The Refuge Yardage Book for New Users: Rough Draft

This is superb!

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This is sick! Love, love, love the design and the yardage book theme.

This should be a part of the welcome email for new refugees fer shure. It would’ve been awesome to have when I joined at the beginning of the year.

Nothing wrong with feeling out a new message board but as discussed as nauseum some of the threads and traditions on here are overwhelming to newbies so a guide is a big plus IMO.


Wow, really really well done here.

I mean this is excellent. The “Hazards to Avoid” is particularly on the nose.

Perhaps the “Popular Threads in This Category” can be updated regularly with some sort of programming (paging @anon26814599) to include the most watched/interacted/liked threads in said category?

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@lazyjk @holeout Thank you both!

Yeah I think I need the help of @McSchvantz @Randy and whoever else I am missing that does a lot of mod work to know what to put into each categories Hazards section.
I’m sure it would be good to create another page that was like guidelines or over all hazards to avoid on the entire site not just category specific.

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This is great. I’d suggest adding a “message from the president/head pro” page that could give a quick run down including but not limited to “the refuge is a free flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects” and “use the search function before making a new thread.” It could also encourage people to check out their local roll call thread to get the lay of the land and check out BCN and the RACDG threads as highlights. I know the later pages suggest this, but having it at the top makes sense to me.


The #aannddyy0022002200 campaign fully endorses and co-opts this as part of my campaign.

THIS is the stuff i’m talking about folks. This is what we’re after here.

Bravo @Tristar, bravo.


I really like that idea. Might be cool to get a typed out message from the actual NLU guis that is a quick hello from them, then transition it to what you said. Now a message from the pres/head pro that does just that. Love it

I love this idea. If elected I too will be coopting this into my adminstration.

For my real life, I’m currently building 2 dashboards to provide information to end users data in a graphical format (one for production/costs and one for COVID tracking in relation to employee and work areas).


Goodness that seems like some heavy stuff.

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Need every page with a sign off

“This has been a reading from the Book of Refuge. Thanks be to @McSchvantz.”

or something…


Love this. My only feedback would be making the Categories on the top of the page a bit bigger.

Also, is the TBC thread a ‘Hazard to Avoid’ or a ‘Popular thread in this category’


Good call. Agree with that fer sure.

haha I knew TBC and EAL would be ummm grey area lol

The COVID one is for sure. We are using it to determine where employees and work locations may be relatively safe to go to, and areas where it is very unsafe for people to go to. Also have less than 2 weeks to put it together, so it’s a sprint this week and next.

The one tracking production and cost is pretty much done, just working on the marketing and training materials.

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A “local rules” section would be great. Catch all for board-wide stuff


Another suggestion - add as a suggestion in travel planning to reach out within a roll call thread. If there’s a roll call, travel plan with the experts.


Wow yeah I gotcha and nothing like a quick deadline.

Oh nice good deal on that one.

This is only my second infographic type idea I have worked on. My Sport Management Masters project was a survey of basketball managers that I turned into a giant infograph poster.

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Maybe “aggressive line off the tee” or something like that.

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Risk/Reward options: The Buck Club Thread, EAL Thread, Various COVID Threads, Barstool Thread


I see the risk, but curious, what’s the “reward”?