The High Cotton Club Presents: #TheFloat at Tim’s Ford

The High Cotton Club presents the first event of the 2023 season, #TheFloat at Henry Horton State Park.

We’re dialing in a phenomenal set of gifts to go along with our 18 holes of fourball competition, skins, and LD/KP’s, followed by a float trip at the home of High Cotton on the beautiful Elk River in Kelso, TN.

Entry fee is $170 for golf, or $80 to join for The Float afterwards, with food and drinks covered throughout the day to accompany each competitor’s swag bag.

Tee times are set to begin at 9:00 on Friday, August 26, with a max field of 24. Sign up at the link below or reach out to get #dialedin

Mark your calendars and #Getinvolved … The 2023 season is going to be something special!

S/o @PapaZulu for, again, crushing the art
Cc our Refuge Hitters: @tanner_sandel & @Douger23


This one promises to be a hit, and a great start to the 2023 season. Come for the golf, stay for the vibes. Looking forward to meeting other Refugees from other Roosts at this event!

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This event still happening?


Yup! Tee times still set to range from 9-9:50. It’s gonna be a great kick off for our 2022-23 season! I won’t be able to make the golf, but can’t wait to join up with all the guys for the river float afterwards!

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#TheFloat is still happening! With a large group heading down for two days of play and great time on the Elk River for the evening.

This is going to be a great way to kick of 2023 on a high note, despite the way 2022 came to a close.

Sign up soon!

The sooner signups happen, the sooner merch can get ordered!

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I signed up. Looking forward to a fun round of golf and some good fellowship.

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Where’s the golf being played?

Thought I might be able to make it to the event since I’ll be at Sweetens on the 27th but I’m not sure the logistics will work unfortunately

Gotcha. That’s what a couple of us are doing before our passes on the 27th too.

Who’s coming from HCC to Sweetens?

Bear Trace at Tim’s Ford… pretty cool state parks track on a peninsula in Tim’s Fort lake, if you’re unfamiliar. Most guys are headed to either Sweetens or Sewanee the next day

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I’m very unfamiliar, I’m from Austin, Texas. Who do I talk to about going to Sweetens if that’s possible?

Our Certified Hitter @Douger23 secured 8 (?) passes and has a waitlist for guys to get one… outside of that, probably have to cross your fingers Sweetens has a pass come available

Well shit, if I sign up now I’m in!

Oh also, is this an open invite to all Roost members?

Absolutely! Our events are open to everyone, just have to be a High Cotton Roost member to take one of the qualifying spots, but you’re eligible for everything else

I can add you to the waitlist in case someone backs out on sweetens if you want?


Gotcha on the list. I will send you a message if more guys back out!

Who all is going to Sewanee? Are there options for more to go? Sweetens is so hard but I’ve heard Sewanee is good.