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Understandable. You were money off the tee on Saturday.


Round robin of matches for pod 11 at Holly Ridge today. @Taffy @Jeff_M @ClarkGriswold and myself all in attendance. Jeff and I already played twice so the matches were:
Jeff v Taffy. Jeff won 3 and 2
Jeff v Clark. Clark won 1 up
Clark v Taffy. Clark won 4 and 3
Clark V Griz. Griz won 4 and 3
Taffy v Griz. Griz won 5 and 3

Great time on a hot day. Pod 11 has just a few more matches to play to be able to close it out.

Current standings are
Griz at 5 - 1
Clark at 3 - 1
Taffy at 2 - 3
Jeff at 1 - 5
Dumpyflow at 0-1


I’m now able to find the clubface on about 47% of my swings. Gonna be a great summer

@dmmcgaha and myself halved at Mount Vintage in N Augusta this past Friday.

I’ll let him do a write up, but I will say you can skip the golf course.


As a special request can you compare the golf course to a film club movie.


Trading Places - it hasn’t aged well

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It’s fine. Used to be very good.

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Layout was ok. Not in great shape, but for $44 the greens rolled ok. The 4.5 hour round was less than ideal.

Pod 13 action from Friday between myself and @Fore20

We played at Olde Homeplace outside Winston-Salem. Fun course except for the no walking before noon policy that they had no rational explanation for.

Was getting 10 pops and needed them all. Was popping on the last 4 holes. Neither of us were more than 1 up throughout the round, and I got it to all square on 15. We halved 16 and 17, and I was able to get the 1 up win after his approach was lost right on 18.

@BCates joined us as well and it was a very enjoyable round and a high class match throughout.


very kind way of recapping me hitting a 4 iron over the tee box on 10 into the driving range…i sincerely appreciate that


Had some 3 way action for Pod 12 this Memorial Day out on the Championship course at Bryan Park; myself @BCates and @Sleepy all vs each other. Ben was cruising along crushing hopes and dreams on the front when out of nowhere a straight right pull on the 8th tee seemed to take him out of his rhythm. He was pretty much up 2 or 3 on both of us the entire front. 3 days in a row of playing seemed to have gotten the better of @Sleepy as he continues to gain form after the long injury time off. Bogeys weren’t gonna win anything on the front.

I found the alcohol level sweet spot on the back 9, @BCates lost a little rhythm, and @Sleepy was just a little worn from the heat. A :bird: from the fairway bunker on 13 got me going, until the next tee shot where I hit 6 inches behind my teed ball. Another tough bunker shot on 14 closed the 2 matches with Sleepy catching 2 Ls. Of course he played his best golf from there on out with some nice pin seekers. With back to back pars on 15 and 16, I took my first lead on Ben for the day. I proceeded to blast my drive right, found a way to get all hosel adjacent on an attempted 70 yd 5i punch while Ben put up the solid par to get back even. 18 tee shots saw Shawn and Ben go just right off the fairway and somehow I found the fairway. I was away, chose to just go for the center of the green with a back right pin protected by a bunker. I accomplished that, but caught the wrong side of the ridge in the center and watched my ball wander aimlessly farther away from the pin. Ben caught the correct side of that same ridge and had 20ish feet for his bird. The pressure was on Ben after my 35ish foot birdie attempt came up about 1.5 short and I was getting a stroke. A solid putt from Ben had me thinking we were about to tie but he missed the bird just an inch to the right. Did Ben concede my 1.5 foot putt for an L? Heck naw, he’s a competitor and wanted to see a 5 deep Rudd earn the W. Only seeing 1 hole, it was easy peasy. I think that course was designed to have a match come down to a needed par or better on 18. I was the fortunate one this time around.

But the worst part of the whole thing was that I didn’t get a pic of the rarest of rare sightings, Ben in a cart! It was my pleasure playing with these 2 gents and I look forward to the next time.


Great write up. Wish I could have been more competitive. I think both of you guys bettered your course handicap, while I did not.



One Month to get your group stage matches in for CLC matchplay. Feel free to get creative, a “match” has a pure form, but competitors can agree upon anything else to get their match in.

Want to go play mini golf? Go for it. Virtual match? sounds lame, but sure. Just want folks to be getting out there and updating your sheet where needed!


got a match in for CLT Pod 1 vs @Avanh at Lancaster this previous Monday. He got 9 strokes from me (holes with a ), with them being split to 5 on the front, 4 on the back. We get paired up with this lovely elderly couple, Don and Linda. Linda is not playing, just riding along with Don but agrees to be our rules official. She is insistent that we let her rake the bunkers if we end up in one.
: straight-ish par 4. I hit the fairway, Andrew pushes drive right into 2 fairway. Andrew hits a sick long iron to just off the right side of the green, gets it up and down for par. I bogey, Andrew goes 1 up
2: reachable par 5. I hit the fairway, Andrew is planning on a cut and ball doesn’t cut so he’s in the left rough. I’m get on the green in two, Andrew pushes his second shot right into some water. I two putt for bird and win the hole. back to even
3*: slight dogleg left par 4, only hazard is water right in front of tee box. I hit the fairway, Andrew is just off the fairway on the right side. a less than stellar approach shot and a bad chip leave me staring down a lengthy par putt that I miss. Andrew wins the hole and is back 1up
4: first par three of the day. Andrew hits his tee shot well short, but then stuffs it to about 5 feet on his second shot but unfortunately misses the par putt. I hit it in a greenside bunker, don’t get out on my first attempt but do on my second and I make the bogey putt. I forget we have Linda with us and rake the bunker, she is very upset and makes me promise to let her rake the next bunker. we halve, Andrew still 1up
5: another par 5 but much longer, I miss just off the right of the fairway, Andrew is on the right half of the fairway. we both hit 3 wood for our second but are well out of range to hit the green in 2. Andrew hits a bladey approach (some might even say hosel adjacent) to the right, I get up and down for birdie. I win the hole and we’re back to even.
6: short par 4 with water in front of the green, we both hit 3 wood to just off the left side of the fairway. I dunk my approach in the water, as does Don (as his ball is trickling in, I hear Linda go “Oh Don, not that way!”). Andrew hits a less than stellar approach but it stays dry, and he gets up and down for a comfy bogey. I card a triple bogey, Andrew is back to 1up
7*: Island green par 3, I hit my tee shot to about 30 feet, Andrew hits tee shot in the water but hits a lovely shot after his drop to about 5 feet. I three putt, consider doing a Grayson Murray and chucking my putter but decide to just take all my frustration out on the next drive. Andrew misses the bogey putt and we halve, Andrew still 1up
8*: straight par 4 uphill, with a very narrow tee window. my attempt to take my frustration out results in me nearly missing the ball and hitting a bouncer into a pond to the left of the tee box. I push my next drive right, manage to get up and down from the trees for double. Andrew also goes on an adventure, ends up in a bunker (Linda rakes) and cards a seven. we halve again, Andrew still 1up
9*: short dogleg right par 4 with water in front of the green. I’m starting to think I might be able to get through four straight holes of him stroking somewhat unscathed, until I push my tee shot right into some trees. Andrew stripes a wood (can’t remember 3 or 5) into perfect position in the middle of the fairway, hits his approach just short right of the green, gets up and down for bogey. I card a 6, Andrew goes 2up as we head to the back 9.
Unfortunately Linda and Don are done for the day so we say our goodbyes and head to 10 tee.
10*: straight par 4. I hit the fairway, Andrew is in the trees to the left but hits a great punch out to give himself a chance to get up and down. I hit a greenside bunker with my approach, hit a bad sand shot that barely gets out, hit an even worse chip, two putt for double. Andrew makes bogey and wins the hole, goes 3up
11: slight dogleg right par 4. we both hit the fairway, my approach holds the green and his barely rolls off the right side. A chip Andrew certainly wants back and me two putting for par means I win the hole. Andrew 2up
12: another dogleg right par 4, fairly short. we both hit the fairway and hit wedge in. I hit the green, Andrew hits it over the back and can’t get up and down for par. I two putt for par to win the hole, we are back to even.
13*: medium length but relatively unguarded par 3. I hit the green, have about 15 feet for bird. Andrew is short left off the tee, hits his second over the green but gets up and down for bogey. I two putt for par and we halve, match stays at even
14: another reachable par 5, after two birdies on the two front nine par 5s I’m licking my chops. I hit the fairway, Andrew is setting up to play a cut, he smokes it but of course it goes left into some trees. we can’t find it, he has to take a drop. my second comes up short but a great chip gives me a tap in birdie. he hits a great third after his drop but the wayward drive was too much to overcome. I win the hole and go 1up
15*: medium length par 3. have to hit your shot over a valley to the green, and the entire front hill on the green is almost a 45 degree angle. I hit a bad 5 iron that gets lucky and stays out of both the woods and the creek at the bottom of the valley. Andrew hits just a smidge short of the green but it stays on the fringe, hits a great chip. I don’t remember if he made the par putt or not as I was too busy being mad at my bad tee and 2nd shot, didn’t matter either way as he was stroking and I card a 4. match back to even.
16: another reachable par 5. Andrew’s tee box, his cut decides to make an appearance after he sets up to hit it straight and he ends up in the woods on the right. I hit the fairway. Andrew tries to punch out unsuccessfully, and then accidentally takes a dangerous line out of the trees but it gets through. he’s still well behind the 8 ball as I’m up near the green after my second (blind shot so we aren’t sure where exactly). I ended up in a greenside bunker but get up and down for birdie to win the hole. I go 1up
17: short par 4 with a severe dog leg left, two medium sized but deep bunkers guarding the corners on the left side and right side of the fairway where it starts to bend. I peek at the card and remember Andrew strokes on 18, and want no part of trying to close him out on the 4th hardest hole on the course with a stroke advantage. I commit to an aggressive play and attempt to draw a 3 wood around the corner, it comes out dead straight and I am very fortunate to not end up in the right corner bunker. Andrews woes off the tee continue, he hits a topped 3 wood that rolls out just enough to give him a small chance. as we’re walking toward our balls he laughs and says “I knew I teed that too low”. He has a decision here, either play a punchy shot over the left corner bunker, or try to hit a draw with a long club. To his credit, he says “are you silly, I’m just gonna send it”* and does so, but unfortunately ends up in the trees on the right side. I hit my approach just off the green short left, chip up and two putt for bogey. Andrew is unable to get in for bogey and I win the match 2&1.
All things considered, was an excellent day on the course and I feel fortunate to have walked off with the win. if a couple breaks go his way on the front I could have easily been down 5 going into the back.

tl;dr - Andrew played much better than I on the front but a couple bad shots at inopportune moments kept it within reach, I got it going on the back 9 and clawed it back to even, closed out on 17 for a 2&1 win.
*can’t remember if this actually happened but history is written by the victors and since this is my official statement, it happened.


If only my memory was that good lol…I cannot remember the last shot much less the whole round even for just myself …


Pod 9 action recommenced yesterday with @tigergolftraveler and @BarnacleRob teeing it up at Holly Tree Country Club (a George Cobb design) in Simpsonville, South Carolina. @BarnacleRob receiving 5 strokes. @Dclthomas referee’d the match.

In a show of solidarity for one another, @tigergolftraveler (J) and @BarnacleRob (R) decided (separately, mind you) to wear green and white-striped polos, both nearly the same shade of green. Without diving any further into the competitor’s fashion choices, and with the warning that this will be a bit long-winded, Let’s launch em!

Hole 1: Par 5

R and J stripe their drives down the fairway, both hit decent approach shots, J’s third is a little short while R lands on the green to 12 feet. J makes 6 and R makes 5, R +1

Hole 2: Down hill Par 3

R slings a 9 iron left of the bunker under a tree, J pumps the ball right, takes a hop down the cart path into thick rough. J hits a great chip onto the green while R dumps his second in the bunker. Both putters appear to be skittish today. J makes 5 while R 3-putts for 6. Match AS

Hole 3: Uphill Par 4, R strokes

J pulls his drive into the left rough, R plows his drive through the trees on the right and somehow ends up in an ok position. J puts his second on the left fringe above the hole. R puts second in front right bunker. R’s third out of the bunker leaves him with a 12 ft sidewinder above the hole. R somehow holes the putt to win 4 for 3. R +1

Hole 4: Par 4

Both drives down the middle, both approaches leave 20 ft putts, both escape with par. R +1

Hole 5: Signature squirrelly George Cobb-ian dog leg right Par 5

R pumps his drive left of the fairway after remembering getting totally boned to the right his last time out. J puts his ball in great position to go for the green in 2. R pitches to 145 yards. J slings a 3-wood to 35 feet. R puts his 3rd to 25 feet. J leaves the eagle putt 3 ft short. R concedes the birdie putt and misses his. Match AS

Hole 6: Dog leg right Par 4, R strokes

R has lost control of the driver at this point. Leaves his first in a fried egg lie in the fairway bunker 180 out. J drives past the bunker into some decent grass. R nearly breaks a wrist trying to boogie the thing out of there. Ends up 100 short. J puts his second to the left fringe above the hole. R ends up above the hole as well. J 3 putts from the fringe, R 2-putts for 5 for 4. R +1

Hole 7: Dog leg left Par 4

J hits a towering drive to about 120(?). R has elected to go with 3 wood and hits a decent drive but is still 190 out. R hits 5 iron short, J hits second to left fringe. Both players make 5. R +1

Hole 8: Par 3 over water

R Slings a 6 iron into left bunker. J says hold my beer, hits the same shot but ends up right up against the back lip with a down-hill lie with a short-sided, down-hill pin. With R still holding J’s beer, J hits a miraculous bunker shot to gimme range. R gives J his beer back and hits his bunker shot to 2 feet. Both putts conceded, match stays R +1

Hole 9: Uphill Par 4, R strokes

R bunts driver into the tall grass above a ledge on the right side. J bombs a drive to the center of the fairway. J hits his second to the green, R somehow hits a solid 7 iron out of some tall grass to the back of the green. R chips to 3ft, makes the putt. J 2 putts for par. R wins the hole 4 for 3, R +2.

Hole 10: Dog leg right over water Par 4

Both players hit great drives to the fairway, though R makes the hole about 60 yards longer for himself by going way left. Both players hit their second shots to the green, J to 12 ft. R 3 putts, J 2 putts. R +1

Hole 11: Downhill Par 3

J lands his shot left of the green while R puts a 6 iron to 20 ft. J mishits a chip to give R a read. Both players 2 putt. R +2

Hole 12: Downhill Par 4

R pumps his drive right into a creek about 100 yards right of the fairway. J hits his drive to the fairway. Now lying 3, R pulls a 5 iron left out of bounds and concedes the hole. J puts his 2nd to 25 feet above the hole. J then proceeds to hole the putt for birdie. R +1

Hole 13: Another Squirrelly George Cobb-ian dogleg right Par 5

R pushes 3 wood, J goes left and has a side hill lie. Both players lay up to the landing zone (blasphemous, we know), although R pulls his into some bushes on the left. J lands his 2nd safely in the fairway. R bunts out to meet J in the Fairway. J hits a towering wedge, hits the fan behind the hole, which richochets about 30 yards left of the green. R skulls a pitching wedge to 25 ft. J puts his 4th on the green. Both players 2 putt for bogey. R +1

Hole 14: Short dogleg right par 4

Both players hit good drives to the fairway. J puts his second to the left fringe. R chunks a gap wedge to the front of the green. R bumps an 8 iron to 6 feet and cant make the par putt. J leaves his third short and above the hole. Both players make 5. R +1

Hole 15: Long par 3, R strokes (Really???)

Whether it was the fact that he teed off out of turn, or whether he had a reeling sense of guilt for receiving a stroke on a par three, we will never know, but R chunks a four iron off the tee, leaving himself 150 yards. J hits a fantastic shot to about 25 feet. R’s 2nd finds the green. Both two putt to tie the hole. R + 1

Hole 16: Long uphill par 4, R strokes yet again

Both Players hit beautiful drives to the fairway. R hits his second to the front of the green. J puts his second to the back left. J 3 putts for 5 and R 4 putts (lord have mercy) for 6 for 5. R +1

Hole 17: Dog leg left Par 4

Both players hit exceptional drives yet again. J puts his second on the left fringe. R chunks a wedge (yet again) short of the green. R chips to 8 feet and cant make the par putt, J leaves his 3rd shot about 15 ft out. Both players escape with 5, R +1

Hole 18 Dog leg left uphill Par 5

J and R both hit great drives, although R hits his too far left and ends up in the rough with no chance to go for the green. J hits a fantastic fairway wood to about 25 ft. R is forced to lay up with a pitching wedge to 110 yards, and is forced to hit a second wedge to 35 ft. J needs to 2 putt to force a playoff, and at this point must be confident that it will happen because R can’t putt for shit today. But in a last ditch effort to stay in the bag, R’s putter decides to finally hit the ball square, and muscles the ball into the cup for a birdie 4. J 2 putts for par. R wins +2

At the end of the day it was a well fought match that either competitor could have won easily with a little bit of luck and a hotter putter. @dclthomas played very well and had the best round of the group. The course was in great shape and the weather was fantastic. Thanks again for hosting Jimmy. Look forward to getting out there again soon.


Great write up. Aside from a few details making us look better, I couldn’t have done any more!

Give yourself credit, we both made par on 14 :handshake:


Nanerman (Jared) and I had our first match for pod 4 today at Springfield golf club from the blues at 6500 yards. The course was in great shape and the weather was a little steamy but overall beautiful. A little tee time drama with a small misunderstanding of time and Nanerman showed up on the box in a rush slapped the shoes on and away we went. I was getting 1 shot

Hole 1 par 4 352 yards-no practice swings needed and Nanerman stripes one right down the middle. I follow up by pulling my 4 iron OB, way to start me.Nanerman hits off the back of the green and I land on the green with a wedge. I 3 putt and naner chips and 2 putts to go 1 up.

Hole 2 par 4 363 yards-Naner hits driver buy because of the slope rolls off the edge into to sticky lie. I got 4 iron and stay on the edge. I hit green, Naner misses. Chip and 2 for Naner and 2 putt for me back to even

Hole 3 par 5 528 yards- I hit a waffle house Hook (smothered &covered) off the par 5 it barely stays in bounds at a whopping 200 yards. Naner hits a his classic peely drive right down main street. We both lay up. I hit a 54 degree to 15 ft Jared hits it to 20 ft. Jared 2 Putts for par I make the putt for birdie to ho 1 up

Hole 4 par 3 157 yards-I thinned one into the protecting bunker. Jared hits one on the right side of the green. I smoke one out of the bunker hits the flag and drops to 10 ft. Jared hits a solid 2 putt , I make the 12 footer to stay 1 up

Hole 5 dogleg par 4 395 yards-I pull a 7 iron into the trees and have to pick out. Jared hits middle and misses right of the green. I blast the bunker past the green and chip and 2 putt. Jared chips on and 2 putts to win the hole back to even.

Hole 6 par 5 504 yards- I hit another Waffle House hook off the tee, I hit provisional 335 yards . Jared hits it down the middle. I play my 4th and hit 9 iron to the middle. Jared lays up and puts into the middle and 2 putts to go 1 up

Hole 7 par 4 406 yards dogleg right. My one hole I get stroke. Jarred hit driver in the middle I hit hyburrito on the side hill . Jared misses a little left and short. I hit a 8 iron that was too hot and bounded off the green edge mound and went OB. Jared goes up and 2, I double chip and 2 putt to lose the hole . Jared goes 2 up

Hole 8 par 3 191 yards- we both hit green and 2 putt to stay 2up Jared

Hole 9 par 4 408 yards - Jared nails the middle again, I leave one out right and in the pine needles. Jarred hits the green. I blow another one way right and OB. Jared goes 3 up after 9

Hole 10 par 4 353 yards- we both hit fairway. Both hit green both 2 putt. Naner 3 up

Hole 11 par 4 364 yards all up hill- we both hit fairway , Jared went left of green I hit a 58 that hit the front and rolled off, we both got up and down. Naner still 3 up

Hole 12 par 5 550 yards- Naner hit a pulled drive that hit a tree and bounced back into the fairway. I hit an iron safely. On the way to the shots Naner stepped in a hole and took a tumble figuratively and literally, it was the turning point in the match. We both layed up, Naners approach was short I landed pin high. Naner up and 2 putt, I 2 putt for par and win the hole to go 2 down

Hole 13 par 3 151 yards-i hit 9 iron 160 pin high, Jared went left and on a down hill lie, he chipped up but got a low runner that rolled out. I 2 putted for par and went 1 down.

Hole 14 par 4 395 yards-Jared hit fairway with driver I hit fairway with 5 iron. Jared went left of the green on another down slope lie and basically repeated the last hole. I hit the front of the green from 160 and 2 putted to go back to all square

Hole 15 par 4 326 yards-I hit 4 iron Jared hit driver. We both hit wedges in to about 10 feet on each. We both missed the birdies to stay at all square

Hole 16 par 3161 yards- Jared hit the front of the green, I went just left but pin high. Jared two putts, I go up and down to stay at all square

Hole 17 par 4 388 yards-I hit the hyburrito and Naner leaned on the driver and rolled just past me. I landed short and Jared went long. We both hit sloppy putts and left over 10 feet each. Jared rolled a putt right up . The pin was on a slope and my putt was about to stop right next two the hole and but decided to take off 3 more feet sideways. With heart beating way too much I rolled it in to stay at all square

Home 18 par 5 516 yards. We both hit drivers down the middle. Jared layed up and I elected to follow his strategy. I went pin high and left and Jared barely hung on the front . I missed the birdie putt and Jared lagged it to 5 ft we both made and the match ended at all square.

The round was a great, the weather was awesome ,and the company was even better.


Did we really? Sweet!

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And I birdied 10, but I didn’t want to get too full of myself when I lost :rofl: