The EAL Thread (Pyramid Schemes & USGA Corruption)

Here is a topic for you guys.

I followed EAL “career” since it very beginning and now that it got pretty mainstream i feel like he kinda lost his touch, a he is over doing it a little bit.
Absolutely loved when he had the chance to play Augusta National after last years Masters and put out a, almost 3hs, pod telling about the course, feelings, score, etc. It really made me understand and empathize with him.

But now, even putting out some quality content (if you are able to surpass his over the top enthusiasm and “coolnes”), like Randon Golf Course, where he go play some famous courses with cool people, or the new Scotland series which is kiiiiiind of a copy from NLU but not really (i obviously choose T.S. over EAL Scotland Series), he is loosing it a little bit, don’t know if it’s because he is kinda over doing the excitement, because Adventures in Golf Season 3 is the worst by far of all 3 (except for the Miura episode that was SICK) or that i feel like i’m betraying NLU hahah. Anyway.

Don’t know if it’s only me, so that’s why i’m throwing it out there.

Is a shame because he make some really good stuff, with drone shots and shit (being a film director really helps, lol).


My take is that his YouTube channel is good but I prefer NLU hands down. Like you said, he’s had a few cool episodes that if I put them up against some NLU eps I didn’t love id rather watch his best than their “worst.” NLU is the Tiger to my golf content seeking, listening, watching habit. They changed the game for me and got me searching for more and more and I think Erik helps fill my golf content void because for some reason NLU can’t put out content around the clock day in and day out…slackers. The refuge has helped TREMENDOUSLY because I can get my fix on an hourly basis (how do I get work done?) To go back to the Tiger analogy, I don’t mind at all watching other players doing well on Sunday if he isn’t in the mix, DJ Jordan Phil are all exciting but I still prefer the #1.


My first attempt at listening was the Masters podcasts and couldn’t make it through one. He was just trying so hard. I’ll occasionally watch a video here and there but that’s about all I can take. I may be in the minority but I guess he just sort of annoys me.


I literally can’t make it through 90 seconds of his Youtube videos and I’m a pretty avid consumer of online golf content.

I’ve never been to Prestwick. I’d be excited to see it profiled… just by someone else. Hell, get Kessler out there with a drone and a selfie stick and I’d probably sit through 11 minutes of it!

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I was a fan when I first saw his YouTube content a few months ago and have also caught up with a good bit of his recent podcasts.

However the more I consume the more I realise he is too much filler and not enough killer.

One of his comments from his podcast with The Fried Egg about Ireland being a town and Scotland being a country. This is just so massively offensive to Irish people and while he did recognise that he didn’t do enough to clarify what he meant.

He also needs to watch his podcast ads as they are very intrusive.

That said he does have some good content and I love his style and enthusiasm, as well as his belief structure about golf.

I watched the video he did with Andy from Fried Egg. That video was pretty good but other than that, I’m not a fan. Luckily, there are many ways to get a good fix of golf content on the interwebs.

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I loved the Adventures in Golf series.


I like where he started–on the fringe of the LA celebrity scene, with enough access to get interesting and unlikely people on his podcast. Golf was the unifying factor, but not the explicit focus of things.

I think that as he’s tried to go deeper on the golf itself, he’s become less compelling. I honestly don’t get much out of him playing courses in Scotland, a lot of people with Youtube channels can do it just as well. Also what happened to the paleo cookies?

Does anyone else share this observation?


I like most of his stuff, though there are some misses for me in there. What I’ve noticed is that he and Colt will maybe track why people play golf vs. other places track what we like about golf, if that makes sense? His content can bend more towards the philosophical, which can maybe leave some people with wanting more entertainment out of it. I’ll consume 99% of NLU content because that’s what I consistently enjoy the most, but I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with enjoying 85% of EAL content. Same goes for a channel like Golfholics. I don’t mind it sometimes, and other times I get very tired of hearing them break down every shot they have. All this is to say keep up the consistently great work NLU!



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I really enjoy what he does its a bit different but i can’t stand is sidekick Colt why is he even there , he just reminds me of virgil tracy from thunderbirds . Image result for Virgil Tracy


He’s his assistant. Does additional camera work, editing, help, etc.


waiting for someone to hate on his little dog


Say what you will about Erik, but he was great in Game of Thrones.


I want to know who picks his dog shit up ?

I don’t mind him but I don’t think there’s enough golf in some of his content, if that makes sense ?

The Mura episode and the Indian slums golf were brilliant.

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Maaaan i hated back them we he was all about those damn cookies, eating close to the mic jeeeez.

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Agree on the friking dog. Fucking snowball. How can someone buy a “Snowball Golf Club” hat for the love of god.

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I do enjoy some of EALs youtube videos because he is more likely to explore and play golf in some exotic locations which NLU wouldn’t necessarily. However his downfall is that he tries too hard, for example the episode where he plays bethpage black with an ANGC logo ball makes me sick. What was to be gained by that? That ball would be the centerpiece of my collection of golf balls, but he loses it on the 3rd hole… which is just disgraceful.

I think what it comes down to is that most of us on here relate to the NLU guys since they seem like the down to earth guys we would normally play with. However if EAL showed up at my homecourse, I’d think he was a tool instagram golfer that has his parents money and connections to play awesome courses that he doesnt have the game to play! (P.s. not that I know if EAL is actually like that at all but that is the vibe his appearance gives off)


Very hit and miss. Some good content, some just a bit boring and no real substance. Too cool for school, can’t relate

I really enjoy his videos and think he offers a different side of golf outside of what most golfers are accustomed to. He and his team seem to put a lot of effort into filming all over the world and producing a product that is definitely unique to golf.

The podcasts are pretty cool too with the Charley Hoffman one being an all-timer. The Alfonso Ribeiro interview was significantly better than I expected.

Overall good stuff, and the more golf content the better!