The CLC Matchplay - Season 3 is LIVE. Group Stage until July 1

@Taffy took on both me and @Jeff_M at the Cardinal in pod 11 play. Taffy handled his business winning both matches. I believe he beat Jeff 4 and 3 and he took me out 2 up. He put an explanation point on the round with a bird on 18.

It was a great day. The Cardinal by Pete Dye is not an easy track and there is a ton of thinking that has to happen to make you way around. Taffy’s ball striking, especially his iron play, is what won the day.


Took on the @Thesandman today before he gets hitched tomorrow. Did I set myself up to look like a bad guy if I won?

Great match where we both played some of our best golf in awhile. I believe @Thesandman hit 11/14 fairways, and if you’ve played with him that’s one of his better showings. Thought he had me after losing the 15th and going 2 down, but I won the 16th and pushed the 17th to keep myself alive. He finished up for a bogey on 18 (getting a stroke) and I had a tough breaking 10 foot birdie putt to go to extras which I did not make. @Thesandman took the match 1up and is currently leading Pod 2.

@wiscojenks and I will be getting in our second match during the QC Hive event next weekend at Cabarrus.


There is certainly a blessing that comes with having a PN/SP/MP member in your Pod, so yesterday AM at 7:45 I got out with @CrucialTaunt for our second match. First was Pine Needles, this time Mid Pines. @e.cadwell57 and @ColoniusFunk were there as witness and for some @FirstFlight fun!

I played it all the way back to help the stroke differential so was giving up 13 to @CrucialTaunt.

Hole 1: We both start out right down the middle on the tee shots, time for battle… I find the green and 2 putt. Mike finds a bunker and ends up with double. SHAH 1Up

Hole 2: One of the toughest out there, and Mike doesn’t get a stroke here, so I’m feeling comfy. Tee shot finds the front of the green and rolls back halfway down the hill. Mike pulls one left towards 3 tee box. Still feeling great… Then @CrucialTaunt pulls off a SICK shot when I can barely even see his head from where he is playing from. We both had putts for par that miss. Bogeys push. SHAH 1Up

Hole 3: Mikes ball inexplicably disappears left off the tee. I miss my 3ish footer for birdie. SHAH 2UP

Hole 4: Tee shots were less than ideal here. I was lucky to scramble it around for a par. Mike ended up with double. SHAH 3up

Hole 5: Our paths diverged hard off the tee. I found the left trees, Mike found the right trees. I was able to clean it up for par. The wet ground down by the pond got Mike. SHAH 4 up

It was at this point @CrucialTaunt says “That’s 4 down right? You might Ames me”… Narrator “That would not be the case”

Hole 6: Great drives by all four of us to be honest. Mike’s second went a little right, but he was able to recover great, I think got up and down from about 50 yards out to make a par. I got close in 2, but my chip wasn’t nearly good enough so I walked out with par as well. SHAH 3Up

Hole 7: Fairway bunker for Mike. Down the middle for me. The pin was up on the middle left in this area we had no business going after. I got too greedy with my wedge and missed long. Both on in 3 and 2 putt. SHAH 2up

Hole 8: The other hole where Mike does NOT stroke on the front. We both find the green with our tee shots. Both 2 putt. SHAH 2up

Hole 9: Next to each other in position A off the tee shot. 115 or so left, all the green in the world. I go first and flair it. End up fried egg in the bunker. Mike goes long. Both scrounge out some Bogeys. Making the turn SHAH 1up… Very far from Ames territory.

Hole 10: we both would end up in the right side native area, I got out a little better and ended up with par. SHAH 2up

Hole 11: No stroke on this one. I came up just short on another par 3. Mike right away says “I always pull it left over there”. Well if thats the case he should do it more often. Up and down from the sand packed cart path for Mike. SHAH 1Up

Hole 12. Stop me if you heard this before. Im in the left trees, mike is in the right. Luckily for me I have a lot of practice punching out. I got up and down from about 50 yards for par. Mike’s punch out got stopped by a tree and then he nearly made it from about 20 yards out off the back of the green to push the hole. SHAH 2up

Hole 13. Long par 3 and the great par 3 performance from Mike continues. I got up and down from the sand. Mike with the bogey. Push and move on. SHAH 2up

Hole 14. Non stroke hole. Hand up, its on me for talking about how I can never navigate this hole. 3 putt bogey from me, and great bogey from the front of the green for Mike. SHAH 2up with 4 to play.

Hole 15. Separate adventures to find the green had us both about 70-80 yards out from the right side lying the same (net). Mike gets it on, which adds some pressure, I end up long of the green and frustrated. The pin was in a very tough spot and I was lucky to get up and down for par, while Mike came away with double. SHAH 3Up

Hole 16. One of my favorite tee shots in golf. I went first and found the fairway. Mike flaired it right, but we found it in the thick stuff. The punch didn’t quite make it out and he found himself fighting a tree for the next shot. I made a side winder for birdie from about 20 feet to close down the match. SHAH 4&2…

For those keeping track at home I was 4 over thru 16. Don’t worry I made bogey from position A on both 17 and 18.

As always was a joy to get out with @CrucialTaunt we had the second tee time of the day, barely ever saw another group and played in about 3hours in 40 minutes on a Saturday AM in prime conditions. What more could you ask for?


Pod 7 finally got into action today, with me and @e.cadwell57 squaring off for a match at Hyland (Blue Tees). Witnessed by @yungbunzz and @NCLeft. Ed gets 8 strokes on Harpo (* = his pops). Here we go:

Hole 1. Ed drives to left fairway bunker. Harpo in right trees, Harpo 4I punch off pine straw to back bunker. Ed into srcub grass trouble long and right. Harpo’s 5 is good enough. I’m 1UP.

*Hole 2: Both of us in decent shape in right center of fairway. Both of us flub the approach and make a real mess of things. Ed’s 6 for 5 pushes my 5. I’m 1UP.

Hole 3. 185 to back center pin. Ed to front left bunker. His recovery doesn’t get up that brutal ridge. My tee shot to the right fringe left me a cozy 3. I’m 2 UP.

*Hole 4. Front right pin. Ed with a lovely 4 for 3 to my bogey. I’m 1UP.

*Hole 5. Strong headwind makes this a tough test off the tee. Ed to gaping bunker. My slice to right scrub leaves me 200 out. I leave it short and right. I have 35 yards from hardpan, which I scream over the green from there. Ed scrambles for a 5 for 4, which bests my 5. AS

Hole 6. Somehow the wind is still in our face. 165 to pin just over the gaping bunker. Ed pulls his way left, and he makes a courageous chip from 50y away that nearly goes in, but leaves him 10 feet. He makes four to my par from 12 feet. I’m 1UP.

Hole 7. Ed’s natural 4 bests my par straight up. Back to AS.

Hole 8. Pillow fight and my hardpan nightmare. Ed’s 5 bests my double. Ed 1UP.

*Hole 9. The pillow fight continues, as does my hardpan nightmare. His 6 for 5 bests my 6. Ed is 2UP at the turn.

Hole 10. Center pin is 165y away. Ed flares his right of the greenside bunker. He has a nice recovery to 6 feet or so, but I drop a birdie 2 on him. Ed still 1 UP.

Hole 11. I was in so much trouble here making 5 from a ditch left that I have no idea how Ed made his 5 from the right side. Best just to yadda yadda here and head to everyone’s favorite 12th. Ed still 1 UP.

*Hole 12. Ed is in right fairway. I hit it left and just miss the ridge to bring it back in the fairway, so more hardpan for me. Yadda yadda, pillow fight, nice putt, yadda yadda. His 7 for 6 matched my 6. Ed still 1 UP.

Hole 13. Back center pin is 194 away. Ed is short and right, hits up to back left fringe. I drain a long one from the back tier for birdie. Back to AS (and -2 on par threes today for me; notable, given my putting woes of late).

*Hole 14. Coming off a thrilling birdie, I give the crowd an exhilarating PBFU topped drive to left crud 75 yards left. Ed to left trees. I need 3 shots to get on from there, and drain another long one for a 5. Ed runs into short game issues on that brutal green. My 5 is good enough. I am UP.

*Hole 15. Another pillow fight, with both of us shut out in the trees right. A few punches, approaches, and putts later, his 5 for 4 bests my bogey. Back to AS.

Hole 16. Two shaky drives for me in a row has me pulling 3W instead of driver to this gettable short par four. My tee shot leaves me 100 into the wind. Approach to 10 feet and a putt gives me my third birdie of the side, and bests Ed’s 5. I am 1UP.

*Hole 17. Ed goes in to the right bunker. After his recovery, he hits a lovely shot to 12 feet past the hole. I only have 190 to go with my good drive, but I flub and foozle it in from there. Pin was a clown’s nose for all of us. His 6 for 5 bests my 6. Back to AS heading to 18.

Hole 18. Ed tees off to around 150, but his approach goes long. I tee off to around 100, and smooth it into around 12 feet. Ed makes a valiant effort at an up/down, but my 2-putt par was enough to his 5. I win 1UP.

It was a nice back and forth contest with plenty of good shots, bad shots, laughs and class to spare.


You forgot to mention that I drilled the 150 stake off the tee in the air with the persimmon driver.


This was amazing. I’m still in disbelief


Crispy Pod 6 action today between @yungbunzz and I at Hyland in the greater SP/Vass area.

After an inglorious start—doubles for both of us—I settled into a steady round and ground out a bunch of pars with a bogey here and there and a pair of birdies. Chris managed to find many, many opportunities to hit amazing recovery shots.

I eventually won 6 & 5, cracked a juicy IPA, and we enjoyed a great walk for the rest of the round.


Sandhills Pod 7 back in action today with me taking on @Fluff at Quail Ridge. With him from the black tees and me on the white, I get 6 strokes (*). [SPOILER: that wasn’t enough] . Away we go.

Hole 1: Fluff pulls his left of the fairway bunker. I am in perfect shape in the fairway. Both of our approaches leave us on the right fringe. Neither of us gets up and down, and a rare 3-jack from Fluff is an opening gift. I’m 1UP.

*Hole 2: The pin on this very mean green is center front. My weak 3 wood leaves me 165 from the right and I leave my approach in the bunker. He hits a wedge from the fairway to about 10 feet. I have a very nice up/down for a net 3. He misses his birdie. I’m 2UP.

Hole 3: Pin back left. I am short/center. He pulls his left. Neither gets up/down. We push with bogeys. I’m 2UP.

*Hole 4: You could just about put a blanket over our drives at the 200y pole. Both of us, however, flare our approaches right. Mine was worse, and deservedly had a bad lie in the scrub grass. I foozled it in from there, including my very rare bunker shot into the lip with a rebound into my nutsack. He makes birdie. I’m 1 UP.

Hole 5: My drive went left, his right. Both in play. I wedge it to 3 feet. He wedges to 2 feet. Push with birdies. (Much more fun than the hole before) I’m 1 UP.

Hole 6: His drive goes way left, and mine goes way right. Trouble, more trouble, foozles and flubs, etc. I win with a 6. I’m 2 UP.

Hole 7. Tempting, gettable pin right in the middle. He’s in the left bunker, while I leave mine short. He gets up/down, I don’t. I’m 1 UP.

Hole 8: Here begins some serious, incorrectable driver woes for me. I’m in left trees, take a drop and punch to 70 yards to some rooty hardpan on the right. He smokes a drive and puts his 2d in the left bunker. I hit my shot of the day to 3ft. He needs three more from there. We push with pars. I’m 1UP.

*Hole 9: My weak drives leaves me 180. He has far less. I pull my approach over the left bunker and need four more from there. His easy two-putt par beats my 6 for 5. AS.

Hole 10: Both of us flare it into right trees, leaving us punch shots from there. I am away. My punch is short on the apron. He’s on the green. I get up/down for par which was enough for a push. AS.

Hole 11. Pin is on left front. He misses left and I’m in the bunker. Neither gets up/down. Push with bogeys. AS.

Hole 12: He smokes his drive to like 150. I top mine left about 70 yards (maybe) just in bounds left. My punch, approach, sand shot and 2-putt couldn’t cover his par. I’m 1DN.

Hole 13. He finds the green but I am short and right. I hit a nice recovery to 6 feet but miss the putt. His par beats my bogey. I’m 2DN.

*Hole 14: Another flare right for me. He’s in good shape in the left side of the fairway. He clears the water and is left of the bunker. I have to take a drop and hit my third to near the right fringe for a straight-forward up/down. I don’t though, leaving me with a net par. Fluff has a rare fumble from there and makes a par himself. I’m 2DN.

Hole 15: 4I to the 150 pole for me, but in a divot. Pin is diabolically back right. I dig it out and have another good up/down chance, which I make. Fluff throws a dart to back pin but needs two more from there. Push with pars. I’m 2DN.

Hole 16: Driver troubles again for me, leaves me rattling the right trees. I punch out to about 135. He only has like 170 in, and find the green in two. My third finds the bunker, and though my next shot was good, it needed to go in to cover his birdie. He closes me out 3 and 2.

It was a lovely day out with a man who respects the game. The course was absolutely pristine and we had it all to ourselves.


We are 2.5 months into group stage and 2 months left to go. As a reminder make sure to get your matches in and log them in the tracker!

Good weather for some good golf to be had out there folks. Make it happen!


Pod 13 got things started on Saturday at Maple Chase in Winston-Salem with myself, @RDUgolfer and @rhoward playing our initial matches.

Light steady rain for most of the front nine was annoying but never had to break out the rain gloves or be worried about clubs slipping out of the hands.

We all finished 1-1

@Hawk over @RDUgolfer 2 and 1
@RDUgolfer over @rhoward 3 and 2
@rhoward over @Hawk 2 Up

I was 5 down to @rhoward after 11 and made a valiant effort to get it close but ran out of steam on 18.

Great day out there. The weather was perfect on the back 9 after it cleared up. Good times good people.


Pod 2 kept it going between @wiscojenks and myself during the QCH event at Cabarrus this past weekend.

Not a lot of movement through the front 9 with Damian holding a 1up lead at the turn. I caught a par streak and found myself 3 up through 14. A push on 15 put Damian dormie, and then he hit what I thought may be the shot of the day out of our group. With an overhanging branch to contend with, he hit a low flighted spinny wedge from 110 out that checked to about 10 feet and then drained the putt to win the hole. A wayward OB drive on 17th ended it and I came out with the 3&1 win.

Split our matches between eachother after he took me down previously at Mimosa. Pod 2 is going to be tight, no one running away with it.


I appreciate the host @wolfpack888! Cabarrus Country Club was a joy to play


Pod 16 continues as I headed out to Wakefield Plantation - @oldpatricksmith’s home track for a little action today. Two high powered Hokies were ready to do battle after our last match ended with matching birdies on 18 to half the match. Due to a recent run of some decent golf I was only getting 5 strokes against a man who LAST WEEK shot a 67 out here. Yes folks, a damn 67.

Let’s hop on in

Hole 1: We pushed with doubles… Both had an adventure to make that happen. Call it nerves, call it bad luck, call it what you want. Let’s move on. TIED

Hole 2: Tee shots were 3 yards from each other. Approaches about 10 feet from each other on the greens. 2 putts for par for both. TIED

Hole 3: Par 3, 195 uphill. @oldpatricksmith knows where to miss on the right side and has some soft hands. Easy up and down for him. 2 putt par from about 25 feet for me. TIED

Hole 4: A little more of the same. Fairway, green, 2 putt pars for both of these guys. Good golf is sometimes boring golf. TIED

Hole 5: SHAH with a stroke. @oldpatricksmith being the memeber knows the play. He hit less than driver off the tee, but left himself a decent way in. I tried to carve one down there because it looked doable to me… Well I got blocked out left while getting a stroke. Approaches are both off the green. One of us gets up and down… it was not me. TIED

Hole 6: A long and hard par 5. Took us both 3 good shots to make it on. @oldpatricksmith had about 20 feet. I had about 15. Neither make it. Move it on. TIED

Hole 7: Par 3 where we both find the green. @oldpatricksmith finds a little tougher spot on the green then I do (out of sheet luck for me). I was able to get out with the two putt. OPS drops one. SHAH 1UP.

Hole 8: SHAH with a stroke. I promptly gave that stroke back when my 3iron found the pine trees and I had to punch out. @oldpatricksmith popped up his hybrid and left himself a LONG way in. He comes up short with the approach. I hit a great wedge from 150 or so to put the pressure on. Soft hand comes through with a chip to about 2 feet. I miss the putt… 5 for 4. SHAH 1UP.

Hole 9: I scared the water with my tee shot. Then hit into the grandstands they are putting up right of the green on the approach. @oldpatricksmith did exactly what you would expect. Crushed driver, easy onto the green. 2 putt par. I can’t get up and down after my free relief. 5 for 4. We make the turn SHAH 1UP.

This is where I will hand over the reigns… we walk up the hill and @oldpatricksmith encourages a visit to the halfway house. I’ll let him bring the story home here on the thread, because spoiler alert, he brought it home out on the course.


Thank you, @Swing_hard_and_hope. As I pick up the story here, it is important to note that this day was a hot and sunny one. Niether of us were able to make a single birdie on the front side so something had to be done. I needed a shock to the system to keep my body moving through another 9 holes so we headed to the halfway house. A double Red Bull/vodka for me with @Swing_hard_and_hope following suit. This would turn the tide of the match…

Hole 10: Long par 4 with bunkers right. SHAH getting a stroke. We both hit our drives down the right side of the hole over the bunkers and are left with short irons in. SHAH finds the green within birdie range while I have a longer birdie putt. I miss, SHAH 2-putts to make 4 for 3. SHAH 2UP.

Hole 11: Par 3 down the hill about 190 yards and a back right pin. Both hit shots to about 20 feet above the hole. SHAH gives it a run and has 5 feet left while I just miss the birdie putt for a conceeded par. SHAH’s par putt brutally lips out. SHAH 1UP.

Hole 12: Short par 4 and both hit drives down the right side of the fairway. I hit it to 10ft and SHAH knocks one close to 8ft. I roll in the birdie putt and SHAH burns the edge. Match AS.

Hole 13: Long par 5 with a severely sloping fairway L to R. I carry the bunkers down the left side with a flat lie and about 230 in for my second shot. SHAH hits a high fly ball to center field but finds the fairway. SHAH hits an uncharacteristic 3 wood OB right for his second shot (Red Bull/Vodka showing its effects) and finsihes the hole in 7. I hit a hybrid into the right bunker and get up and down for birdie. OPS 1UP.

Hole 14: Short par 3 down the hill. I hit a pull off the tee and miss left, SHAH finds the green with about 20 ft left and a nasty putt. My pitch shot rolls out to 6 ft, SHAH rolls his birdie putt 5ft past. Both make the par putts. OPS 1UP.

Hole 15: SHAH gets his last shot. Long par 4 that moves down the hill on the tee shot with trouble left and back up the hill on the second shot. I hit hybrid off the tee in the fiarway leaving 165 yards in. SHAH pulls his driver slightly left where it rolls down the hill into trouble. I find the faiirway just short of the green where I get up and down for par, SHAH after punching out puts his 3rd shot on the back of the green leaving himself a nasty downhill double breaker where he cannot get down in 2. OPS 2UP.

Hole 16: Long par 4 back up the hill. I put my drive just right in a small spot of bother and SHAH smothers his Irish wind cheater short and in the left rough. It is from this spot where he hits the shot of the day to about 15 feet from well over 200 yards away. I have to punch out short of the green and my ball finds the big slope to the rough short left of the green. The pin is cut over a big bunker on the leeft side of the green. I hit a high pitch shot to 4 ft, SHAH 2 putts for par, I make my par. OPS Dormie 2.

Hole 17: Hole normally plays as a long par 4 from the blues, but a mutual decision was made to play from the up tees making it a drivable par 4 about 260 yards straight up the hill. I find the front of the green with my tee shot, SHAH’s tee shot moves just left off the green into a run off area. SHAH pitches to about 6 ft, and I putt my 50 footer to 5 feet. SHAH just misses and I convert the birdie. OPS wins 3&1.

(Garbage Time) Hole 18: SHAH finally recovers from the Red Bull/vodka I fed him and proceeds to blast a 340 yard drive down the hill, hits his second shot to the left fringe, gets up and down for his first birdie of the day.

A great match and a great time between 2 Hokies. @Swing_hard_and_hope continues to be a tough out and is a gamer.


Pod 1 had a 3-way match yesterday morning at Cabarrus Country Club. @wolfpack888 hosted as a neutral observer to @MileHighTransplant, @Pope12, and myself.

Shotgun start on the 7th hole - nothing like 6 iron par 3 to start the round off. Matches were tight all day, leads were exchanged, greens and pin locations remained tough.

Andrew made an unreal par save on #6, our 18th hole, from the trees on the right on a ball we thought might be lost - to push the hole and win his match 1UP on Ethan.

I was able to make a 4 net 3 on #6 to win 2UP on Andrew and 1UP on Ethan.

@AnOlGoatTrack and I had counted our round on Red at Streamsong as our second match - I had him dormie with 3 to play before he had to catch a flight. We’re chalking that up as a W for me and I get a little bit of revenge after the 9&7 thrashing I took at Rolling Hills earlier this year.


In addition to his responsibilities planning and running the Skyway Skirmish at Quail Ridge in Sanford on Saturday, @westerj12 agreed to a CLC Matchplay tangle with me. We also happened to be partners in the Skirmish. It was wild man.

Since the Skirmish was a shamble, we agreed to 2nd ball and in match. I’m giving four shots based on full handicaps. Forecast called for 95 degrees, holy shit it’s May, so we’re riding.

Funky all around.

Hole 1
Dogleg left, JW ropes a drive around the corner. So we play from about 35 yards, in the left sandy waste. JW catches his pitch a little thin, over the green. Then back across to the fringe. Two putts for five. I nip a nice one to 18 feet, two puts for par
AJ One up

Hole 2
Both hit good drives, we use mine (I hit D, he hit H). 100 yards in to an elevated, very undulating green, pin cut in a mini-punchbowl in the middle front. I end up short fringe, decent chip to 5 feet, which I ultimately make. Doesn’t matter, as JW is in the left fringe, and he rolls it in for a 3. He’s popping in our match, and the Skirmish so thats a 3 net 2 from my PARTNER!
All Square

Hole 3
160 yard par 3. JW ends up pin high left rough after his ball rolls out of worse trouble on the hill left. I catch the front right bunker. Swear to god there’s no sand in there, next ball FLIES. Short fringe next. Decent put down a steep hill, but it doesn’t to in. Double. JW’s chip rolls out to 18 feet, but two putts wins with bogey.
JW one up

Hole 4
Par 5, we take my drive, which if I must say, was PIPED, down the middle. JW approach is left in sand/path, I’m short right. JW hits a tasty pitch from the sand, two putts for a 5, but is popping so it’s a net bird (PARTNER!). I pitch up, two putt for par, which is insufficient.
JW two up

Hole 5
No good drives, I’m righter than JWs right. So we both have 100 yards, punching from under a tree. JW stays in the trees, then bunker, eventually a bogey. I’m short with my second, chip stays in the rough by an inch, but I make the putt from there to get one back.
JW one up

Hole 6
Shortish par 4, I hit another skanker, JW ropes a low one that goes far. We’re in the left rough, with a slightly concerning tree limb overhanging. But 95 yards makes it manageable. JW takes the sensible route, playing to 20 ft from the pin. Which frees me up to go right at it, which I manage to do - 6 ft. PARTNER! He two putts for par, I roll mine in for bird. Lot of blood out there!
All square

Hole 7
Par 3, downhill but into the wind, lots of discussion about what to hit. Nothing good comes of it. JW hooks one OB, then finds the bunker right. I find the bunker short. JW catches his bunker shot clean, OB again. Telling you, there’s no sand in there. I got mine out, then rolled in a 15 footer for par.
AJ one up

Hole 8
Par 5, reachable. I hit ANOTHER crappy one, JW hits it far, in the left rough. 200 or so to the flag. JW SLAMS a 6I to the green, call it 18 feet down the hole. I toe a 5I to the front fringe. From there, the bed was shat. 3 putts for JW, a loose chip from me, and we’re both out of there with disappointing pars. If there is such a think.
AJ one up

Hole 9
I hit a good drive, we have 125 in. I hit PW, but pull it to the left fringe. Decent putt 30 feet down the hill, then make the 5 footer coming back. JW is in front bunker, nice out but misses the putt. 4 for me, 5 for him. On the Skirmish side, we’re net -3 and feeling great about that.
AJ two up

Hole 10
Good drive finds the left side of the fairway. 100 years in, uphill. Long is dead, JW tells me before we hit, and unfortunately he pull flushes a wedge. Bit of an adventure from there, crooked number for JW. I hit the green, two putt for par.
AJ three up

Hole 11
Par three, down another hill. Wind blowing hard into us (AGAIN). Both tee shots end up short, in the fringe. I hit another loose chip, leave the 20-footer an inch on the right. Bogey. JW putts up, but can’t convert the up and down. Also bogey. Let’s not think about this too much.
AJ three up

Hole 12
I hit a wipey, fadey near-queef fairway finder, but JW is under a tree left. So we take mine. 150 in. I hit the green, JW finds bunker left. Again, thin sanded, JW flies the green, then hits a good one that runs out down the hill back to the fringe in the bunker. He’s popping, but makes a triple / net double. I two putt for par.
AJ four up

Hole 13
Par 3, about 185 up the hill. I chunk a 6. Then hit an indifferent wedge. Then get up and down for bogey. JW has an adventure, makes double. I’m dormie, but that just means I’m setting myself up for disaster…
AJ five up

Hole 14
Speaking of disaster: Par five, dogleg right downhill, big pond in front of the green. JW bombs a flare right, OB. Ok, fine, no problem, bunt one down the fairway. Right? RIGHT?!?!?

Oh boy.

It’s a half swing, low-toe, WHAT THE FUCK, slice, also OB.

So we both reload, JW bombs a draw to the middle of the fairway, I also hit a good one but we play his longer good one. About 200 in. JW hits a bullet, just barely too far left, catches the bunker. I hit a toe fade that BARELY clears the water. From there, further pukeage, and we make 7s. Not good for the Skirmish.

JW was popping, so he takes the hole. JFC.
AJ four up

Hole 15
OK, fine, we play on, still dormie. No problem. Short par 4, dogleg right around a big tree. Which I promptly find with my 3W. JW’s 3W on the other hand is MAJESTIC, fading around the corner into the go-zone. 110 in, I hit a weak PW to the short fringe. JW pures a wedge, hits the backstop behind the pin, and rips it back, damn near holes out. 6 feet for birdie, draino. Crap chip for me (notice a trend), and I make bogey. Sphincter getting tight over here!!!
AJ three up

Hole 16
Par 5, dogleg right. JW takes the mega line, over the tree, way up there. We like that. 135 in, up the hill. JW hits a slight pull, just left of the green. I hit a great 8I, hardly leaves the flag, ends up six feet past, downhill putt. JW’s chip rolls out, then can’t get up and down. Bogey. I tickle the ball down the hill to a couple inches, tap in for the partner/opponent-assisted bird and that’ll do it.
AJ wins 4 & 2

@westerj12 is always a class act - the Skirmish was a resounding success, and he was a worthy opponent. We ham and egged it for the Skirmish competition, finished third. Quail Ridge was a true delight. Excellent conditions, fun holes, terrific company. GREAT day, fortunate to come out with the CLC win after I started to give it away. Just the tip, in the end.


Could not have summarized the round any better!

I told Andy that this was a win/win for me. If I win the match against him then we probably win the Skirmish because I’ve played out of my mind. If I lose, it’s probably because he played well and we win the Skirmish. We didn’t quite win (that net bogey on 14 hurt) but we weren’t far off either.

It was pretty cool to do a 2nd shot match against each other. @BrooklynAJ is a great partner and a worthy opponent at the same time. Had a great time out there with him!


It was great to witness the ham and egg show that @westerj12 and @BrooklynAJ put on. My partner and I really thought they would win the entire thing until that 14th hole. That one hole cost them the title.
I wish I could say I played better but I was quick with my irons all day and couldn’t get them working. I’m looking forward to future rounds with these 2 great guys to be able to make a better showing.


Also…would recommend doing something like this for other matches. I personally (maybe because my driving can be erratic) loved the 2nd shot match. It was a fun wrinkle


100% disagree. Driving is where I make my money. If I am playing a match I wouldn’t want to give away the only thing I do well.