The Grudge Match: A Thread That Needs to be Deleted So Future Generations Will Not Know Our Shame

Are there some rivalries building up in the Refuge? You bet. Luckily, there are about 20,000 golf courses in America to settle some of this back-and-forth we all find so very entertaining.

@Lazstradamus vs. @GRWhitehead. Site & date TBD.

Somewhere, sometime, this match is happening and it will be a battle. My operatives in the Twin Cities tell me @GRWhitehead can absolutely golf his ball and may even wear a headband on the course. Sure, I’ve cut down bigger trees than GRW, but it won’t be easy. More to come on this important battle.

Aside from the obvious @tron vs the tag team of @DeepFriedEgg and @endangeredspiethies match, what other grudge matches need to happen here?


@Lazstradamus quickly becoming my favorite account on this website


a saw @GRWhitehead got picked up in the #AskAlan mailbag. File that under his intangibles.


new favorite golfer


it’s REALLY good entertainment

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Some of you may remember that Laz has previous, having taken me on in a pre-Ryder Cup mouth off which resulted in a determination to settle our differences like men. We were all set for a clash in LA in the summer but he rain checked. I mean, rain, in SoCal!

In the end things were settled in Paris. Laz lost that one too.

Yeah…When @GRWhitehead has been in #AskAlan twice (like…ahem…yours truly) then @ me.

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Always been a seriously good account/poster

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No, I believe you said you were taking your Porsche and driving it to your compound in Idaho?

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this is something to brag about?

I mean, I get that I can’t talk cars or clubs, but we can brag about AskAlan questions?

Dude. Shipnuck is the King. So, yes, if the King will take a question from us lowly plebes, then you can brag on that. Doesn’t even have to be a humble brag.

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that was a pretty epic humblebrag in a post ripping me for have one car.

You’re getting beat up for your car in another post. BTW, I have a MINI Cooper Clubman ((ducks for cover))

where? also, I don’t give a shit what anyone drives. Car people are car people, non-car people can’t make heads or tails of how we think.

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should have big Randy be the on course commentator for this match.


this is the content i am signing in for and, based strictly on GRW distilling his own liquor, I will give odds on him whenever y’all make this happen

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Hang on, a Cooper fucking CLUBMAN?! This is what’s wrong with the world. BMW offer this abomination to the world and people like you encourage them.

I bet you play half Mizuno / half Adams irons.


Yes…A nice sensible, yet surprisingly sporty car. We also have a Q5 if it makes you feel better. Had an i3 before that, a Prius before that, and a A6 Twin Turbo before that. OK with you?
The Clubman is avery practical for Los Angeles. What do you think this city is? a bunch of Armenians driving salvaged S550s? (you’re right.)

And who the fuck made you the Automotive Pope?

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Even if I agree with them, I just have a hard time taking any of your digs at anything and everything seriously now that I know you use iron covers.


And just like that, a new grudge is born. That’s some 8-mile shit right there for your ass…