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Watching this back 9 play today has been brutal. Rulings and dropped shots all over the place


This India course is honestly banana land.

Feel like everyone is Goose-style #ejecting this morning. Trying to eject - but because everyone else is also ejecting - not being able to eject properly.


Doak Zero. An absolute abomination. Perfect review Job!


Thanks to everyone for the great discussion about the Hero Indian Open this week. Twitter buzzed a little bit about the course and it was fun to engage.

I’ve been alluding in the past two Eurozone articles to my forthcoming Ryder Cup tracking updates. Since the Philippines Championship was mysteriously(?) cancelled this week, and there are no insular or opposite field events for the European Tour through the Masters, we’re going to devote probably the next two articles to Ryder Cup tracking.

Although it’s still relatively early in the season, the points begin hitting multipliers at many of the upcoming events, and the team picture is going to start rounding into form. My focus is going to be on introducing you to the Locks, Bubble Boys, and Dark Horses among potential Ryder Cup Team Europe rookies. It’s a wide cross-section of players, and the European team is SNEAKY deep.

I’ve had so much fun researching for this article over the past two weeks. I’m very pleased with how it is coming together and I hope you guys are ready for a deep dive. Looking at a likely Friday release this week.

Since I’m still working on an early draft, please let me know if there are certain topics, players, or concepts you want me to delve into.


Are you only going to look at Ryder Cup rookies? Curious to see how Bjorn addresses Thomas Pieters, considering his current form and previous Ryder Cup performance. He and McIlroy were an absolute menace two years ago.


The first part will necessarily have to address the veterans and rookie locks, so we can see how many potential spots we are dealing with. My focus for player profiling will be the rookies, as there are a lot of really interesting storylines. But I’ll be spending a little time early on addressing the points system (vastly different from USA), and how Bjorn is going to have to deal with Pieters and a possibly reserved pick for a French player.

Part II is going to get deeper into the potential bubble guys and dark horses among the rookies. Once we go deep in these early articles, my hope is that I’ll be able to do monthly or semi-monthly mini-updates as part of the regular column.


I suspect Alexander Levy gets a gig this Ryder Cup. Interested in your read there - and others fighting for a spot.


Levy and/or Dubuisson provide an interesting conundrum. I want to believe that there will be at least 1 Frenchman on the team if either of those guys are in the top 18-20 when it comes pick time. Of course, a win or 2 can take it out of Bjorn’s hands. Dub currently 14 and Levy 17 in points.



Added a post-publication author’s note for anyone getting triggered by Paul Casey not being included as a Veteran Lock at this point. Just be patient for Part II. I’ll explain in-depth why he’s #9 in my overall rankings, a virtual lock. There would be no point in doing the article if I locked in 11 guys in March with no room for craziness to happen once the multiplier events kick in!



I missed this feature. Does the Euro Tour always take a month off this time of year, or is that an aberration due to current events? I think you mentioned an event in the Philippines that was cancelled.

This is a bit off topic but I noticed that the next couple of Ryder Cup venues overseas are on the continent, as were all the major bids for 2022. Having the Ryder Cup away from the British Isles seems odd, but is that the future? And is that a Brexit thing? I’ll hang up and listen.


Thanks for the reply. Glad you’re enjoying the column.

I don’t think the ET intended to take a full month off; as you said, the Philippines were supposed to have an event, and the confluence of WGCs and the Masters in this tightly packed span certainly had something to do with it. A lot of the ET schedule is dictated by other events around the world, given the co-sanctioning status of the WGCs and the Majors. If you asked an ET official, they’d probably tell you they didn’t actually “take a month off” you know what I mean?

As for the Ryder Cup venues, I think there’s certainly a concerted effort to spread it around continental Europe a bit. But that is not entirely without precedent. Recall that in 1997, the Matches were played at Valderrama when Seve was captain of a victorious Team Europe.

I would suspect that the Matches will be going back to the British Isles in 2026, after France and Italy host.


That was a very…meaty…preview.



I can’t speak for anybody else, but we just hit one of my favorite parts of the golfing calendar. Rolex series events each of the next three weeks, followed by the Open Championship. For me, that means waking up early, brewing a pot of coffee, actually cooking breakfast while the coverage heats up, and then having a decent start to my day.

Very, very pumped about getting an early look at Le Golf National, excited to see what style of golfers find success there and whether they’ve tricked up the setup in anticipation of this year’s Ryder Cup. There’s a lot of interesting names in the field, with JT getting an early look and with Fleetwood looking to defend. I’d imagine there’s a lot of jockeying for Ryder Cup position, with guys like Rafa, Noren and IJP showing out on the course for the captain once Bjorn misses the cut on Friday.

After France, you can find me turning the thermostat way down in the house, putting on an itchy sweater, and settling down for three weeks of links golf. You’ve got Mi Hijo Grande Vasco coming back to Ireland after last year’s dominant win, then Phil finally playing in weather where it’s acceptable to pair a tasteful sweater with the long-sleeve button-down, and then freaking Carnoustie.



Definitely been slacking in Euro Tour coverage between work, travel, some other life changes in the past couple of months…but rest assured, we’re on our way back with a vengeance. Just need like 4-5 more hours in the day, ya know?