The Canada Thread - Ask Us Anything

Want to learn about your neighbours to the north?

Want to know why we drink bagged milk? Want to know what people in Saskatchewan call a hoodie? Want to know which is Saint John and which is St. John’s?

Want travel advice? Want to understand the constitutional monarchy system of government?

In true Canadian fashion, I apologize in advance for not having all of the answers. But hoping my compatriots will jump in and provide their perspectives. We’ve got some decent regional representation here.


Can you get my family across the border?


Fuck, this was my question, too.


This would fall under the “not having all the answers” category.


Are you aware that your flag fucking rules?


I’m a little surprised we managed to get it right, considering how late in the game we did it (1965).

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% of Canadians (outside of Quebec) that actually wish their secession carried?

(Feel kind of scummy for asking, but genuinely curious)

I don’t really have a question but I slung poutine for a few years as a line cook in college and damn that shit slaps


edit - damn I 'm hungry and its only 10


Please excuse my East Coast Bias (never been west of Ottawa but travel to Ottawa and Halifax for work on the regular, you know when the world isn’t ending), but what is it about your compatriots (and my co-workers) from St. John’s that makes them so…eccentric?

do you know drake?


Is Trailer Park Boys an accurate representation of Nova Scotia?


No but he’s been to both Raptor’s game that I’ve attended, so basically yes

I don’t know that, but I’ll give you my personal answer.

Quebec is a huge part of what makes Canada the country it is and I hope they never leave. There are a bunch of superficial reasons (mostly because it feels like you can take a little European vacation without leaving Canada), but the two solitudes, the diversity of viewpoints, the natural tension in the union, the really yellow margarine are parts of what make Canada so great.


How grateful are Canadians that the attempted US invasion in 1812, which would have brought Canada into the US had it succeeded, was a failure?

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I for one am glad they are still part of the country. I grew up near Ottawa, so close to Quebec as well, and I feel like they are an integral part of Canada’s history and culture. It would be a shame of we lost the French language and had to start importing poutine


why do you feel the need to fill out Mariner’s games - effectively making it a Blue Jays home game - in the spring when toronto is basically an entire country away???

signed, a salty M’s fan

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Another one: Is there any movement to keep the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies smaller, so they don’t turn in to say, Vail.

I ask this 100% selfishly as I had an absolute blast up there and hope they never change. They are everything good about skiing.

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Was a success from our point of view!


Continuing from the Refuge Starts a Band thread, I’m also an M’s fan.

Best friends.

some people would get weirded out at this point, but I’m only MORE in