The No Laying Up Invitational: Scotland

Thought I’d start the tread for the NLU Invitational: Scotland, otherwise known as “Who the fuck plans a trip starting Masters weekend?!”


Looks like I’m going to be sitting at my desk tomorrow at noon furiously refreshing the page.

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Those 30 spots are going to go faaaaaast.

but like, are they, though?

  1. We don’t have a quote for the trip yet.
  2. It requires an entire week off of work.
  3. Flights and shit.

(Where do you fly into? Is there a shuttle? Do you have to rent a car? Where are people staying?)

It’s a lot more logistically challenging than just a trip like the Pinehurst or CommonGround ones.


People who really hate CBS’s coverage


My wife says I can go…if someone else pays for it!


Also, invitational suggests they are going to pick names, not first-come, first-serve. I’m guessing anyone can sign up and they lottery the spots available. I can’t go but I’ll be curious about pricing given I’ve wanted to do my own Scotland trip.

True, but it’s only 30 spots. And dont forget, there are plenty of Refugees across the pond who will want to join.

I talked to @Tron a bit about this last Friday at CommonGround, the trip wont be cheap but it’ll be a steal for what you get. I think it was all inclusive (rounds, transport, hotels, no flights), but I wont share the $ number he gave me, in case it’s wrong or things changed.

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Same. You scratch my back, I scratch yours?


Let me know when there’s the first ever No Laying Up Open. That’s the only honest trip idea.


This is a schedule-clearer IMO.

Screw the Fazio-tainted Masters.


I know a group that does a very similar trip every single year. Watching the final round of the Masters in primetime in the UK is not a bad thing.


Playing golf >>>>>> watching golf


This would be by far the most money I’ve ever spent on a thing that isn’t a vehicle and I’m practically begging them to let me give them the money. Something is seriously broken in my brain.

The recap pod held Sunday at midnight from a Scottish pub…I must be there to witness this in person.


Anybody have any idea what the actual process is for getting a spot?

“Disagree.” - That one guy here who doesn’t play, but enjoys watching and following golf

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Dropping $10K to miss tiger defend at the masters is a wild proposition.


You think it will really be 10K? And Soly said on twitter that they have a live viewing for sunday setup

lets be honest, theyre already gone