will ignore it.

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I know some of the sections weren’t full yet, but adding the rules of the Silk Road (Name, Story, Rug, etc) are important to learn so things don’t…well you know.


Yeah 100% agree. Definitely going to add in the Bag Room sections about following the Silk Road Rules.

Which is a good point to make about adding a note somewhere in general guidelines to follow of take a glance at the original post and summarize this topic.

This is fucking awesome, dude. Kudos.

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Thanks man I appreciate that. Thinking about you and your family a lot today.

Appreciate you, brother. Thank you.

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This is amazing and I’m absolutely going to print physical copies of it.


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to get back to work on it!

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This is a fantastic idea! I’ve lurked around for quite awhile, but I’ve always been a bit too intimidated to post. There’s so many different sections, topics, and threads floating around that it’s hard to decide where to start! I love the idea of presenting all of this info as a “yardage book“, and I’ll definitely have to go check out some of the threads that you mentioned!


@Tristar already making a difference - even with the rough draft!

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Amazing. Been an active user for a month or so and still feel kinda confused. This is great.


Looking around on here and definitely need to add a resources page or helpful tricks that includes or mentions @anon26814599 thread on Discourse is the backbone. If you or others made any more of those I’d be glad to add those and give credit. Definitely not trying to steal work/ideas.

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I’m glad this helped @hotpkt and @nickp and I think it will do the same for others.

I’d also encourage you guys to just jump in without fear. We love new voices 99.9% of the time. So bring those posts boys and welcome.

Kudos @Tristar from a guy who doesn’t have any artistic talent. This is great.


As a newbie this is very helpful. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.


Local Rule #1: Every thread, given enough time, will turn to food.


Updated the Yardage Book background to be a little more cohesive. Not sure if I like it on the pages for the different categories like Publishing House but eh leaving it for now I think.

The “Setup & Prep” page is all about just using the site in general. Probably left some really helpful stuff off but still adding as I remember.

The “Teeing Off” page will all be related to Threads and posting. Will probably be half rules and wordage and the other half maybe being tricks with quotes and formatting?


It’s almost time :eyes: