The Reading Room: Selection #12 (May 2019)

PGA theme this month. Oldie but goodie, hopefully you’ve read but if not please rectify.

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Beamer!!! Love this one.


This book is extremely entertaining. Loved it.

I thought I remembered Duplantis’ name, and it was sad knowing what the future held for him. Just seemed like one of those situations that you could see coming but couldn’t do anything about.

Overall I really enjoyed the book. Those stories about pros bouncing around, playing mini tours on their way to the tour are a ton of fun to hear about.

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This was a great read and I’m glad I read it right before listening to the Trap Draw with Shipnuck. It was sad to hear about Duplantis, but not at all unexpected. Definitely enjoyed the discussion about how a book like that probably couldn’t be written right now given how tightly players manage their image and messaging. It’s a shame many tour players come off so sterile, but I guess that’s just the nature of the biz these days. Play by the rules and cash big sponsor checks. I’d probably do the same.

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