The Reading Room: Selection #5 (October 2018)


October’s selection has been made! I think Tom Coyne’s “Paper Tiger” is very apt as a new PGA Tour season kicks off.

So I'm Trying to Qualify to the 2020 US Open
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I started reading this a couple of weeks ago so I’m excited that this is the next selection. Looking forward to it @Randy


Sounds great! Buying it.


The only regret you will have when reading this book is that you did not think to do the same. I read this several years ago and it is still one of my favorites.


I’ve shamelessly stolen his “golf greatness pyramid” over the years to share with others. Makes you feel completely inadequate as a golfer.


Great book - read it years ago and also frequently reference the golf pyramid


I read it only a week ago, great timing :slight_smile:


This book is fantastic. Can’t wait for the podcast with Tom at the end of the month. The “golf greatness pyramid” is such a sneaky good concept for bar arguments.


Great pick Randy. One of my favorites.


Echoing the great book comments. I read it earlier this year, but will re-read this month.


Great one. Just finished this a few months ago. Tom is such a good storyteller!


Loved it! We’ve all asked ourselves the question - If I didn’t have the job, kids, wife, etc., how good could I have gotten? Coyne lived it, which gave me a chance to live vicariously through him.

Has anybody here done this, even on a smaller scale? Given the mini-tours a run for a year? I know a couple guys who hung around the mini-tours for a while down in Florida, and I always enjoy hearing about their experiences. I can’t help but feel like I enjoy golf more then them now though, because they gave it their all (and their bank accounts), and didn’t make it. It still seems like they look at it more like a job, even after a long time has passed.

Maybe I’m just saying that to make myself feel better because they were able to give it a run?


This is one of my favorite golf books and one that i re-read every year and makes me wonder “what if…” Loved the pod with Coyne on talking about his latest book, A Course Called Scotland, but would hope perhaps Big Randy or Soly could have Tom back on at some point to talk more about Tom’s experience with this book.

I think after finishing this book, i looked for everything written by Jim Suttie and Coyne’s mental coach (i think the name was Winters)


Have a pod recorded with Tom about Paper Tiger specifically. Will release it this Monday! Sorry for the delay!


Awesome to hear Randy - appreciate the follow up and that will definitely be a first day listen. Also just wrapping up A Course Called Scotland (which i am loving and giving me the itch to make the journey) and going to be following up with Coyne’s other book, A Course Called Ireland, based upon how you talked about it on the pod.

Keep bringing that great content to all things NLU.


Just finished Scotland and Ireland. Have the local library finding Paper Tiger. Can’t wait.


Got it in the mail this friday and already 250 pages deep. Seems to have that, wow, i need to know what happens next feature. Only dissapointment will be when i finish and theres no more of this journey to read.


Just finished this up. Very interesting read, and looking forward to the pod tomorrow.


Guys, the podcast with Tom Coyne is now live. Sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy!