The itsy bitsy subtleties of your favorite Golf Clubs


I’m doing some research for a project. im curious about what you notice in a golf experience that is slight but has a huge impact. ie. putting green connecting/part of first tee, hidden gems (liquor) on certain tees, etc.

golf is so much more than hitting the ball and a score. the small things add up, big time. they contribute to the memorability of the experience.

feel free to name the club, but imo some things should remain private for the clubs members and its guests. thank you.


One of my favorites is “The Drop” policy. At Sweetens, there’s a bottle of Blanton’s in a velvet bag and you can “request to take a free drop” at any time, but if you kill the bottle you have to replace it.


Golfing in the South in July-August can suck. It’s a little lame, but at many courses they’ll have freezing cold, scented (cucumber, lime, etc.) towels in coolers around the course. They can wake the dead.


One of my favorite courses in Michigan is Arcadia Bluffs. In the summer they have a bagpiper that plays on the top of the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan at sunset. I’m not sure if they copied that practice from elsewhere around the world, but it’s an incredibly cool touch.



Courses that have divot fixers and tees out on the course and not just the clubhouse. Also if the divot fixers are well made like metal and not plastic.


The locker room at Cypress Point. I’ll just say it might not be what you expect- beyond old school. And from there the rest of your day is just completely bonkers out of control life-changing.

  1. Powerful locker room showers. Life changing.

  2. Good tees. Made from wood. Without a price tag attached.

  3. A bartender that knows how to pour a proper transfusion.

  4. A place with no set tee times.


My club leases out the restaraunt/bar space to an outside source and it’s one of the most popular gathering spots for the under 40 crowd in town. The bar is located right off the 18th green/10th tee. It creates a vibe that’s really enjoyable and a contrast to the stuffy private clubs in the area. Think waste management 16th.


Par-3 12th at Waterville in Ireland is named “The Mass Hole.” There’s a plaque at the tee box that explains the name. It’s the only hole that’s hidden from view of others on the course due to the surrounding dunes. And because of that, way back when, the local Catholics were able to hold secret masses without being caught by the English government.

When I played the hole, I could feel the secrecy. As a Catholic, I felt like I was one of the locals that and in on the secret. Such a cool, and memorable experience.


There’s a plaque on the 18th tee at Rancho Park in LA that commemorates Arnold Palmer making a 12 on that hole in the first round of the 1961 LA Open. So no matter how bad you’ve played up that point, you have a good shot a beating the King for a hole.


*rolls eyes. It’s Cypress Point dude. Nothing subtle about it.

  • A really good grass driving range
  • Great range balls, there is a club i go to occasionally and I get there at least 30 min earlier then anywhere else as they have Practice Pro V1’s
  • A solid short game area
  • Really good food - my club makes the greatest sandwich at the turn and I am devastated if its sold out and can completely make my day after a bad front nine, would hesitate to look at a membership elsewhere for this reason, lol


How horribly wrong you are.


A club I like to frequent has a phone on the 9th tee to the clubhouse so you can call in your order and pick it up on your way to the 10th tee if you don’t want to stop for lunch.


Club I used to caddie at had little details all over the place, but one of the things I liked most was all of the water coolers and benches on the course were made from trees that Fazio removed during construction. Likewise, all the mulching and (most of) the flat-stone paths were cultivated on site. Finally, the Club paid to have nearly two miles of huge power lines buried underneath the golf course, so as not to disturb the natural setting for the players. Little details add up to a great overall experience. Nice price tag on burying power lines too…


Sure. History in strides. A club like nothing else. However, would you say Augusta’s Crows Nest or Butler Cabin is a “subtlety”? It is honored and talked about on a large scale. Just seemed like a brag instead of an intriguing slight worth pondering. Had you mentioned a certain element about the locker room, say Alister MacKenzies original routing or an attendant in the locker room that would shine and re-spike your shoes, that would be more in line with the post.


I really like when the 1st tee is very close to the clubhouse, like you can walk out of the clubhouse and then right onto the first tee.


Palm Beach National (the “Nash”) has one of the marshals ride along out there handing out shots of flavored rum to people as they play.


Sea Island does this too.


Having a back porch of the clubhouse that backs up to the 18th green.