The Golfer's Journal - No. 3


Yep — Coming in a month or so. Pumped to have them in time for spring golf!


Went to mailbox for TGJ3 today and look what else was waiting for me


Need a lung dart after reading TGJ Vol. 3 tonight. So pure.


@mhornecker Take me please.

(Now give us the story on how you got them. Lottery on the site?)


I know the feeling. Received my copy Saturday, read it cover-to-cover Saturday night. Admittedly a bit biased, but I couldn’t put it down.


@mwennmaker I used to subscribe to Goof Digest (that was a typo but I’m gonna leave it), and all of their garbage posts on social really started to bother me. I don’t get the impression that they care about any kind of quality at all and just want the clicks. (WAG posts, non-golf related crap, etc) :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I put the $30ish a year I was giving them toward a TGJ sub and have been really impressed. Have recommended it to others and would to strangers alike. Was recently on a road trip with a friend who had never heard of it, and he instantly subscribed after looking through Vol 1 for 5 minutes. It’s seriously impressive and they are doing a great job.


Am I the only person that has not received No. 3 yet?


I have not gotten mine yet either.


Same. Have not received mine either. I always feel like I am the last person in the world to get mine but my co-worker always gets his three days after mine arrives


Haven’t gotten mine yet and little by little dying inside reading these posts


Mine’s been sitting on the coffee table waiting for the flight to Bandon.


Anyone else still waiting for their copy to arrive?


Prepare for Bandon with Bacon.