The Challenge: Japan Skins Thread

Undead Rory! Uninjured (for now) Jason Day! Can Hideki win? Big Cat playing for the first time in months! Planning to watch on Golf Channel at Midnight ET or are you completely uninterested?


Off tomorrow. I’ll be tuning in for sure.

I knew this was happening, but literally had no idea it was tonight until I just got a pga app notification. I guess I had it in my head that it was for another thanksgiving weekend thing. That being said, I will be up watching the eagles/cowboys game, so I will def fall asleep to this golf programming…

I’m guessing there will maybe be a re-air during “easy coast normal hours” and i’ll See more then…

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Tiger is addressing the media at 9:30pm est. Hopefully nothing bad…

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Most interesting thing that I’ve seen about this event:

@Steve_DiMeglio: Japan skins game features a one-club challenge on 14th hole. A par-5 playing about 540 today. That should be interesting.


Daughter is playing in the state championship tomorrow, so I’ll be asleep before midnight. No Golf Channel at this hotel anyway (I could probably stream). I’ll watch it on DVR perhaps.

I didn’t know that. It’ll be a struggle to stay up late enough that they reach 14, but now I’ve got more of a reason to try.

Only perk of working the graveyard shift tonight while sitting in front of a computer is that I can probably have it on in a browser tab and still be able to do work for the most part.


I was about to shut it down to get a jump start on the week and foolishly refuged… not all that interested… but… I’m a sicko… and sure as shit gonna tune in.

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I was back and forth on calling out of work for this. Not going to, but probably should.

My plan is to roll into work late and pump coffee into my body until lunchtime.


shit you guise, this is not the negative reinforcement i needed.

now I may have company who stays up with me? this is dangerous


I’m going to be up late working on revisions to a brief anyway. Might as well watch Rory go off.


I mean this in the nicest possible way: you have no wife, you have no kids, you’re the perfect person to stay up for this.


Nothing notable so far according to GC Tiger Tracker. Just a very “Tiger” Q&A session.

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Yeah I saw. President Cup Q’s. Was just worried as I could definitely see Tiger dropping out last minute. Part of me wonders if he’ll even try to win tonight. Take easy safe swings instead of full swings, etc.

Right now I’m trying to figure out what my dignity at work is worth.

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What time is thing actually starting? 11pm central?

It’s not clear. Ads yesterday said it was going to start now, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.