The Golfer's Journal - No. 3


Lido Golf Course. Right next to what was the original famed Lido designed by Raynor and CB Macdonald. Sadly this one is a RTJ design, was wrecked in Hurricane Sandy, and has never been in great shape.

It’s run by the town, and they have been putting small changes into the course over the last year. It’s right on the ocean, and plays very difficult in the wind. There are some great holes.


The Golfer’s Journal was one of my favorite things even before @THillTGJ and @djpie were kind/foolish enough to have me write a piece on Canal Shores for TGJ #3. (They got Christian Hafer to photograph the place, too.) So excited for people to see it.

I thought for a while I’d missed the boat on actually getting into print, and I think it’s awesome to have something permanent and tangible to read and share.

And regardless of my participation, giving an issue or a subscription as a gift is a perfect thing for anyone you know who loves both reading and golf. (As a recovering financial consultant/rep, I also think they make fantastic client gifts, if that’s any use to anyone here.)


You nailed that story, my man. Such a great read — Can’t wait to see how the Canal Shores crew reacts. (And Christian’s shot of the pug peeing on the course is hilarious.)


Can’t wait to read the piece on Canal Shores. Born and raised 1 block from it and where I learned to golf. Have seen the social media stuff on it for the past few years from various sources and sure the article is gonna be awesome. Haven’t been back since college 15 years ago so pumped to get the new issue!!


Haven’t subscribed yet, worth it?


not even a question; pull the trigger right now


I’m a subscriber and a big fan of the first 2 issues, great work!

If I had to point to a favorite it would be the article on push carts.


Excited to get No. 3. I asked for a subscription for Christmas from my wife – she and my parents were making fun of me because they had never seen a “magazine” cost so much. It became a running joke in my family about how I wanted this “super special, ultra expensive” magazine; however, when my wife got it for me and it was finally delivered everyone shut up about the journal. They couldn’t believe the quality of it. I actually have found my wife (not a golfer), flipping through it on her own because the quality of the product is so high.

I feel like this post has turned into an infomercial – but TGJ is really that great. Keep up the good work.


Hopefully I captured it then! Definitely let me know what you think once you get your hands on it.


Was @Johnnyb’s post an infomercial?

  • No
  • Absolutely not, Golfer’s Journal deserves the praise
  • I wish I could afford multiple subscriptions
  • I am going to name my next child Golfer’s Journal

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No, but maybe we need a golfer’s journal piece on the contributions infomercials have made to the game over the years.

Where is that guy from Tiger Shark’s Alien Wedge these days anyway?


I would be SO in on a piece like that.


The Louisville one is my favorite. The pics in that one are fantastic. Pumped for No. 3.


Louisville Golf article was great. Very interesting and great writing by DJ, but I don’t have much interest in going back to wodden woods.


I’ve been a subscriber since issue 1, and I echo everybody else’s sentiments. TGJ is excellent in all respects. Great writing. Great photos. Great production quality (i.e., the paper stock, the printing, the binding, etc).

Off the top of my head, the following articles come to mind as some of the best I’ve read:

  1. Askernish
  2. Rye
  3. Bandon Sheep Ranch
  4. Sweetens Cove
  5. The course in Tijuana
  6. Big Randy’s take on Monty’s USA Road trips

I could easily go on.

If you’re on the fence…buy the ticket, take the ride.


Can we get a podcast with McCormick? Want to hear about this insane collection…


That dude was fascinating. One of my favorite interviews I’ve done. Was just going to stop by for an hour. Ended up staying for four.


As a longtime Deadspin fan I was really excited to see Will Leitch get involved.


Between Louisville golf and this article you’re cementing yourself as one of the best writers in golf media. Keep it up.


Little off topic here but I love the Linksoul shirts would it be possible to get some TGJ hats?