The Rail @ Aiken Golf Club 10/03/2020 Donation Update #1091

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Congrats gentlemen you have all made it inside the cut line.


sometimes you make moves with birdies, and sometimes you let guys fall back to ya. either way, it counts.


Great. Thanks. Really looking forward to it.


Hello All!

I am so happy to finally announce some info for this event. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Aiken Golf Club and sharing this beautiful piece of land with you all.

I have been able to secure the golf course for the entire day.

DATE: 10/03/2020

COST: $100 PER PLAYER (Will include breakfast (biscuits), golf all day, lunch (working out meal with the course) ,

Tentative Start time 9:00AM Shot gun start

Thanks to the NLU guis at our current level of 60 players we will have 5 NIT spots available to those who qualify. We will be using the quota game for qualifying.

How I currently see this happening is a shot gun start in the morning and then everyone can break off and play whatever matches/grudges/formats they would like the rest of the day.

Since we are able to have the course for the whole day I am committed to paying a fee to the club. To secure your spot I will need your payment in advance. If for some reason you are not able to make the event and someone takes your place your monies will be refunded.

In refuge fashion any and all monies raised above cost will be donated to a local Aiken Charity. I am researching for a deserving charity currently. If you are a local gui and have suggestions please feel free to reach out to me.



Venmo: @golfguy

Please put Aiken Golf event in the notes and if your name or refuge name isn’t easily figured out from this ID please include that as well.

[insert this are trying and uncertain times quote] Please be mindful and adhere to all social distancing protocols for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Again I am very much looking forward to seeing y’all on October 3rd!


Big thanks to @LukeBoatright for putting this together. A lot of work goes into these events.


Given that Aiken is kind of a horse town, we probably need to have a Horse Race or Derby that afternoon, right?




9 off the cutline…here’s hoping!


We’ll have to see if there is a polo match !

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Guis, I am super excited to be having something like this happening in my hometown. Another massive thanks to @LukeBoatright for putting this all together. If there’s anything locally I can help with, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll have my finger on the pulse of whatever regulations and ordinances we’re under, so I can give whatever updates are needed for everyone to plan ahead.


Sounds good thanks. I know day Of there will be plenty to do.

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i’ll be in town this weekend but not participating at AGC (playing golf with my pops) If there’s a night activity, i’ll try to attend.

Local charity for consideration:
Kisner Foundation is PGA Kevin’s charity that then distributes funding to child services throughout the CSRA.

Wow, I am a long time NLU listener but just joined the Refuge. What a mistake. I live in Augusta and just now saw this event. Onto the Alternates List I go.


@jfreemon regrets the error.


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Im in Augusta also and planning on playing Aiken on thursday if you have any interest.

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Thanks for the offer but I have to work that day. We should def get together though.

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Haven’t seen yall update the spread sheet on availability for the 10/3 date so I wanted to reach out.

Thanks Guis!

Thanks for the nudge, Luke. I can’t commit to making the trip right now. Go ahead and fill my slot with an alternate, and if something changes last-minute, I’ll try and weasel my way back in.


Do you think you’ll have a better chance at a firm answer first of September? I am fine holding your spot for a bit but was just generally trying to firm up those who I hadn’t heard from inclinations.

I’d love to say “yes”, but given the uncertainty around schools/daycare/etc here in KC, I’d rather take a pass right now so that someone else can start the planning process.

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