The (Refuge) President’s (not Presidents) Cup

The first elected Refuge President will begin his term July 1. Two of the preliminary candidates, @aannddyy00 and @The_Cad_Says are scheduled to host major Refuge events just days later on the weekend of July 17-19 in Nebraska and Idaho, respectively. Should one of these candidates be elected, undoubtedly the tournament he hosts will be part of the inaugural celebration.

I propose that during each six-month presidential term, the duly-elected Refuge President should host a similar event, at which event a trophy shall be awarded (on a basis to be chosen by the then-sitting President) to be named the President’s Cup.

What say the other candidates? @Double_Bogey_Dave, will you host in the sandy hills of North Carolina? @VenkmansLament, the frozen tundra of Illinois? @Eric_Denver, will you unmask yourself? The Other Guy, wherever you are?


Thank you for acknowleging this.

Evidently the whole place assuming i should already be president isnt enough for some.


Absolutely, how does Tobacco Road sound? We have RACDG get togethers there pretty much every weekend. Would definitely host something in the Sandhills. Also planning a Caledonia/True Blue event for next spring (though that would be after my term).

Lastly, I did help @NanerMan, @tedscott and @RonniepND plan the Charlotte event.


One course?

I’m hosting a 4 course extravaganza.

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That’s what the Carolinas RACDG chapter calls a normal weekend.


DBD is the golf organizing Czar of the Carolinas! If it were not for the distance to the other side of the state from where I live, I would probably be a part of DBDs planned events weekly.


Would love to have my first round at TR be with you guise.


Unlike my “elitist” opponents I’m out amongst the people every weekend.

So absolutely I’ll commit to hosting an event in the Sandhills. I’m sure we can find 4 courses that would be acceptable. :grin:


I will likely be transitioning The Boxcar from a serial tournament to a single, Refuge-wide event.


I have been on about 13 golf vacations that were all organized by @Double_Bogey_Dave, since circa ‘07 All were incredibly well planned and executed. Most were 3 nights and 3 or 4 rounds in the Myrtle Beach area, including North MB and Pawleys, and Pinehurst. Don’t nobody outside of those 2 areas know as much about courses in those areas.


For the record, you are not an elitist. :grin:

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The COVID situation in Illinois dicey to say the least. We may not be allowed to organize gathers of more than 50 people until next year, so I 'm not comfortable committing to anything yet, but I’ve been thinking about this since before the election was announced. We have a lot of good, affordable public golf in the Chicagoland area, so 3 rounds over 2 days is very doable while spending less than $200 total on golf.


Come and join us anytime.

We should share a cart but you should drive because at the very least I’ll be micro-dosing.


@The_Cad_Says lives in a Castle in Sherwood Forest. @BaxterMSP and I dueled in Texas. There’s no requirement that you host in your backyard.


Go macro, thank me later


COVID has put a dent in our plans for sure. We had a meetup at the Wilmington Muni in February with plans for monthly ones after that.

Fortunately due to the great guis we have in the Carolinas RACDG chapter, we have been meeting up informally all the time.

A couple of guis joined Mimosa Hills thanks to @PowerFadez and more than a few of us bought Tobacco Road Players cards and have been there every weekend.

I’m just a gui, fortunate to be associated with the great guis we have in our chapter.


No, but I’d prefer to. I’ve maybe played 5 rounds that weren’t in Illinois, so organizing something away from here would feel inauthentic and I don’t think I’d get into it. I’d much rather host an event at the courses I know and share them with the Refuge.

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Listen, if you can source mushrooms let’s discuss.


It’s a better walk than a ride. Everytime I start walking down the hill at 7 I think, man what I would give to have some psychedelics.

2 weeks ago, I accidentally ingested a large amount of THC (improper vape storage caused a huge chunk to come out of the mouth piece and into my mouth) just prior to a walk at Tobacco Road with @Are_you_double_D @ColoniusFunk and @NanerMan. Was a fantastic walk.