The COVID-19 Thread - Day 7 of Social Distancing: The Race to 10k

Back to Market advice!!

at what point would anyone consider a position in XOP? (OG ETF)

Back to regularly scheduled programming about COVID-19.
We have a trip planned to Bandon in early April…they sent a letter today about the precautions they are taking. Wonder if they’ve had cancellations?


I wouldn’t cancel a trip to Bandon even if it was during a zombie apocalypse.


I got emails from at least 2 airlines this morning describing their disinfection protocols in detail


It did dawn on me a couple days later that I never sent you my address… I dismissed it as Secret Santa related and not something more nefarious… which it clearly was… right? Ha. RIGHT?!?

Seriously tho, deece socks… The logos do look a little stretched out on my Mickle-calves.


I heard viruses hate heat and humidity, so this event will be a safe haven:


Oh, I 100% agree. Not a chance I will cancel that trip.

But, something prompted that email. I have another trip planned to San Jose in two weeks and have not heard a thing from the places we are visiting.

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I called them on Friday and they were essentially booked until Halloween so if they’ve seen cancellations … it’s recent.

I suspect this is just PR

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@paul, how relateable?

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Wasn’t this the cheat code for invincibility in Doom?


Yeah man, my uncle got in a car accident in 2017 and we didn’t realize until 2019 that he had passed that on to both his sons AND both his parents. My uncles car accident wasn’t fatal but both his parents died because of the car accident he passed on in 2017.


That’s rough. Was the car accident genetic?


It was viral but the incubation period was 2 years, the doctors said if it spread outside our small town, they would have to report it to the CDC. Luckily, it seems to have stopped spreading, I would hate for another family to go through what we did.


And so someone could be right.

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Father and sister definitely acted foolishly but for the record, it’s being reported as self-quarantine order was given while test was still pending. They left for the dance on Saturday evening, and found out AT THE DANCE the test came back positive and apparently left the dance immediately upon hearing that news

To be fair, that’s still incredibly selfish and a perfect example of the absolute wrong thing to do.

I just saw today that Israel is enacting a 14-day quarantine for all international visitors.

Seems suboptimal that I have a trip scheduled to Israel at the end of this month that will last exactly 14 days. So what am I supposed to do, go there and stay in a hotel without going out, then head back to the US?

I wonder if I can use that declaration to get my airfare back from Turkish Airlines?

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A friend of mine in St Louis just texted me that Bayer/Monsanto is shut down indefinitely. Her husband and dad work there, and apparently so did this guy who broke quarantine.