The (Refuge) President’s (not Presidents) Cup

You mean since this morning?


I fan be firm when needed. As @Are_you_double_D mentioned I’ve led dozens of golf trips.

I like to get a read of the room before making the decision. I’m not indecisive on that front, I do prefer to have buy in from at least some of the coalition.

This is an elected position, not a dictatorship.

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It also ain’t foreign policy; it’s a golf event.

The people don’t get a vote on the wine served at a State Dinner, knowhutimsayin?

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While I appreciate the sentiment, I clearly did inhale. I mean I’ve driven almost 1,000 miles to go to a Phish show.


I can vouch for this, TBH. If there’s one thing I know about @Double_Bogey_Dave (and literally, I know like one thing - I have not yet had the good fortune to meet the man in person) he is incessantly organizing gatherings for the golf sickos in the NC area. Difficult to match his enthusiasm to get guise together and his general joie-de-vivre.

Viva El Guapo!


You get consensus on the broad parameters, but not all the details.

Something we need to rectify soon.

@desertduffer I look forward to meeting you IRL for a round of golf sometime this year.

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It may be relatively soon, actually.

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I hope so!

You’re obviously trying to earn my vote…and it may be working.

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Absolutely. Plenty of places for a great time in beautiful Washington State.


Me to the family “I have another golf trip planned”

GF : “oh is this your nice friends you met on the Internet ?”

Me “no this is put on by the guy that is sometimes mean to my nice friends”

GF “what -are you going to fight him or something”

Me “no no, I think he’s funny and he makes good points sometimes , doesn’t always get a fair shake —and I’m mostly just morbidly curious”

GF “wtf. Ok is this in Cincinnati again”

Me “no Washington state”

GF - eternal silence

I still might try to pull it off


I went to Big Cypress (NYE 1999) and the It (2003).

If I could have been one place on NYE '99, that would have been it.

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It was epic, so was the traffic jam getting in (took 14 hours to go the last 5 miles).

Their set from midnight to 7 AM was wild.

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What planet were you on as it crossed in to 2000?

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We drove in the night of the 29th, they played the 30th and 31st.

It was on the Seminole reservation in the middle of the Everglades, 1 road in and 1 road out. There was an accident (I believe someone fell off the top of a vehicle and died), which made the traffic much worse.

@Eric_Denver are we going to see you at the PNW RACDG Shut comp in July?

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Probably gonna be in Idaho, so you’ll be safe.

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