The Grudge Match Zone


Honestly think if I need to have a Refuge grudge match it would be with @iacas. We don’t seem to be on the same side of hardly anything discussed, lol. And it would be a nice even match that can be played straight up :slight_smile:

And for what’s it’s worth I drive a gas-guzzling Toyota 4Runner; curious to hear what that says about me!


It says you game a set of Mizunos, but JPXs, not the forged blades.


Your Grace, Is this OK for a guy with a MINI clubman? I’d hate to show up at the Grudge match vs GRW with 8 year-old irons.



A6 Twin Turbo

To me that says…

New dad
Still guilty but bored
Lost a bet


A6 Twin Turbo = Wasn’t first choice. I kinda sorta won that on the golf course in a consolidation of gambling debts.
Prius = got a new job and had a commute when gas was $5. Panicked. Best car I’ve ever had.
I3 = Worked in sales for an industrial design house. Got a little drunk with design language
Clubman = had no car for 6 months, then got a new job, but would kind of rather not have a car since I live in the city and we have one car, so it was kind of like “what can In get for under $300”…


Goddammit, I do actual work for 4 hours and the Refuge turns into a car blog.


Sorry, I started that. :disappointed:


Only if you come with these:


The Tale of The Tape for @WarbirdND and @The_Cad_Says is not pretty. But as the old saying goes “That’s why they play the games.”

How alpha is Warbird in this grudge match?
Height- Warbird.
Age- Warbird
Club name: Hawktree vs Essendon…Please.
Irons: Muscle cavity vs. Callaway X20s.

This could be an all-time blood bath.


Major compensation from @Lazstradamus

Seems like the kind of guy that got the silent majority Republicans out to vote


I like to low key sneak my way into matches. It’s why I play off 16 when I’m really a 10… :smirk:


This is a good one, since I feel @iacas, though cordial, has never agreed to I think ANY take on this board except for something I read about girlfiends / S.O.'s playing golf. There will have to be a rules official keeping time, as I expect the pin to be pulled numerous times / hole.


@DeepFriedEgg and myself vs. @Tron and @Soly in Foursomes. Pick any course. Loser donates a $100/stroke to a charity of their choosing.

For our charity, I choose El Tucan.


$100/stroke caught my eye


I would pay $20 to stream this match…even though NLU, like Bleacher Report, would probably stream it free.


Does that mean I’m on the undercard, like a plucky newcomer that’ll win the hearts of the nation?


@Lazstradamus Cad is seriously bucking his head over in the car blog; photos like the one below a not-so-subtle attempt to intimidate me. Going to be tough, but I’m confident I can overcome all the theatrics.



I apologise for the sunglasses. It was 2012. And there were flies.


Ever wonder how he pays for that exotic fleet?

Also loved @The_Cad_Says work in Eastbound And Down


Loaded up & truckin’