The CLC Matchplay - Season 3 is LIVE. Group Stage until July 1

We’re counting on the #perspective, the #momentum and also counting on getting all the matches in before July


I didn’t set the pods! Just gotta play the person in front of you. I’ll buy you a beer after my win :beers:

Hot dog water vibes

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the BEST public golf. Looking forward to it! #GoDeacs


I love this is your first post in 2 years.


Am I right or what, though!? Hard pressed to spend $50+ on some epic tracks…
Reynolds Park (vibe city)
Bryan Park
The Cardinal
Holly Ridge
Oak Hollow
Forest Oaks
Salem Glen, Oak Valley, Meadowlands… the list never stops.


As someone who stays on the eastern side of the state, I am absolutely blown away by the amount of quality, affordable golf courses in the Triad. I go up to Greensboro off & on every Summer with my BIL for the State Coaching Clinic. The green for said golf courses are unbelievable. It cannot be beat for the money…


You left off Jimmytown, but thats ok. Ill be happy to show you around during our match.

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As a self-proclaimed muni lover… will you forgive me, Stretch? Jamestown Park is AWESOME. The back in particular is so fun.


You have totally redeemed yourself. Thank you and Godspeed.

I had forgotten about that reference, great pull.

Hey @Swing_hard_and_hope - I am fairly confident I submitted my form for this but don’t see my name anywhere. Is there any room left?

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Reminder to those outstanding to pay the $25 entrance fee.

@MrRyPenn MrRyPenn
Ty Cooper?


@MrRyPenn you are the last person I am waiting on here.

Sent! Sorry!

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WE ARE LIVE the 2023 CLC Matchplay is officially on!

70 competitors across 16 pods will compete over the coming months. The expectation is that by July 1 you will have played each person in your pod.


  1. Update the [tracker] one person in your pod will need to create a new tab on the bottom to track your pod. (2023 CLC Matchplay Tracker - Google Sheets)
  2. Play your matches! Set up a match and battle it out.
  3. Provide a writeup, its more fun when you come back in here and share what happened in the match, this can be quick or detailed, but always good to see.

The Play

  • Full handicaps will be used
  • Competitors can choose which tee they would like to play from during competition, but we all know it makes it a little better if both competitors play from the same tee
  • During the group stage the competition can be ended in a tie. Please see “The Points” section for more information.

The Points

Group Stage

  • Winning your match = 3 points
  • Tie match after 18 = 1.5 to each competitor
    • The competitors can agree BEFORE their match to a “tiebreak”. This can be anything i.e. one additional hole, putting competition, flip of a tee, etc. (feel free to get creative)
    • IF this occurs winner of the “tiebreak” will get 2 points, 1 point for the loser
  • Lost match = 0 points
  • Match not conducted in the timeframe = .5 point per competitor

Knockout Stage

  • In the round of 32 those who won their pod will only face competitors who finished second in their pod to advance. The pod winners will start with a .5 hole lead on the day. This means that if the day ends in a tie, or the match is not able to be scheduled in the timeframe the higher seed will advance.
  • The round of 16 will no longer give competitors an advantage and will be a simple 18 hole match to determine the winner. This can not end in a tie, but is on the competitors to determine their “tiebreak” before the round. If you can not make your match happen in the 3 weeks we will work together to come up with a plan.
  • Elite 8, and final 4 details will be shared as we get closer to those times.

The Guidelines

  • You are asked to notify this thread when your match has been scheduled and occurred. Pictures, stories, and details are encouraged.
  • A suggestion to schedule your match, go with the “3 and 1 approach.” One competitor can offer three options of courses. The other competitor can narrow it down to the course of choice. This way both sides are happy with no one gaining a significant advantage.
  • You are required to notify the group of the result in order to update the tracker linked above
  • In case of a tiebreak on points please notify the result of the match when submitting - for example DBD 1UP over RUDoubleD
  • If you are unable to schedule you match in the given timeframe you will be awarded a “tie” as the result.
  • Play the ball down, unless conditions force otherwise and agreed upon by both competitors
  • Being matchplay, you can concede a hole at any time. Pump a couple OB you can tell your competitor the hole is theirs and move to the next hole.
  • Also do not scoop a putt up until your competitor has let you know it is good, we don’t want any Kuchar v. Sergio situations out there.
  • And of course, when in doubt, don’t be scummy.

To kick off pod 13 play @Jeff_M and I will be battling at Mimosa Hills tomorrow during the QCH Mimosa Madness event.

I believe this will be the first time either of us will be playing this Ross gem.


Play well gents!