The CLC Matchplay - Season 3 is LIVE. Group Stage until July 1

Pod 4 -SC 1 action continued today, with @BarnacleRob taking on @jtshelley42 at CC of Lexington. @Paden and @dbart presiding. Let’s go launch ‘em

Hole 1 par 5

R lands in left rough, J hits into the right rough. J skips his 2nd into the pond. R lands his 2nd 50 yards short of the green. J hits his 4th pin high left. R’s third is just long. Chipping and putting ensues. R comes out on top with a bogey R + 1

Hole 2 par 3

Both R and J roll off the front

R rolls his in for birdie, J’s 2nd lands a little short. R +2

Hole 3 Par 4

Both tee balls land within a foot of eachother jusst right of the fairway

R goes hole high right

J lands short and hits his 3rd over the green

R chips to a foot for a gimme par, J’s chip rolls past the hole, R +3

Hole 4 Par 3

R shanks his tee ball right

J overshoots the green but chips it to 10 ft. R ping pongs it back and forth and concedes

J takes one. R +2

Hole 5 par 4

J nukes one down the middle, R slices into trouble.

J puts his second to 40 ft. R slings a draw into a tree and lands 40 yards short. R’s 3rd is short of the green and rolls 40 yards back down a large, mean spirited hill. J 2 putts for the win, R +1

Hole 6 Par 4

R and J make the fairway

R hits his second to 15 ft, J lands in the left bunker. J puts his 3rd 25’ past the pin and misses the putt. R 2 putts for par, R +2

Hole 7 par 5

R blasts driver down the middle,

J out drives him with a nuked 3 wood.

Both players make the green in reg, both are above the hole by about 15 feet. J runs his 1st putt past the hole, R makes bird, R +3

Hole 8 par 4

Both players make par, R +3

Hole 9 par 4

R pulls his drive left, J pushes his drive right. R slings a 5 iron to the front of the green, J lands his approach pin high right. Both hit their 3rd 15-20’ short. R leaves his par putt short, J makes a great putt for par, R + 2

Hole 10 par 4

Both drives find the fairway, J hits his approach to 15’, R sculls a penalty 50 yards past the green. Yikes. R fumbles around while J makes par. R +1

Hole 11 par 3

J nukes his tee ball left into the snake pit :snake:. R hits a draw short. R wins with a bogey, R + 2

Hole 12 par 4

R hits 3 wood down the middle, J drives his into the right trees. R lands his approach 15’ short of the hole. J recovers well, but can’t save the par. R 2 putts for par, R +3

Hole 13 par 4

Both players slice into the right trees. Both take a couple swings to get to the green, but each have a 5-6 ft par putt. Both make deserved bogies. R + 3

Hole 14 par 4

R hits one down the middle, J’s tee ball goes right into the hazard. Hitting 3, J nukes one 190 onto the green into very makeable range. R’s approach is pin high right. R leaves his 3rd 5’ short. Both players miss their putts for par. Hole is halved. R + 3

Hole 15 par 5

Both R and J make the fairway. Both lay up in front of the creek (gasp). J hits his ball pin high. R cranks a wedge 20 yards left of the green then puts his 4th to 15’. J misses his bird, but makes par. R sinks his par putt. R is +3 with 3 to play.

Hole 16 par 4

R’s drive lands in the right rough. J slices his drive right of 17th tee. R leaves his approach 20 yards short. J puts his approach onto the green and two putts for par. R has a 6’ putt to clinch it and leaves it a dimple short. J wins the hole. R +2

Hole 17 par 3

J hits a strong tee shot 5 yards left of the green, but pin high. R hits his ball to 25 feet. J’s chip hits the pin, nearly goes in, but strays to 5 feet. R doesn’t play nearly enough break and leaves his putt 5’ away. Both players make their putts. R wins 2 and 1.

Great match, great company, and several moments of brilliance to keep us coming back.


concurring in part, dissenting in part. this recap overlooks the wonderful day @Paden amd I had watching this whole match take place (some fairly decent shots between us). Cheers!!


Some quick recaps of Bandon Pod 2 from my end.

Myself vs @jsteve15 took place on the Preserve during our arrival day. 3 club challenge, and I believe we both opted with 8 iron, wedge, putter. Based on typical caps for an 18 holer, I would have probably gotten 2 strokes. We instead opted for one call back shot which was perfectly executed on an 8ish foot par putt that lipped out on the second try on hole 9. I proceeded to go 1 up into hole 12 and capped off the 2&1 victory with a par.

@FAB7115 vs myself took place in the afternoon at Sheep Ranch with me getting 7 strokes. A bit of a back and forth front 9 gave way when I popped on 4 of 5 holes from hole 8 to 12. A 3 up lead was grabbed here that I held leading into the 15th. And that’s when @FAB7115 and his beautiful pink pants swept the win out from under me winning holes 15, 17, and 18 to end it in a tie.

Myself vs @tdaly took place on Old Mac. Conditties were not great, coupled with A LOT of wine the night before, and that led to a lot of net 6s beating 7s while cold and wet. A 1up lead was grabbed on the 15th hole (an actual par at least) and then closed out on the 17th for the 2&1 win.

All in all, was a blast to bring the CLC match play to the Oregon coast. With the 2-0-1 record we are looking forward to the knockout rounds!


On the flip side, my Carolina match play record continues to be absolutely terrible. Despite playing decent golf throughout the trip (including a +4 to quota, without a birdie, on Trails) I played underwhelming golf vs everyone else.

What Cory failed to mention is that I lost about as many balls on Preserve as I did the rest of the week.

@FAB7115 took me to task early on Old Mac. Somehow dodged bullets to be “only” 3 down at the turn after a pair of missed 3-4 ft birdies from my colorful competitor. 3 straight 3 putts on 15-17 put an end to any potential comeback and he won 2&1.

Coming off a hot 79 on Bandon Dunes in the morning, @tdaly may have been heard griping on the Shuttle over to Sheep about “having to play me while I’m hot”. After hitting the infinity green and proceeding to putt it off of said infinity green I knew I was in for a rough day. Tiny Tim cruised to a 2&1 victory where I was uncompetitive and never really a threat.

@knewt, his brother, and I take it as a point of pride that we were the only ones to not skip any golf (175 holes in 5 days!) Great trip, and you’re welcome for the free points Bandon Pod 2!


Cite your sources! Bad journalism! I recall saying something to the affect of “I know to play Jeff in the afternoons because his tee ball never holds up on a second 18”

Only match of Bandon Pod 2 not covered above was me vs @FAB7115 on Bandon Dunes Sunday afternoon. Fred was giving me 14 shots - we tied gross thru 9 with 41’s and I was 5UP, after draining a birdie putt from off the green left of 9. At that point it was inevitable and I closed him out 5&3 on the back, a thorough ass beating.


Under no circumstances can you claim to have delivered a

when you are getting 14 strokes.


Those were Frank’s Fred’s words, not mine :man_shrugging:

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Pod 4 action continued today with @MrRyPenn taking on @BarnacleRob at THE Santee National Golf Club, located in misty, gloomy (at least today, I am sure it is a fine place) Santee, SC. @dbart once again presided over the match, though spent much of his time shaking his head at how neither competitor apparently wanted to win. I will spare you the shot by shot because frankly, I am exhausted.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we had ourselves an exhaustive pillow fight. Ryan immediately went 2 up, and then Rob fought back to make it even after 9. Rob then went 2 up and then couldn’t hold on. There were birdies and doubles, and even a couple snowmen (on the same hole, fortunately). We had a great time otherwise chipping, slicing, chunking, and otherwise bungling our way to an 18 hole TIE. While wet from this weekends deluge, Santee was a decent track with plenty of interesting holes, and the greens rolled nicely. 4 stars.