The Gang Plays Bucket List Courses: A Storytelling Thread

i plan to make the most of it but making the most of it includes playing well. Specifically looking for any strategic advice on playing the course. Thanks y’all.


Brother, congrats. But there are lots of threads about private courses, advice while there, etc etc etc etc. Try searching and looking at those things first, for a bunch of good recommendations and thoughts from people on this forum. Enjoy the round and the company and I hope it’s an awesome day!


Let go of “playing well” WGAS. Enjoy!


If you really want to experience Cypress as intended, leave the clubs in the car, just walk the course, and visualize the shots you should play. In other words, experience the course in your mind. That’s truly how golf should be played.


Thanks man. I looked through the fuge a bit and found more debate about courses than anything. I will look again. Not looking for advice on how to enjoy a bucket list/private club experience. I am looking for strategic advice on this specific course. Should have been more clear.

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Don’t lay up


Don’t worry about your score; played it like it’s your last round ever (it probably will be at Cypress.) And please play heroically and don’t lay up on 16th; that would not make for a compelling after-round story. Enjoy!



Seriously, just play the course.


Everybody you know for the entire rest of your life is going to want to know what you shot at Cypress, and going to judge you for it, so make sure that you only focus on shooting the lowest number possible.


You’re outta your freakin’ mind. :slight_smile:

I can’t help being so damn enlightened. It’s both a gift and a curse.


Ask your caddy for advice, not the schmucks on the internet.

(this post contains bitter jealousy)


I never play well the first time around “bucket list” courses. There’s too much going on to distract me. I’ve got to learn to just play conservatively and enjoy the experience. If I have a chance to play them again I get better.

Every course has “ideal” shots - how the architect intended it to be played. If you aren’t able to hit that ideal shot literally every single time - and even if you are, if you make a mistake - you aren’t seeing the course as the architect intended. That’s why @JohnnyPanton is such an advocate for the mental game.


This is exactly what I mean. Why waste your one chance to be at Cypress by actually playing the course with clubs and risk not playing the course as The Good Doctor intended? Personally I could never forgive myself. I made that mistake at NGLA and it has haunted me ever since. Learn from my mistake.


First of all, @Tron might have good advice for you.

Second, have you read The Match? It’s a pretty quick read and gives some cool background. It might also give you some stuff you can ask your caddies about. Some caddies can double as pseudo historians and getting them to tell you cool stuff about the course and the club enhances experiences like this.

I would try to forget about score altogether. The worst thing that can happen is you are too hung up on score to enjoy the day. It literally doesn’t matter just keep the ball in front of you and enjoy the opportunity to hit golf shots in such a picturesque setting. Speaking of which, don’t forget to look around at said setting.

Lay up on 9. Don’t lay up on 16. Try to keep it below the hole all day.

Have fun!


Thanks EP

The Match is what made the course so alluring to me. I am rereading it now but just the chapters on the match itself and the course. I love history, so great point about the caddies. Thanks for the advice re: 9.

I am not going to put pressure on myself, and i never lose my cool out there. But part of the enjoyment of the game for me is the challenge. I owe it to the Dr. to still try my best while soaking it all in.


First thing you do is walk into the pro shop, and when the guy behind the counter says “good morning, can I help you?” you flat out ignore him and ask “what’s the course record here?” while perusing the polo shirts.

That’ll set the tone that you’re playing for keeps.

In all seriousness, congrats and just enjoy it. Something very few get to do.


Don’t be a douche and take a million pictures. Make sure you take care of your host. Tip generously and just enjoy it. Also don’t show up dressed like a fool.

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The important thing is to make sure you film a selfie video for Instagram at least once per hole. This is the way Golf was meant to be played.