The Glove Keeper

Does anyone know where I can buy this? I really need it in my life.

I will sell you mine. I don’t know what the site charges but I will sell it at 50% off, plus shipping.

This is the one I have:

Never been used, retails for $100.


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It’s fine leather.

I got The Golfer’s Journal one too. Really really nice. I thought I’d use it just to use it, but I’ve actually really liked having it. I would definitely buy it if I knew how much I’d like it before owning one.

I mean, I get that, but it’s really not something I could ever see using, let alone spending that kind of cash on.


I may take you up on this offer.
Waiting on a reply from them as they can be personalised so might get a nice one with my initials on. I’ve never seen them before and always use the plastic sleeve my gloves are packed in.
These are so much nicer.

I’m with you - doesn’t everybody just chuck their gloves in a pocket in their bag?


Do you use leather or synthetic gloves?

I always go back in the pouch, keeps them fresh and keeps there shape.

Leather in dry conditions, synthetic in wet. I’ve got big hands so I prefer it if they stretch a bit.

I store my gloves in a ziplock bag. It cost me about $0.05. Works well.


I keep a single, strategically shaped, bag tag for the purpose of hanging gloves on the outside of my bag. Is there a point to this glove wallet thing?


Yes. You spend $100, to get an extra 3 days of wear on your $14 glove


You spend $14 on a glove!?! :slight_smile:

I guess they’re $24. I buy like two a year and just grab them from the pro shop. So it’s not like I’m pricing them out. I lose them more often that I wear them out.

But think of the Instagram photo opportunities to show off your personalized glove holder…sorry glove keeper!

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Ha. I try to spend $6 or less. I don’t have sensitive hands and they seem to last longer than thin Cabrera leather. I’m not sure whether gloves are more for sweat/ slip prevention or to provide extra traction or blister prevention exactly. Or all three.

I can definitely go without a glove unless it’s humid out.

The glove is necessary to get a “proper” golf tan.