The EAL Thread (Augusta National Total Landscaping)

I think the fact you have a collection of golf balls separates you from the EAL life plan.

Life is for living. If you spend all your money, do something to earn more. If your friends no longer share your interests, make new friends. If you lose a golf ball, get another one.

Sure, it’s not for everyone. But at the end of the day, the guy took up golf at age 30 and is now making a living travelling around, playing golf and interacting with dozens of like minded people every week.


I havent followed any of his work other than adventures in golf. I thought the first two seasons were much better and far more interesting than his current season.

I enjoy EAL but not quite in same league as NLU chaps. It seems a shame that same courses are coming out now from EAL as TS2 ? Coincidence or not? I love NLU, but boys need to take care, at some point formula will need to develop, so much talent though I’m sure they’ll master it. Would love to see them really push a minimalist setup as standard - 8 club max. I struggle with
a couple of the Americanisms, but that’s coz I’m not one. Love all the content chaps, thanks for making it :+1::golfing_man:


I enjoy EAL’s content for how different it is. Rarely do you hear him mention the clubs he’s playing or some sponsor. EAL and NLU both promote, to me, a just get out, play, enjoy the course and your playing mates message. Others may try to do the same but these are the only two groups successful in doing so.


I’ve met Erik and played with him a couple of times. Great guy with a great attitude. Pretty damn good swing too. As for content I think we are living in a fantastic time. Just in the last two years we have seen an explosion of great free content. NLU, fried egg, EAL - All the free pods, and websites and video - a veritable cornucopia for golf nerds. Especially great for those of us in the Northeast who need to scratch that itch in the winter months. The more the better (but you can keep the foreplay pod)


Exactly! Well said!! I can’t square why anyone would have any issues with the productions Erik or Andy Johnson or Shane Bacon, NLU so on and so forth are providing, For free! It’s such an easy win for us golfers!

I ran into Erik, Colt and others at Pinehurst Brewery a few months back and they couldn’t have been more welcoming. Totally doesn’t vibe with this idea that they’re “too cool for school”

I guess my thinking is I’ll enjoy and appreciate the content while I can.


This is an interesting post as I absolutely loved the first Adventures in golf series purely because it felt raw, wasn’t over produced and seemed to grow organically from the viewpoint of a guy who just loved the game. The last series was still good however it’s lost that individual touch and is now pretty much just the same as the other guys playing courses with drone footage thrown in.

I prefer NLU’s stuff, but I think EAL is good as well. Better than anything golf related on tv, except for (well done) live golf. I’d watch it over the Pebble Beach pro-am 7 days a week.


There is no doubt it is impressive that EAL has built a large following from his videos. I like many other people enjoy many of those videos and am not trying to shamelessly bash him here, these are just my thoughts about the content he has put out.

Thanks for the life advice, but if I have a golf ball from the members pro shop of the most famous and exclusive course on the planet I’m going to hold on to it. I’m sure most everyone on the planet and on this site would also keep the ball, which shows he’s out of touch with the regular person.

The fact that he carelessly loses a golf ball that is of clear sentimental and monetary value is the exact point I’m trying to make that his content seems a bit forced at times. This also adds to my argument that he also doesn’t appreciate the amazing courses he is so lucky to play!

This is a great amount of outrage over a golf ball. Well done.


How do you know it is to him?


one mans treasure is another mans trash.

Also remember the guy is an experienced film maker. He may well have another dozen Augusta balls.

However, like I said, I just don’t think he places great value on trinkets. He’d rather make memories and content, while also making a living.


I am making that assumption, since he was able to play ANGC and he would be able to connect that ball to that memory.

For the most part I enjoy EAL, but I can see how others might find him a bit much (there is a reason I stopped listening to his guest-free podcasts - too many inane rants and repeated shticks that weren’t funny the first time). Lately it seems like he is trying to find his footing in the golf world after all the attention AIG has brought him. He started out as the outsider - the guy who wanted to show you that golf could be played anywhere and by anyone - and lately he’s hanging with Michelle Wie in the Hamptons playing courses which costs half a million dollars to join. I’m just not sure he’s the best guy to tell that story.


He is way too much of a try-hard for my taste.

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I’ve never been less impressed with someone who tries to be so existential and profoundly insightful about the people and experiences of the game of golf. Everything seems forced to me.


He played Augusta, I’m sure he got more than one ball. Imagine the smile on the face of the guy who found it.

I’m really liking a lot of his vlogs, more so than AIG. His latest Scotland episode sits alongside the NLU Cruden Bay one as one of my favourite golf videos. Personally I’m not a fan of his celeb podcasts, so I just don’t listen to them.

He looks like he’s having fun doing his thing, and I like following along.


“My guy”


This is where I had to hit stop/delete within 15 minutes of listening to the Augusta one.

The thoughts…the smell…the feeling in the air…the decades of history…the game…the fabric on the back of my thighs…i just…(sigh)…the air conditioning that Bobby Jones once sat in…the lore…kill me

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