@the_cad_says Is Running for President!


How many monocle’s do you own?

Sorry I’m voting for DBD or the dog.

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3 for my right eye. 6 for my left eye. 2 for my jap’s eye.

Is that racist now? I guess so. If you have to ask… :man_shrugging:t4:

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You’ll find out when you’re older.

Just checking…

After dark baby!

Very nice. Will you be running your campaign from Liechtenstein or Monaco?

Lichtenstein = boring

Monaco = Russian hookers

Andorra is where it’s at.

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Confirmed @The_Cad_Says is not actually an oligarch.

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Hey, gotta keep it official for the narcs. I “live” in Andorra. But I party elsewhere.

Also, Andorra is awesome! Mountains. Barcelona a couple of hours. French AND Spanish food…

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Yeah but they speak Catalan…

Nah. Only words you need to know are “tax haven” and “bung”. Same words in Catalan. True story.




Statement from His Grace, The CAD:

It gives me great pleasure to announce my running mate in the upcoming Presidential elections, Ellie…

As you can see, Ellie is a keen golfer and not simply a mindless destroyer of squeaky toys. Ellie is a lover, not a fighter.

In fact, as a Pyrenean Sheepdog, her special skills lie in forecaddying, herding people and ‘being a good girl’.

I have complete confidence in her ability to assist me in the intense grafting I intend to do throughout my tenure as President and know she will execute her duties with grace, panache and the occasional growl at the Postman, invading bastard that he is.

Here she is upon learning of her new role.


In pondering all of this I have to ask myself, am I ready for this dog to run the Refuge?

Then I think, actually @The_Cad_Says isn’t so bad a guy…cute pet too.

PS. always happy to see a Northern Irish man get involved in politics. We have such a good track record in our wee country

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And when the NLU boys threaten to sell us to Callaway…


I love his enthusiasm and he has done much admirable work, my hat is off to him. However, that doesn’t directly translate into managerial skillage. I want to use my leadership talents and organisational skills to structure the refuge in a way that guys like @The_Cad_Says can flourish even more.
I’d love your support.


A full week in and nobody has bothered to bring up the genius work of plagiarism that is my opening speech.

I worked hard on making 4 speeches become one. Damn you.