The Course at Yale Reopening

Did Yale die so that Indiana can live??? Is this where they got the additional space to get to 8000 yards?? Any comment @auribe14?


Not sure what to say to that other than what is happening with the Yale Golf Course it not cool.


I think that it is being treated like the rest of the university, which remains closed.


So frustrating. You can’t afford to pay for upkeep with a $30B endowment? Cool, just make it a public track this year and the greens fees will easily cover the cost.


One of my best friends goes to Yale and he says everything associated with the university is closed due to covid. He wasn’t surprised at all when I mentioned it being closed to him

Purdue and IU campuses are completely closed, but the 3 golf courses that are attached to the campuses are open…

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The new Pfau Course at IU is open, but the clubhouse, as, technically, a university owned building, remains closed.

Stopped by the Pfau Course last week to take a look around and it looks really nice and unbelievably difficult. Night and day from the old course, which may as well have been a bad muni.

Just super curious - how the F do you pronounce this?

Presumably to play it you need to give a little bit of heart and soul?

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Pronounced “Fow”. Ned Pfau, the namesake, is a massive donor to IU athletics and is tight with Fuzzy Zoeller, hence why Fuzzy got a design credit. Not sure how involved, if at all, he was with the design.

Bingo. I’ve spent about two hours with Steve Smyers, over two occasions, and he has never mentioned Fuzzy once…

Did… Did the Refuge save Yale?


It’s a crime what they’ve done to that course. Could have been bringing in revenue for the school this entire time

I thiiiiink those photos got pushed out into the golf world by the MacRaynor IG page, but no idea if the person who took the photos is on here

Don’t think a few greens fees will make a dent in their bottom line.


Anyone want to take on this project?

Really is an interesting opportunity to move this place more to the forefront.

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The CT state fourball was scheduled to be at Yale until a week or so ago.

Can we do a Step Brother’s scenario where the entire refuge applies for the GM position? We can workshop, vote on, and execute plans in a single thread. Push out action items to our employees on site?