The No Laying Up Travel Schedule


@Soly @Tron since the guys are always out and visiting courses all over the country you should give everyone here a heads up and try to set up some NLU meet ups while you guys visit courses around the country. Particularly interested since you’re coming to the PNW in the coming days. Would be an awesome way to spend a day or two while you’re out and meet your fans? just a thought.


It isn’t a bad thought. I tweeted at them saying if they had some free time and were down to do a meet-up, I’d buy them a beer, but I never heard back. I hope the weather cooperates for them while they’re here.


They’ve gone Hollywood now…


I would give them a break. All day long they are trying to interact w their audience online. I can’t imagine they like having fans or any amount of celebrity like barstool sports content creators/personalities . I bet when they travel they are either relaxing/golfing w trusted friends/family (one douche can ruin a good hang) or they are working.

Don’t take it personally, but put yourself in their shoes. They probably have existing friends, family and relationships in a lot of the places they go. If they don’t honor their commitment to their original/old relationships and decide instead to come Golf/hang with you; so now their old/OG friends feel slighted and would say- “you’ve changed now that you have fans”. Old and true friends are more important and relationships are an investment. It’s not worth slighting good existing relationships for the sake of meeting up with some dudes on Twitter.


I think the NLU guys are extremely interactive with fans/followers of their content, and this board is a perfect example of that. I think every day I see multiple replies by all of them. I think for the most part what they’ve described is their golf adventures are relatively quick. I doubt they are hanging in one location for very long, and everywhere they go now they are generating content.


Got lucky to overlap with the NLU guys at Bandon earlier this week. @Tron and Big Randy both hung around our table for a while talking with the group when they didn’t have to - and I know the guys on my trip really enjoyed it. I know they had a lot going on (like checking in) but it was cool they took time to say hi. Appreciate it boys - hope y’all had as much fun as we did.


I think @thefriedegg plays more golf than @Soly or @Tron as I follow him on instragram and every week he is playing another blockbuster. Pinehurst one week and now playing with Shane Bacon at Sand Hills!


Andy is an elite amateur and gets to play wherever he wants, it seems. I know @thefriedegg is a full-time job now, but I am a little curious about how it is monetized, as his podcasts have a very low (non-existent?) ad load.


It’s all dark money from Big Architecture.


The Illuminati over at the Raynor Society are funneling cash his way


Thank you all for your interest in my business model!

I come from the world of technology startups, I believe in doing things different than the conventional norms.

As for my recent trips - I was in Pinehurst to do an interview with Gil Hanse, which will be up in the next few weeks. This week I am at Sand Valley to host a panel discussion with Bill Coore and Jim Craig as part of their Opening Day festivities - this will be turned into a podcast as well. I promise I am just not golfing.



I think Mr Egg made a fortune selling an app to Google and now he just roams the country playing elite courses and chatting with the best and brightest architects on podcasts.


Very exciting, looking forward to those. But what are the odds that the two biggest emerging names in coverage of golf course architecture were at Pinehurst at the same time!?! Tell me, did you get to meet Tommy Raynor during your visit?


If you want the REAL scoop on Andy, you have to follow mrsfriedegg on Twitter. She gives you the dirt behind the dirt.


Some things in this vein are in the works. Should have more deets over the next few months, but promoting and furthering the community element around NLU is essential!

@MrVinegar206 sorry we missed you dude - was a quick trip out there and a bit of a circus here in Jax before we shipped off. Promise it wasn’t personal!

@wsw123 enjoyed meeting you guys at McKee’s. Hope you and the rest of the gang enjoyed the trip. Curious to hear what the consensus favorite courses were from the group and any highlights.


Never, not for one second, thought it was personal! There is always another time.

Glad you guys enjoyed the trip!


I’m glad you guys are looking into this angle as well. As one of the few people who do not have social media I rely greatly on this and the main website to keep me updated as to what the gang is up to. Also, I think that most dudes would just be genuinely happily to meet you guys and say thanks for everything you guys have provided over the years.