The Net/Gross TOUR Championship

The end of the TOUR season is upon us as we get ready for the handicapped event next week in Atlanta. I’m come to the opinion that the TOUR championship should be single elimination match play. Set up the bracket so the top 4 players get some protection, perhaps being advanced to the quarterfinals to start.

Should the TOUR championship be match play?

  • Yes
  • No

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“Who cares” should be a third option. Other than the majors, every other tournament is inconsequential.


Yes, and that’s exactly why mixed formats are fun. We need more stableford!!!

Imagine… a tilt stableford PGA Tour event… wow.

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I want a live draft of some sort. Let the top ten pick 4 man teams. Play team match play like the NCAAs.

I’d go PPV for that


The Tour shifts their schedule around to make sure the tournament isn’t going up against the NFL, and the proposal here is to go with the most boring format with that new spotlight.


It’s going to be a beautiful disaster. They made it this weird gross/net thing, Tiger isn’t going to be there, and they’re going to spend half the broadcast explaining how the math works.


I don’t think they’re going to spend any time discussing it, actually. I think the message is going to come down to talk about who started at -10 or -9 as little as possible. Maybe you’ll get a Dan Hicks, “Well, Brooks had the big advantage headed into the week, but now leads by just one,” or something similarly vague. But the whole point is to make it easy to understand. Win in Atlanta, win the FedEx Cup. They aren’t going to talk about who started where or acknowledge or stupid it is at all. Once the balls are in the air on Thursday the scores (to par, ugh) will just be the scores.


I just can’t imagine them showing a scoreboard with Brooks Koepka at -10 and Dan Hicks talking about how he hasn’t teed off in the first round yet. Or on Friday when Brooks is -15 after shooting a 67 in the first round…it’s gonna be a talking point

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Voted no. Match play is often boring. And you couldn’t protect the top guys much at all.

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I love match play team events and I like match play in general. But it is incredibly boring on TV and has the potential to be awful if the “wrong” two players make the finals. I get why everyone suggests match play, but I don’t think you would really like it if it actually happened.

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no way would I want the whole thing to be match play. I might like to see them use match play to whittle to the final four, and then make them all play in one group.

That would be new.


A 4-man shootout to finish!

Perhaps a 36 hole day of modified stableford to not let any one guy fall super far behind?

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I think it would be cool if the first day was match play and the final 15 played stroke play (or change the numbers however the Tour wants). But none of the guys want to spend the time and money to fly Atlanta, practice for a few days, only to potentially lose on Thursday and be done.

I always liked the match play option where every match is played out in a winners and losers bracket. If you keep the top 30 playing the Tour Championship, cut to 8 or 16 after 36 holes, then have a match play bracket. Pretty much everyone’s going to be a big name because of how it’s structured, so you couldn’t end with a stinker final match like sometimes happens at the WGC. Also, since you play out everything, you don’t have the “only one match on the course problem” with lots of downtime. Using the current payout structure, there’s a difference of $10m between 1st and 2nd (huge stakes), $200k between 7th and 8th (pretty big stakes) and $25k between 15th and 16th (still meaningful stakes).

I appreciate doing something new with this event. The jokes about a Net championship are cheap shots from people who are usually begging for the Tour to do something innovative. Every sport gives their top regular season performers an advantage in the playoffs (byes, homefield advantage, seeding top teams against weaker teams), and then the winner of the final event of the playoffs is the winner of the entire playoffs. That seems just like what they are trying to do with this format.

Also, it’s not like Koepka will be 10 strokes ahead of the entire field to start - there is plenty of opportunity for the other top players to make up the 2-6 stroke lead he will have on the others in the top 10.

Match play would be fine by me, too, but it seems clear the guys putting up the $60 million bonus pool would rather do it this way, and it should still be fun to watch.


I am in on the new format, but my main issue is that too much weight is given to the two Fed-Ex Events leading up to the Tour Championship along with Majors not given enough weight and that the advantage is capped.

The strokes you get to start the Tournament should be based on your amount of points and not where you are in the standings. If you run away with the “Regular Season” then you should be able to be -13 to start and the next person is -7 for instance.


These are the playoffs. Just like any other playoff, the regular season matters until you get to the playoffs. The top seed gets somewhat of an advantage, but everyone in the playoffs should have a chance to win. Otherwise what’s the point?

While the top 30 is mostly the top guys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a terrible final. Bryson/Kuchar? Putnam/Connors?Sungjae IM/Reed? All are currently in the top 30 and I wouldn’t stay inside on an August Sunday to watch any of those matches. And regardless of who else is playing, does anyone care about a Brooks/DJ match for 12th place?

Totally out on Match Play in a traditional bracket and single elimination format.

You more often than not end up with a lackluster final either an unintresting pairing or a blow-out in the final. It also doesn’t produce the best winner more often than not. You can win shooting +1 and loose shooting -7 depending on your pairing, so their is too much luck involved. It also gives almost no advantage to anything that happen the rest of the season.

Only interesting way to do a match-play event would be Final 10 got into two pods of 5 and then play round robin against each other person in their pod. The two players with the best cumulative record advance and all ties are broken by the player with the highest seed coming into the event.

This guarantees marquee match-ups all Wed-Sat and at least a pretty good match-up on Sunday. You are also more likely to crown a deserving champion.

I’m ok with the advantage being defined. Wouldn’t really be interested in watching Brooks win by 9 were he to start with a 6 shot lead.

Agree although that would be a pretty extreme Tiger Woods 2000 type of season to have a 5 shot gap over the next closest competitor, but if you had point bands receiving a certain amount of shots perhaps one person starts at -10, but then their are 3 guys at -9 and 2 at -8, but then nobody at -7 or -6 and 12 guys at -5.

It just varies from year to year and in more years that gap is probably closer than they way it is set-up now where #1 gets a 2 shot lead even if he is only #1 by 1 point. If they are really that close then have two guys with the same starting score for instance.

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