The Masters 2020 Thread: Nov. 9th-15th

Let’s get a thread going for all Masters talk.

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I’m a little concerned about having to cringe watch every time they show Finau. I know he was cleared, but it hast to be a concern that ankle is coming out at any moment again.

Vijay running away with the tournament would be pretty close to the darkest timeline given expectations. Not that it is going to happen.

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Last year I knew we were in for a weird year when the Par 3 was cancelled. Low and behold, Sergio breaks through.

This year Tom Watson wins the Par 3 at age 68, and Jack Nicklaus’ grandson (Sam Saunders cousin, ppl forget) makes an ace. Finau pulls a Gordon Heyward giving us the nastiest golf injury I’ve ever seen on TV. What does all of this portend?

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I’m surprised we haven’t had a Masters thread going the whole time.

90% of my work desktop space is the Masters Stream and golf forums. Going to be a long 2 days…


Thought this tournament started on Sunday afternoon when the leaders got to the 10th tee?

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Would also like to know everyone’s Thursday-Friday setups at work. Featured groups up on the third screen? Bring the iPad into the office? Close the door and put a dip in? All are welcome.


Lots of great talk in the run-up about the true difficulty of the course and how hitting not just fairway/green but correct position of fairway/green is the difference between morning and afternoon tee times on Sunday. I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks listening to podcasts and this forum discuss that.

It just played out in full on #2:

  • Leisch and Fleetwood had wedges in to the pin from the same angle.

  • Fleetwood went first, landed pin high and it fed off to the right to about 50 feet. Hit his number right on and would have stuck on many tour courses

  • Leischman throws it almost 50 feet behind the hole and it’s spin + slope fed it down to around 5 feet. Played away from the hole and used the ground.

God I love this game.


Option 3 for sure! Featured groups as well

My ALT-TAB skills are at peak performance this week. Two monitors for the win!

“Working from home”…


Pretty incredible seeing Leish and Fleetwood both out there with NLU towels.


Sold out?!?! Someone please get these restocked ASAP!

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laughed out loud like a weirdo when I saw the zipped down caddy outfit with the NLU shirt peeking out, walking next to Tiger nonetheless!

good thing I’m all by myself

Phil just drained a 46 foot bomb for bird on one #GentlemanStartYourEngines

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For the love of god, somebody get Tiger a NLU towel ASAP! Don’t eject Tiger, don’t eject!

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Sergio might need one. That was tough to watch.

Fun fact: Sergio increased his score on 15 by ten strokes (!!!) from round 4 last year to round 1 today

Good to see Matty Kelly sporting the NLU tee shirt under his overalls!
Great podcast with him BTW!

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Well looks like the Big Tabernacle is all alone at the top. I’ll be interested to see if he keeps up the lead. Big Cat needs to improve on the par fives for sure.