The Reading Room: Selection #1 (June 2018)

Fellow Refugees,

I love reading, I love discovering new books, and I love discussing good books. In that spirit, I want to throw together a little online book club for anybody interested. For the first selection, I’ve taken the liberty to pick George Peper’s St. Andrews Sojourn.

My goals with the Reading Room are as follows:

-find and read interesting new books
-foster robust discussions of said books
-augment discussions with author interviews (where possible)

I figure it takes people about a month to read, so I plan to roll out a new pick each month. But by all means add your thoughts as you finish (or chime in if you’ve already read!).


I’m in. Book just ordered. Good call on putting this together!

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Great idea. I’ll be ordering the book soon. Looking forward to it.

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That book description gives me a warm happy feeling. This is going to make me take up reading books again!

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I’m down for this @Randy. Great call!

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Fantastic idea. Ordering book now!

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@Randy do you plan on staging the discussions or just wait until the end of month?

Good question and the short answer is I’m open to any/all ideas.

In my mind I was thinking of doing it all at once at the end of the month. I am planning on leading with a slew of questions/discussion topics people can respond to but am hoping conversations naturally flow to other areas and people chime in with questions/topics of their own.

That said, maybe I’ll close this thread in a day or two for comments (it’ll still be viewable) and then we’ll open it up end of June for discussion to begin?

Let me know if that’s whack and you guys have better ideas.

Sounds good. Can always change in future.

Ordered. Love this.

I’m with everybody else. Fantastic idea!

Great work Randy.

May I suggest Spirit of St Andrews by Alister MacKenzie as one of the next texts?

Perhaps the most important golf book ever written.


I just started Spirit of St Andrews myself. Going to have to juggle both this and the NLU June selection in the next few weeks!

Ive listened to “St. Andrews Sojourn” via audible a few times. This book is definitely a must for die hards who like to deep dive courses and golf experiences. What I like best from the book is that St. Andrews can both hold the weight of being a “once in a lifetime course” as well as a daily regular course where many members play 3-4 times a week. This is the charm of the book. The course is a battlefield for matchplay among local members and then swiftly becomes The Open venue. The cast of characters is rich and makes you want to have the pleasure of living in a town where golf defines the day to day existence of all involved. A question I might forward is to those who have read the book AND played the course is how authentic was the book to your experience of the course and the town of St. Andrews?

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Love the “literally pounded” pun that closes out chapter 8

Yea, that was a good one. I’m around page 100 now and rolling along. This guy goes into some serious detail! It’s definitely good so far. I’ve also learned several new words. This guy clearly did really well on the verbal SAT.

Finished the book last night and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the discussion

Started this on Monday night. Excited to get this going and interested to see what other books are selected.

Great news–George Peper has accepted an invite to do a podcast, so I should be recording it next Wednesday and will have it later next week. I’ll also release some initial discussion questions/topics at that time. Looking forward to hearing everybody’s thoughts!

Note: the podcast will run through the TrapDraw podcast