The Landfill: Coverage Dump. Posi Vibes not allowed (except for ESPN)

I’ve got better things to do than watch crappy weekend coverage on CBS.

I watch PGATL during the week because I’m technically at work at my desk so it’s an easy stream.

Today? Right now? I’m waiting for some A&W root beer at a old drive in with my wife.

Ain’t time for Nantz and Faldo.


Yet you are still on the refuge. Classy move.

Gotta stay in touch.


Been thinking about this. I’d say less ads, but lol good luck with that

-Make a concerted effort to show as many relevant golf shots as possible. What I mean when I say relevant is…don’t randomly show me Phil missing a par putt to get within 10 just because he’s Phil. Don’t show Gary Woodland missing a birdie attempt unless it’s live and he’s catching up to the lead. I want as many shots from the leaders shown live as possible. It’s their rounds I’m interested in. It’s up to the players behind them to make their rounds equally as relevant. Also, I promise you can say someone tapped in for their score in most scenarios instead of showing it. (Note: I’m only singling those guys out because of their place on the leaderboard)

-Have the announcers lay out for the maximum realistic time allowed

-If you can do playing through, how the hell can you not do the annoying fedex cup standing, Amanda smart cart, leaderboard, blimp shots and any other graphics in a split and/or scrolling split screen and let us stay with the action? Why do we always have to cut away from the action to look at that dumb shit? I’d love to see the players walking to their next shots as the crew reads off 21-50 on the fedex cup standings (not really, but you know what I mean)

-Honestly? Give Dottie Faldo’s job.


Nantz made it clear that the powers that be DGAF. I feel like everyone has the same requests but they aren’t listening.


“Yeah, Jim, you’re doing absolutely nothing to engage the next generation of viewers, seems bad?”

“Yeah Chris, I’m gonna talk condescendingly for the next 8 minutes Chris, but let me be clear: literally nobody at CBS gives a shit.”


If I could get live TV recorded, what I’d love to do is this:

  • Show a 5x playback of the broadcast. All three hours on a Saturday or something.
  • When ads are showing, put a 50% opaque red screen over the screen.
  • When a non-golf segment (but not an ad) is shown, do the same with orange.
  • When a tap-in putt is shown, put a 50% yellow screen over the whole frame.
  • When a golf shot is shown, do nothing - play it back normally.

I’d love to see what that looks like - can you imagine how much red, orange, and yellow we’d see?

Again, it’s not just the commercials, it’s the network promos, the CEO interviews, the shots of flags with a leaderboard in front of it (orange), the tap-ins…

Right now (I recorded and am watching the coverage in the background):

  • 7:58:30 - Playing Through (ads)
  • 8:01:30 - Coverage returns. Collin full shot layup on 11. Still showing Collin almost a minute later. Then Streelman laying up. It hits Collin’s ball. Blimp shot. Third player in group… JT, after a closeup of the two balls in the fairway. JT is going for it. 260 to the pin. It’s now 8:04:00. JT misses right. They’re walking toward their balls. Golf is not being played on other holes right now, apparently. Closeup of JT’s swing. It’s 8:05:00.
  • 8:05:15 - Rickie Fowler tapping in on 18. Finished at -9, six back of the leader. Oy.
  • 8:05:40 - Poulter on 12 with a weird chip. Cuts away as he taps in.
  • 8:05:50 - Back to 11 to show the third shots of Collin and Kevin.
  • 8:06-ish - Math. Caddie conversation, at least, but it’s just math.
  • 8:07:30 - Collin finally hits.
  • 8:08:13 - Kevin finally hits.
  • 8:08:25 - Leaderboard.
  • 8:08:33 - Commercials.

So… a little over 7 minutes. Two layups. A tap-in. A wood going for a par five, and two wedges. Oh and a little chip by a guy at least seven back of the lead.


There have to be 50 blimp shots per telecast. Why?

And for gods sake instead of putting up a “FedEx Cup Standings Among People Aged 31-37 With 2+ Marriages” graphic, just put the god damn FexEx logo in the bottom left of the screen for the whole telecast.


Yeah I agree on ads but it’s a nonstarter. Everything else sounds great to me. Except they can show random guys shots like Phil if they keep the pace fast.

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More editors so wee don’t see the bullshit adjacent to the actual shot. Just golf.

It’s the Early Sunday Tiger Problem with me (and believe me, I’m not arguing with you. Just explaining my thoughts). If they go out early, go wild. Show as much as you want. But if you want to tell the story of the tournament like Nantz says, then those in contention matter to me and I don’t want to miss much of what type of round they piece together so that we can see Tiger get up and down for birdie on 13 to get within 6. But that’s just me. It already annoys me that there will be chunks of context missed from the JT-Morikawa-Hovland group tomorrow :joy:


The only thing besides the commercials that really drives me crazy is when they leave the camera on a guy doing nothing for like 30 seconds. Someone hits their shot from the fairway and they inexplicably continue to show him give the club to his caddie then stroll up to the green. Or a guy makes/misses his putt then they stick with him as he walks off the green.

I would rather have the FedEx Logo spray painted on the middle of every fairway than watch the amount of commercials we have now.


Throwing Faldo through the moon door would go a long way with me. I mean the commercials are awful but i feel like axing faldo is an easier problem to fix.


Are “chunk” or “pitch” the only shots that Faldo knows about?



There is no question that the amount of talking has returned to a high level. At this point, there are 4 or 5 announcers talking within 30 seconds of each other. Talking over shots, stuff that is not important, crutch golf sayings.

Nobilo seemed to be ok, but, has seemed to become like the others.

Faldo is just awful and provides very little insight and thinks everything he says is funny

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How the actual fuck does CBS fuck up the timing on this so badly. PGA tour live only featured groups and holes, and I have to dig around to find the actual stream for the LEADERS?


Where is stream for leaders? Already at the turn and coverage doesn’t start for like an hour 45 min

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Check the other tournament thread, or the CBS app