The Dating Adventures of Blaire & "Annie" - Ep 5: Modified Stroke Play

Met this pretty cool chick via Hinge a couple weeks ago and we’ve hit it off. I didn’t realize when we matched that she played college golf and was actually pretty damn good. She’s currently playing mini-tours trying to get status on Symetra.

She’s a golf junkie and we’ve talked a lot of golf the past week or so. We’ve actually bonded over a ton of NLU content as she’s just finished all of the Tourist Sauce seasons the other day. I really enjoy it and honestly I think it’d be awesome to have a partner who could play with me and has that competitive edge. She gets “it”. The obsession I have with the game so that’s a big plus.

Our first date is tomorrow on tee at 7:55 AM. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m a 5.4 HDCP at the moment and her stroke average is around 74 (citing stats from college).

What’s some etiquette boys? Do I try to shake her down for some cash? Play a Nassau? I’m fully expecting her to kick my ass which is completely fine. Lmfao. Anyone else have this experience? Looking forward to your thoughts.


Whatever you do, don’t try giving her any tips


I think you owe it to everyone to live blog/thread the date.


Except for how to waggle


Recap after maybe.

I would say play for lunch/drinks after the round


Does she read the refuge?


I went on one date with a girl who was into golf and we spent the entire time talking about golf and it wasn’t sexy at all. It kind of just made for a boring time. So it might be very easy to talk about golf but be careful you don’t end up with another golf buddy.


If you don’t pull one of these moves then what are we even doing here:

Kidding, of course, but in my very unprofessional opinion would think it’ll be important to make sure it stays a “date” and not “a round of golf.” Wouldn’t take anything serious regarding your round, and hopefully she’s of the same mindset. Got my post in before reading @thesaxemachine, but yeah, that.

On second thought, and I don’t know how exactly it would work, but instead of playing against each other try to find a format where you’re on the same “team” working with each other. Don’t know exactly what that is, but anything to build chemistry = good, and if it becomes competitive at least you’re both working toward the same goal rather than her beating the sh*t out of you and you feeling bad about it (based on her skills it sounds like it wouldn’t be the other way around).


Show up with iron covers to see if its real or not


Assuming you’ll be going in full, sponsored scripting with a staff bag. Otherwise she might not know you’re REALLY into golf.


She does not. She’s still pretty new to the NLU stuff. Lol

I recommend speaking only like various refugees that posted most recently in this thread.


This objectively seems like a terrible idea to develop an attraction to someone but I’m curious how it goes.

I’d just bet 19th hole drinks on match play straight up (you are going to lose).


My Strata staff bag is ready to go.

Be careful, I had a first date on the golf course once and ended up marrying the woman 4 years later.

For your sake I hope you aren’t paired with anyone else. Can keep it super casual with the conversation and not worry about the other group members. If it’s clearly a date, talk about anything but golf. Like @thesaxemachine said, otherwise she’s gonna feel like a golf buddy.

EDIT: Also would advise against making a match out of it, keep it fun. If she insists, you can say she’ll have to wait for the 2nd date to take your money.


I am a little worried about this but we’ll see! What attracted me to her is that we talked golf tbh. We’ll see if that luster wears off.

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If you play like shit, make sure you complain and sulk around and keep reiterating that you’re usually better than this or say things like “I NEVER hook, this is so weird” or she won’t think you’re really good.


Well this is a given. You’d think I’d deviate from my usual antics to impress her? Fat chance.

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Pics or it didnt happen

Unconfirmed sources tell me @davidc is deep in the golf date scene…