The Refuge Feedback Thread

In my opinion nothing is going to change on this, unless post approval moderation becomes a thing…

I mean right now (I just confirmed), if I type “Streamsong” in the post title and body…it immediately pops up “your topic is similar too…” – if people can’t slow down to see that and then consider posting in a pre-existing thread…not sure how we can expect that to change

I for one, am still all for an “intro period” (if possible). Here is the Refuge…here are a few of the core threads to read up on…wait a few days (or a week, or a set amount of “read time”) to unlock the layers.

An intro or welcome post should absolutely go up, and I don’t think there being one should be viewed as “moderation”, at least IMO

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Fuck it I’m sure you’re too young for this reference

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How about a stickied thread at the top of “Travel Planning” with a list and link to all the “Official Destination” threads. For destinations with multiple threads, pick the best one and link to it.

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I agree that nothing is going to change without a behavior change.

That said - “post approval moderation” is already is a thing, unless you are over a certain level of trust (I think the cutoff is Regular). So, I can create whatever post I like (and that’s why I’ve created so many threads for disparate topics here), but, a first-time-user has to submit their post for approval - that’s why we frequently see posts in batches! However, I think that Randy is just a approve-all non-moderator, so, we are pushing this work onto him to figure out what’s a duplicate thread and what’s not - which he’s said repeatedly he doesn’t want to do.

I think that we should have some kind of intro/welcome post - not sure that I agree on the “unlock” time period, or at least, more so than what we already have (a post cap within first 24h) - that seems harsher than what stands currently.

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Yeah, would agree that the threads with the most duplicates are travel and roll call

Genuine feedback, and I’m not sure I’ve ever actually noticed this before

Also, @ELHOSEL, please do not take me using your post as anything personal…recency bias

This thread was created:

Unfortunately, it is a duplicate, and a few quickly came to share the other thread that is live

Out of curiosity, I searched “be a player” myself…just to see…because the cynic in me is like “this one will pop right up if you search…”


From there, you can hit more, and the pre-existing thread is actually the 9th on the list

Furthermore, I mock started a new thread…my title matches (almost exactly) with both pre-existing threads, but no result pops up next door…

So, in short, can we get some “SEO” to have threads / posts carrying “more weight” than specific posts when it comes to a search (not sure if this is actually a thing)? @McSchvantz, I turn to you first, but also FYI @Randy

I would also like to apologize to anybody I was ever rude to about duplicate threads…


None taken. I searched first to see if there was a thread and just missed it. Also on mobile which is not optimal.

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So, in short, can we get some “SEO” to have threads / posts carrying “more weight” than specific posts when it comes to a search (not sure if this is actually a thing)?

Can you elaborate on this a little more?

I can absolutely try…and I guess it may be best phrased as a question back to you…

If I search “be a player” in the search bar right now, is there any reason why the results are sorted/ranked the way they are? It says sorted by “relevance” so I would assume that is more or less based on popularity? My search query literally matches (word-for-word) an existing thread title…why is that not the #1 search result?

So, is it possible for search results to “default” to showing threads/topics instead of individual posts?

topics/threads all start with individual posts, and I’m not sure what level of control @McSchvantz gets out-of-the-box over a search function

defaulting to thread titles also renders the search function mostly useless when I want to search “puffin” and find @Bullseye heavyweights logo. the search function for the most part is amazing as it is - except for this one (glaring) issue


(most people don’t appreciate just how freaking good the search bar is. i can find just about any post I want in the history of the refuge in under 30 seconds.)

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Is it fair to say that you mean “advanced search” and not just typing things in to the box on the top right?

Advanced search is where you’re adding layers to your query. Right?

the “advanced search” is just a visual UI to including these “constraints” to the query, but you can always type them directly in once you learn the patterns, for example:

this is generally true of all internet search functions - when you get the hang of google with wild cards and other constraints, then the real fun begins.

ex: How deep does the rabbit hole go in google search?

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Incredible how technologically illiterate this makes me feel

also you can upload avatars with transparency and they won’t necessarily be circles

ex: me
ex: @iacas

you can add topics to your profile? sheet, i learn something new every day here

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Could we get an official locked thread created by the NLU team that could house all of their current and active promo codes??


Not sure if this is the right place but gifs and images have been blank for me the last couple of days. Not showing up at all or sporadically.

I was looking at my profile and I saw that my trust level is listed as “basic user.”

What’s up with that @Randy?

Just another way of punishing dissent I guess.

Yeah, you cracked the case, Sherlock


@Randy Surely I’m at least a “regular” by now? Or do I not fall into the right ideological quadrant for such a privilege?