The Course at Yale Reopening

A buck club that might actually happen? :grimacing:

Interesting article…really enjoyed the AD that has been in the job for two years essentially playing the “it’s not my fault, I’m still kinda new” card.

Yale was a slave trader. Shutter the University and give me the golf course.


Playing Yale Tomorrow at 9:40 am… Will report back with pictures and maybe a video.


Bathrooms at Yale Golf Course


Mind posting a pic of 9th green when you get the chance? I know it’s closed but some crazy rumors going around about that green specifically.

What are these rumors?

Video using TGC 2019 combined with photos of Yale GC from today’s round. Shout out to Patty and Bob (in many of the pics), two would be members. Made for a weird round. I was on cloud 9 being able to play Yale while they were seeing what has become of what they used to have.

Please just press mute I chose poor music


Pic is at end of video I’ll post full size as well

You play 10-8 While they work on space to left of #9

Also blocked off so couldn’t get down to it
@Robenco15 can you snag a better pic before you leave?

Thank you for your service. An absolute shame that the university has let a historical course like this get into that condition.

There are 126 colleges that own and operate golf courses, but none of them (maybe?) are as historic and important as Yale golf club.

It’s beyond rational belief that Yale let it get in this position on purpose. While everyone else was maintaining golf courses, they chose this.


Saw this after I left. Best I got. Green looked ok. Closed due to the dam construction on the left.

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Also, Yale is SO good. Going to try to play it once a week until it gets too cold to play. Loved every minute of it regardless of the just ok condition.


Great design beats great conditioning every time.

Great design WITH great conditioning? Legendary.



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I’m wondering if they open it up to the country, but you need a CT resident to play with you.

At least they gotta keep it open to CT residents. If not, I’ll be hitting you up more than you’d appreciate,lol

Just read through this, it says the greens hadn’t been aerated in 10 years?! That sounds so ridiculous that I’m having a hard time believing it

Glad to see it reopen, hoping to take a day trip from Long Island and get out there eventually

Wonder if this guy was the group behind me Monday. Group behind me had cameras and a drone going. Maybe just another golf blogger. Either way these pictures do a good job of showing what the conditions look like. Not great, but absolutely playable.

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Did the former super retire or move somewhere else? I cannot believe that any super who has held the job longer than 30 seconds would let a course go for an extended period without aerification. Hopefully this new guy gets it right

former super went to a club in Farmington CT …I too don’t believe they hadn’t been aerated in 10 years…the greens were actually in better shape than the rest of the course pre covid SD.