The Last Dance

I know there’s an NBA thread already, but the GOAT and this doc deserves its own thread. Discuss here.


Are ya’ll gonna talk about the doc AND Bron in here?!


Jerry Krause is low key this doc’s Carol Baskin


Here we go.gif

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Ahmad Rashad walked so Notah Begay could run.


Mike making 33 mil and then saying Scottie not a team player when he makes like 2 mil a year? I’m fuckin’ crying over here.


Golf Content:

I need all 10 episodes now!!

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As much as I want to watch all of it now, I’m glad they are spacing it out. Those last 2 hours I was able to completely forget about everything going on outside of watching this. And I’ll need it again for the next 4 Sunday’s.


yeah this is awesome. they’ve teased a few golf bits already but i’m sure we’re going to be wanting more by the time it’s over. i need a 10 part docuseries on Jordan golf stories.

where does/did he usually play in Chicago? first google search wasn’t too productive. sounds like nowadays he’s usually at The Bears Club in west palm. I’d never heard of Merit in Libertyville until 10 minutes ago. Sounds like he’s a member at Medinah. Again, i need like a 10-parter detailing his bulls-era Chicagoland golf exploits. the Jeremy Roenick story that’s made the rounds I’m sure is mild compared to what they could piece together!

Butler National in Chi. Bears Club and his new course Groove 23 in Jup. Also, the only time I’ve seen MJ in a non-basketball setting was at the Ryder Cup at Medinah. He was wearing “MJ” jeans.


haha. clearly exempted in the Medinah attire bylaws, i’m sure.

don’t you mean stephen curry?

didn’t know MJ was a fan of robert garrigus

Yeah you’re right. It’s nice to be able to look forward to some primetime tv. I feel as if we’re going to say maybe 10 hours wasn’t enough and that we needed more


Fucking exactly.

Fucking Bronies are already dragging this thread down with their antics.


(Carole is the victim.)

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