The itsy bitsy subtleties of your favorite Golf Clubs


this guy fuqs

I’d re-rank this 4, 1, 3 and could do with or without 2 but @DCThree has his shit together, well done


Sunken trash cans with the footstep lid.

Tee markers that are something unique

At Prairie Club there is a tiny drink and snack cabin back in the trees that looks like it may just be a maintenance shed.


Ardmore Ave is your place


No mulligans on first tee


Yeah, that’s the point, ultra exclusive clubs are usually the most subtle in every way. You just have to be able to get through the door…


Subtle to me means the anti pomp and circumstance of clubs like the ones owned by our jackass president where they cover everything in gold and think that they are now exclusive because everything is over the top. Old school golf clubs are ultra exclusive because of who the members are, not because they have glitzy clubhouses. I’ve been to the Masters 3 times and each time I think the same thing, remove all the people and stands and your left with an amazing golf course with a very small and quaint clubhouse that just oozes simplicity. Palmetto GC is right down the road from Augusta and is pretty darn exclusive, you can play there the week of the Masters, the club house is awesome because of how simple and unchanged it is through time. That’s pretty much the overwhelming theme you hear from the old classic clubs and even the newer golf clubs that are there for golf. It’s not a resort for a reason…


Simple and not over the top, I don’t need all the resort stuff at a place I just want to play golf. The course should be the center piece, with a nice practice facility, and simple clubhouse that serves some good food and drinks. I’m here for the vibe…