The Refuge President's Cup (PGA 2K21 PS4)

Over the next 2 weeks members of the TGC Refuge Postponed Tour will take part in our first ever Ryder Cup Event (PS4 only). Two teams of 8 have been assembled and will compete in 5 rounds of match play with 24 points available.

Round 1 - Team Best Ball
Round 2 - Team Alternate Shot
Round 3 - Team Best Ball
Round 4 - Team Alternate Shot
Round 5 - Singles

Teams were assembled based on current refuge tour flights (luckily it balanced out perfectly) and will be announced in the following posts.


  • Captains will select pairings on a match by match basis (similar to President’s Cup). We will use snake draft method to keep it fair.
  • Matches will need to be completed by a certain date. Rounds 1/2 and 3/4 will each have 5 day windows to complete. Round 5 will have a 3 day window.
  • Teams will schedule time to run the matches live on PS4 and will post the result and scores in the google sheet upon completion.
  • Conditions for the courses will be determined prior to the events and whoever sets up the matches will be responsible for matching those conditions for the course.
  • Should the event end in a 12-12 tie, the captains will each select two from their team to compete in an 18 hole alternate shot tie-breaker.


I expect we can do this on some sort of frequency with the previous winners retaining the cup and the host teams picking the course and conditions for the next event.

Team announcements coming next…



Captain: @JBors - Strapped

@pulledtotheleft - C-Suite
@RobertHunter - C-Suite
@MrCutHook - Strapped
@Fugaizi - Strapped B
@ajtwenty1 - Strapped B
@mearley44 - Strapped B
@timshel - Young Hitters



Captain: @TheMassHacker - Strapped

@samba24 - C-Suite
@Jon - C-Suite
@Deven75 - Strapped
@Showtime - Strapped B
@jdp806 - Strapped B
@Imsolazy - Strapped B
@jnenn25 - Young Hitters



I guess I made quite the impression on my captain the other night. Thank you for believing in me @JBors


Clearly I suck at this course.

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Fuuuuuck I wish I got in on this. :frowning:

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Who’s live streaming this for us??

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PS4 only and you’re an xbox guy right?

Have it on both. I saw the poll asking who played on what, but must not have read it clearly.

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You’re the worst. Can someone please plan one for Xbox?

If we can get one more for PS4 we will do teams of 9 and captains can sit one person out in team play.

Nah, you don’t have to work it around me. Maybe someone will get an Xbox version going or something. But appreciate it.

I appreciate you.

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Sooooooo…I signed up for this blindly and did not consider the fact that I am getting married next weekend and will be on the honeymoon the week after, likely during the singles matches so maybe @xthrubyx can take my place on Team Euro for this first go around?


Tough scene.

@xthrubyx you game?

I would like to start by thanking @JBors for this amazing opportunity. I will treat this captaincy with all the reverence it deserves and look forward to leading team Europe to victory.

Ole, Ole, Ole!


Sign me the fart up.

Sucks we are now enemies, bra.

You’re literally the worst.

Whats your PSN?

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Same as here: xthrubyx