The Reading Room: Selection #17 (October 2019)

Really looking forward to this month’s book:

It’s release date is 10/8/19. I was lucky to just get an advance copy but haven’t dug in yet. There’s so much I need to learn about Payne Stewart–beyond the wardrobe and the celebration at Pinehurst–and I’m confident this book will be a tremendous resource.

Also, if you care to listen to the author, Kevin Robbins, discuss the book, check out Episode 42 of the TrapDraw.


Looking forward to learning more about Payne and reading this. Just pre-ordered for delivery Oct 10th.

Can’t wait for this one. Thanks for finding it. Hopefully we can have a discussion here.

Scummy but equitable. This is a man of conscience.

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I am listening to the Trap Draw about this book right now and I cannot express how excited I am to read this. Payne Stewart is always someone that I looked up to from stories my father told me. I cannot wait to figure out who Payne Stewart was for myself. Great selection @Randy even if I have not read it yet.


It’s on my kindle! So excited to get started.

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I’m hoping to make the book club posts more lively and hopefully interactive. Plan on starting the book tonight.

Maybe we can share our lasting impressions of Payne and perhaps how they affect us. I remember the silky smooth swing and his story that the only time he used his first name was on the us open application. Of course there are the cut off sleeves making a vest (woke before his time), the epic fist pump, and the you’re going to be a father. At the time, it seemed inevitable that Phil would have at least one of not more US opens. It also seemed that a somewhat struggling Payne was about to go off on the rest of the tour.

The last Ryder cup podcast from the boys started with an almost eerie story from Payne about living in the moment. It’s been long enough that I don’t get choked up, but it still serves as a prescient reminder that we should all strive to enjoy each and every day.

Please fill in with commentary.

I’m half way through. I’m really enjoying the description of pinehurst and wish I had read before playing. Love that payne could be a complete dick. I’m sure it’s not easy to be in the public eye.

I’m not fully sure I understand how to determine if someone is a feel player but enjoying the read so far.

Greetings all! This is Kevin Robbins, and I’m so thrilled there’s a topic here on my new book.

Those of you who bought it: Well?

Those of you who haven’t: Can we talk?

Those of you who just want to riff about Stewart: What can I tell you? What’s on your minds?

Also, I just created a new topic, pending approval, about a couple of events I’m doing Nov. 8 and 9 in Florida. I’d very much love to see you there.


I finished the book. It’s informative. Enjoyed it. Learned that good golfers think differently about golf than I do. Payne was kind of a rascal as a young man. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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Thanks for stopping in! I really enjoyed the book. It’s been talked about a lot, but most tour players today don’t show too much of their personality, and it is understandable why. I probably wouldn’t either.

That being said, it was enjoyable to get a deep dive into a golf legend and see not only the positive spin on things, but the challenges and not so great parts as well. It just paints a much more complete picture of Payne, and makes the story more compelling. I was a little on the young side to know Payne as a player, but I now have a much better handle on who he was and what he accomplished!


Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. Stay in touch!

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Kevin, I think you touched on this in another thread, but any chance you’ll come by Dallas/SMU when promoting this?

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great choice.

If November isn’t “Everything I need I learned in Kindergarten”, what are we even doing here.

It’s possible. I’m doing the 100-year history of Brook Hollow right now, so I’m in the area a lot. Do you have any ideas? My thanks!

Let me think on it, but I know SMU does this on a regular basis that might be a good fit:

Not sure how far ahead they book these things, but maybe your agency could poke into whether there’s interest, or more generally reach out to the school to see if there’s a more appropriate forum/venue (perhaps through the bookstore or the journalism school, for example).

Thank you. Are you in Dallas?