The R4 Ball Fourball : Dornick Hills Aug 20th 2022

I’m happy to captain this team and make pairings. I will try to emulate the best captain to ever live (you’re a close second, Kyle).



Mr. Loaf,

I apologize for the the late notice but I will have to drop out of the event due to a baby shower.

The actions of my wife do not represent this organization as a whole. Please respect our privacy at this time.

Please drink all the coldies on my behalf.



@Toblerone47 , you are up.

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I haven’t touched a club in a month, but I’m in.

Y’all better be prepared for the most uninspiring 84 you’re ever going to see.


you trying to get us to drop our guard?

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There is something about an Oklahoma vs Texas battle that makes me want to be on the side of the team up North…

but then again OU is made up half of Texas natives, so nevermind.

Not so secret anymore,oops.


Is Dornick going to be push cart mafia friendly, or is the plan to ride with your partner?

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Last year was a lot of push carts! But, it was in April and less of a heat risk.
There are some tough walking spots, big hills to climb but its doable. Trickiest spot is going up to 16 green/17 tee, typically would leave the bag at the base of the cliff and walk up with clubs for both.

Also… we have some alternates asking.
So, @Venk14 @mctrees02 @DanielM19 and @Toblerone47 . Please confirm your attendance with registration payments! Going to start booting folks for enthusiastic alternates!


Burn the carts…


If there are eager alternates you can boot me for them. If we end up needing someone I’ll jump in last minute.

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@Iceman . Come to Ardmore!

Who do I pay and how much?


I’m going to have to drop. Let me know if I need to update the Google sheet at all

Man what a bummer of a first post.


@kapsularian . join us!

Is there a Friday practice round/meet up or place everyone is playing? I’m skipping work so I can get up there pretty early.

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I think there is.
I wont be playing Friday but will be down there Friday night.

Maybe dinner at the Club?


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Unfortunately, Im out as well. Daughter’s 7th birthday party on that Saturday. Tear it up fellas.