The Hot Sauce Thread

From takes to habaneros, I’m a huge fan of all things spicy. I wanted to start a thread to encapsulate hot sauce recommendations and discussion.

You can’t go wrong with any of the following sauces in my opinion:

El Yucateco XXX
This is my favorite readily available grocery store hot sauce. You may have seen the bright green nuclear version at various taquerias; this is the version with an additional level of heat and a slightly more unique flavor. It’s great on tacos and anything Mexican, while bringing an impressive level of heat. I believe they say it’s around 9K Scovilles, but this sauce seems pretty hot to me (I get a sense many hot sauce makers do not use the Scoville scale accurately…). Try it if you haven’t. El Yucateco also makes a very polarizing black sauce with charred habaneros which I have yet to try.

Rappers rave about this sauce, for good reason. The heat is mild, but this is perfect as a Louisiana-style sauce, from rice dishes to po’ boys.

Secret Aardvark
This sauce has grown on me over time; it is a great salsa-style sauce due to the roasted tomato. Many users seem to like it on pizza - for me, the act of putting hot sauce on pizza is a bit strange; crushed red pepper flakes are the true spicy accompaniment for pizza, but I can see this sauce fitting the flavor profile very well.

Yellowbird Habanero
This sauce is a bit sweet due to the carrot, but seems to work well on everything. It also has a good texture for squeezability; often, hab sauces seem to be runny, but this (and especially El Yucateco XXX) doesn’t fall into that trap.

Bigfats 7o8
Now this is hot. I can only really do small dabs of this, as it’s made with the 7-pot primo pepper. The flavor is huge and backed by waves of citrus, so if you can handle it, I highly recommend it when you’re looking for a sauce to blow you away, without any of the terrible extract flavor.

Extract/gimmick sauces, such as the infamous DA BOMB, are trash. Also, tabasco sauce is a flavored vinegar, not a hot sauce. Discuss.


Glad to see Yellowbird on there… their stuff is excellent.

A good little #smallshop company from here in Perth (the owner is a friend of a friend) is often at the top of the Hot Sauce lists on Amazon & has been featured on Hot Ones on YouTube regularly. Great sauce names, too…


No Cholula? Heresy!


The black one is pretty good - i think it’s just a little hotter than the green one (which I always use at the local mexican joint)

Texas Pete’s extra hot sauce may be my favorite regular hot sauce lately

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Shot out Hot Ones with Sean Evans if anyone hasn’t seen it


I used to like Cholula more than I do now; have found some folks who claim the recipe has changed, which I would believe. Being in NC now, I usually go with Texas Pete for this type of common usage since it’s available at tons of places.

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This thread is a great opportunity to bring forth my hottest pepper take:

Habanero peppers are trash.

They’re incredibly inconsistent. They add nothing heatwise that you can’t get from a number of other peppers. Meanwhile, I find that habaneros have this narrow, astringent flavor, that tastes like the whine of old an old car sounds.

And don’t get me started on the neon, nuclear, Fowleresque, midlife-crisis-Corvette orange hue of all the habanero-based sauces. Or how every third-rate, flour-tortilla-only taco place thinks that “habanero-pineapple” is an acceptable choice for their “hottest” salsa.

Down with habaneros.


I usually have Cholula, Sirracha and Tobasco on hand at all times and will season based on the type of dish. I like spicy food, but not so much to buy a bunch of different bottles of hot sauce to experiment with.

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I’m a big fan of Torchbearer sauces. They started here in the Harrisburg, PA area so they are fairly easy to find around here, but I’m not too sure how widely they are distributed. They make a couple sauces that are on the thermonuclear scale and are actually quite good, but the stuff in the middle of the heat scale like the Sultry Sauce is what I tend to use the most. I’m not sure if they still have it, but they used to make a mango hot sauce that, no joke, was delicious on vanilla ice cream.

The artwork is pretty great too.

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Cholula is hardly in the same league as the above. El yucateco is miles better.

This is the best Cholula.


You know what peppers are inconsistent? Jalapenos


No Tapatio? I stay strapped with a bottle in the truck for spontaneous burrito sessions. The fridge has more fancy ones if you can call them that. Some local some from Puerto Rico etc but Tapatio is the go to


I like tapatio

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Hanks Heat is my go to it’s so good

Have it on good authority that Rickie also buys it by the case


You really trying to model your life after a guy who is always greeting the winner?

I want Bruce Cupcake’s hot sauce.

I’ll never be mad if a place has tapatio, but I also won’t usually buy it.

My mom used to grow her own. That was always a fun test to figure out if this fresh jalapeno would kick or not.

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I thought that was the only Cholula.

This is the chili garlic flavor, which completely ruined the original for me.