The Golfer's Journal - No. 3


Interested to see who are the subscribers in this forum and your favorite article from No.1 and No. 2. I find it hard to top the Askernish article. Really looking forward to No 3.


It’s really a great read front to back. Gonna keep 'em in my library so I can always go back to them. I’m looking forward to #3 coming out.


“The Push and Pull” by Tom Coyne, Vol. 1 – My favorite so far and it’s not even close. It inspired me to start a mini push cart rebellion at my club. Unsurprisingly, my logical arguments for push carts accompanied by solutions to remedy the so called “issues” with them were shot down immediately. Sad!


I joined before the first issue was released and it has not disappointed.

Favorite articles:

No. 1- Askernish

No. 2- Sweetens Cove (I enjoyed this so much because I got to read it right before I played it. Also, after I played it I reread it to see if if I missed anything.)


@djpie’s piece on Louisville Golf was awesome. Shout out DJ!

Also, I purchased a Founder’s Subscription and the golf glove that came with it was pretty sweet…However, I must have checked the wrong box and they sent me a glove for a right-hander. I am a lefty. :frowning:


@Tron had a piece about the importance of supporting muni’s. There is a muni walking distance from me that I never play because I’ve always deemed it as crappy because of the layout and conditions. I’m going to make an effort to play it more regularly, in order to support what could potentially be a great local track.


@Tron had a great piece which really left me even more impressed with NLU in the sense that he can deliver his spicy curmudgeon takes and also do amazing work in a real publication. I think it will be hard to top the Sweetens piece along with the pod (I would assume most of us are listening to TGJ pod, if not highly recommend). Sweetens just so perfectly sums up everything that TGJ is about. Also just fascinated with the concept of the Sheep Ranch; not my favorite article, but certainly one of the coolest stories…


push carts will save golf in the US. We just have to be patient


Thanks mannnnn. For the glove, shoot an email to and they’ll get you hooked up!


muni name please? Need to do some research


I’d have to say “Book of Mulligan” has been my favorite so far (but it’s almost impossible to choose).


Book of Mulligan! Man, we loved that story. Kind of came out of nowhere for us, and turned out incredible. Hi — I’m the editor over at TGJ. Thanks for the thread! So good to hear from everyone. Happy to answer any questions about any of the issues.


Hey – thanks for starting this thread, @mwennmaker. Pumped to hear what resonates with people (and thanks for the ups on the podcast). Much more good stuff in the can already.

I know I vomited emotions all over Twitter this morning, but you guys are going to love No. 3. It’s funny, with the publication cycle, we have to have things done so early, so it’s almost like getting the issues for the first time twice. I was going back through No. 3 today and can’t believe how much fun it is.

I’m not sure how much people know about my background, but before I worked for the Tour, I worked for Golfweek for a few years. It was so clear at that time where the industry was headed (and why many of the publications just weren’t equipped to do what they needed to do to adapt). As soon as I heard about TGJ from Brendon and @THillTGJ, I was so relieved that someone else was amped about the same things I was screaming about wanting to do. (And moreover that someone else had the guts to actually go make it happen.) No. 3, in my mind, is such a good realization of what a golf mag should be in 2018.

And No. 4 is even better!!!

Anyway… thanks for reading/listening/leaving it on your coffee table/whatever else you want to do with it.


Never knew that you worked for Golfweek. You and the rest of the NLU crew have pretty interesting backgrounds…e.g., Neil playing football for an Ivy League school - he seems the exact opposite of that…maybe that’s why he was LPCP.


I love the cover for Vol 3. (Anthony Ravielli illustration from Hogan’s 5 lessons) I heard them discuss a bit on their podcast, but wasn’t sure where it was going. Looking forward to the next installment.


Big fan of the Louisville Golf write-up (shout out @djpie) and Sweetens Cove. Looking forward to Vol. 3


Thanks — There are plenty more in the story, along with some other Ravielli pieces from his personal collection. The man was incredible.


@THillTGJ - Nice avatar and a good idea. Also, another story that I just thought of was the one with Hunter S. Thompson…amazing.


Favorite article thus far has been the one about Rye. Looking forward to issue 3 in my mailbox soon.

Also for those that haven’t listened yet, TGJ podcasts have been worth it.


Thanks! Yes, that HST piece was a no-brainer, plus it was really cool to interview Terry McDonnell (that man is a legend in his own right — editor at Rolling Stone, Esquire and SI in their glory days).