The New Tiger Book


Is anyone else is enthralled by the Benedict-Keteyian Tiger bio? I am about 2/3 through now (I got the audiobook and banged out half of it while driving over Easter weekend) and find it so compelling.

The first third of the book made me incredibly sympathetic to Tiger as it showed how his parents completely deprived him of a normal childhood and set him up to be a dysfunctional adult.

The middle third shows just how dysfunctional he became, and while it certainly covers some fairly titillating material about his sexual predilections, the compilation of pettiness, rudeness, and meanness that accrues essentially gives away any goodwill that he acquired from his early years.

I doubt the final third will quite bring him around to redemption, especially given that it had to be written before his most recent comeback arc really got underway. I do find the current portrayal of Tiger as a more down to earth and friendly competitor to be endearing, but I am also leery of any media picture of him given how much has been covered up by a compliant press corps in the past (as revealed by the book).

For those who are reading it, or considering it, I recommend this Bryan Curtis piece on how it was reported as a solid companion.

Also, if you do go the audiobook route, beware that the narrator (Roger Casey) seemingly knows nothing about golf, and it comes through in how he pronounces many familiar names (Fuzzy Zoal-er, Vehjay Singh, Doral rhymes with coral, etc.). It’s still a fun listen, and very handy for me as a commuter, but occasionally distracting to hear certain names and places butchered.

Finally, if you are a hardcore golf fan (likely, around here) and want a shot by shot recollection of his greatest triumphs, be prepared to be disappointed - they cover a few in detail (1996 amateur, 1997 Masters, 2001 Masters, 2008 US Open) but glosses over entire dominant seasons. Likewise, they talk about his swing changes, but hardly in a technical way.


Have not followed the coverage of this book very much, but weren’t there certain parts of it that were heavily disputed and/or refuted?

I thought I saw one part where it mentioned him golfing with Bill Clinton and not ever speaking to him and driving ahead in a cart. Someone responded to this accusation on Twitter by posting a picture of him in the same cart with Clinton laughing.


Just read the Curtis piece and now plan on picking up the book. Thanks for the recommendation,


Just started reading the book and only a few chapters in. Even if only a portion of what is written is true, what a dysfunctional family.


Agree. 1/3 through the audiobook and I highly recommend so far.