The Refuge Feedback Thread

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Interesting, it looks like @Lazstradamus, @Just-a-little-right, and @OffTheDole are now the not-so-secret-anymore-police. Very interested in what is the deal with @AKsArmy being a mod since 2018.


The downfall of the Refuge begins…


I’m fairly positive there are a few extensions that could actually do this for any site you visit. That way, you never have to see the words “Who’s to say?” and “Listen, for sure/Listen, fer sure” again

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At least we know who the cops are now.


I will be making a full address in the near future on this subject and others.

First off, the vast majority of being a moderator is Topics created by new users. Most often these are instances where someone creates a topic that already exists. Rather than approving the post, the mod will send a message pointing them in the right direction. This is a much easier experience for a new user, and doesn’t create a situation where a bunch of people get up in arms over a duplicate topic.

Secondly, things flare up from time to time over heated subjects, and having a few people on the lookout to make the larger group aware of issues is a good thing so we can shut off EricDenver3 whenever he shows up, or just put a stop to behavior well over the line.

I have confidence in the judgment and integrity of the 3 moderators.

A panel of moderators was part of my platform, and I assure you I am working diligently to get other things accomplished. None of this is meant to detract from your experience on the Refuge. If it does, please reach out to me so we can discuss and address the issue.

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Also, I am in a meeting and trying to eat my lunch while I am typing. So I apologize for any shortness or snark if it’s taken that way.

how was this group of mods chosen?

Moderators missed this one: Random Golf Club/No Laying Up


Sorry that thread has real potential for greatness so it will continue.


So I think this begs the question: what defines a duplicate thread? Exact same topic or is there a overlap percentage threshold?

Do you “know it when you see it”?

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I have had personal interaction with all of them IRL or in Zooms, and feel they all have a good read on the Refuge and most importantly are level headed.


So simply an Executive Order without input from your constituents? You’re settling into the Imperial Presidency very nicely…

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It’s really a judgement call. Sometimes a thread is duplicate, so I’d refer someone to another thread. Sometimes it’s a new take on an existing subject that is unique enough to stand on its own.

Sometimes it slips through the cracks.

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For a board so obsessed with Trump and how he surrounds himself with cronies, the silence around @Double_Bogey_Dave arbitrarily assigning thought police, I mean moderators, to approve our actions is deafening…


The only actions we approve are for new/inexperienced posters.

The rest of you have free reign to post what you want.

Whosoever could have predicted this?


First they came for the new/inexperience posters…and I did not speak out
Next they came for all the EAL fans…and I did not speak out
Then they doxxed @ANTIFAldo…and I did not speak out
Finally they came for me…so I created a new burner account


While we have your ear, would it be possible to change the awful category names? Most of them make zero sense. I get that it’s cutesy, but they’re also confusing and useless.

As a UX person, I’d ask they’re labeled clearly (General golf discussion, but if cutesy is a requirement, here are some options I think better reflect the actual discussion in the categories:

Game Room (for now) > Clubhouse
Tournament Reps > Gallery
Bag Room > Gear Truck
Ranger Rick (this one is so bad please change it to literally anything else) > The Range