The Rail @ Aiken Golf Club 2.0 10/22/22 (Lottery results LIVE)

Never! Give me some golf news!



Unfortunately I must WD from The Rail - next up…

I take one little break from this place and somehow completely missed this. What a stupid I am :joy:

Not sure if he is signed up or not, but I will need to be paired up with @EZmiss so I can vanquish him in his own roost event

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Signed up and then bowed out when my dumb sister scheduled her wedding for that day. Here’s to hoping the wedding gets called off


Don’t worry you haven’t missed much yet … we haven’t had any golf news in months!

Rumor is our leader has been wearing nothing but a bathrobe in Jamaica for months while he tours the country’s best cliff jumping spots.


And pinching screamers under dilapidated railway trestles.

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Didn’t even have his shirt tucked in from what I hear



I have to get the Palmetto Cannons roost squared away and then I will catch up on all the golf news with Aiken.


Where is the best place to stay in Aiken?

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Hotel wise? Gotta be the wilcox, but defer to @LukeBoatright

Don’t need resort style just something nice that is somewhat close to the course

I know some people were wanting some golf news, so I’m here to drop a little news and excitement for you. I have obtained 10 tee times on Friday the 21st and Sunday the 23rd at Forest Hills Golf Course, the home of the Augusta University Jaguars, 2010 and 2011 NCAA Men’s Golf Champions.

I have updated the sheet to reflect the available slots for golf on both of those days. Tee time will vary a little but will start around 915-930 on both days after the morning member groups go out.

Hope to see you all out there on those days but my first child is due that week, so no guarantees of me being there, in which case @frederickIV will be taking over my hosting duties at our home course.


Let me know if you need any logo or merch work. Officially on Paternity leave that wraps a week or so after this


Friday for sure

Congrats on the kid!

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Lot of sex having going on around here


The Wilcox is as good as it gets for location and level of service.

There are some 1br airbnb options at my last search.

Any of the newer hotels on Whiskey Rd are your best option for franchised hotels.

Aiken is a tough scene for lodging unfortunately.

No word on if there is going to be a Clarion Inn party again this year cc: @Double_Bogey_Dave @bmasters


we have been in the lab tonight and guis. It is good.