The Golfer's Journal #4


Sunday morning, Meet The Press is over, I have 1 hour before church. I’m going in to finish TGJ (saving Caleb and Coyne for last.)
There is so much depth in issue 4. I’ve had two neighbors (neither plays golf or cares about golf) read “Nashville” and “Heavy Baggage” and both were sincerely blown away. Both stories hit close to home for me so I especially enjoyed them. Another highlight for me was @THillTGJs “They Grow Up Fast” (I have a 7 yo daughter.)
Finally, as a fellow disciple of the Tahler camp, I have to take my hat off to @Randy for succinctly reminding us that past performance is not indicative of future results.


Many thanks! Happy to answer any questions about the issue here as well.


Reading through #4 bit by bit now. Nashville was awesome. I’m normally not an emotional person but the tears were flowing reading that one. Really really good.


Nashville just floored me. Entirely. Tears and everything. I actually had to step away for a minute and my wife even asked me, “what’s wrong?” I certainly was never expecting that and kudos to @THillTGJ for providing readers with a whole different perspective on golf and how it touches lives in so many different ways.

(ps @THillTGJ, loved the Sally and as a parent w/ a 17 month old daughter, I am already working on her application for the 2033 Sally where she’ll compete against your daughter. beer at the caddy/dad barn between rounds?)


Funny you say that, my wife saw me reading it and said the same thing.

I have a 22 month old daughter and I took her to the course today for maybe the 5th time, but she’s still only interested in building sandcastles in the practice bunker :laughing:


I saw some teasers on twitter from @djpie and @Tron about TGJ4 and the Nashville article in particular. I read it aloud to my wife, while also reading it for the first time. We hope to start a family soon. The story hit me like a ton of bricks. My wife has only ever seen me shed a tear once in our 5 years together, on our wedding day. I had to pause multiple times, and had the “choked up” voice going for most of the article. She makes fun of me for being “emotionless”. That article/story is one of the most tragically moving and well written things I have ever read.

I’m the golf nut of my group of friends. I probably talk about it more than I should, but I really do love the game for the reasons Nashville shows. It can, and will get you through the absolute worst times in your life. I’d like to think it’s doing that right now for many people. Maybe some of us here.

If you’re going through hell, there are brighter days ahead, and another 18 to be played. Gotta just keep your head up.


I somehow just discovered that The Golfer’s Journal exists a few days ago. I love everything about golf, including reading about it, but am also a poor college student. Is it worth a membership?


Ask for it as a gift. My aunt got it for me and I couldn’t be happier


I just got issues 1-3 delivered today. Looking forward to getting immmersed in these over the coming weeks.


Further to above, I’m halfway through issue 1 this evening. A fabulous read, which leaves me looking forward to the rest. Even my wife was interested which is rare for her with anything golf related. She’s a photographer and designer so the aesthetic was right up her street.


Really like the curtis luck interview by @djpie curious to watch Curtis career play out


Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. Don’t feel merely clicking the heart would suffice. And good luck when you and your wife work on building the family.