@the_cad_says Is Running for President!


How much do you reckon he spent on his iron covers? Trying to understand my market.

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They looked like they were handmade, so I am going to guess around $100.


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Hmm bespoke iron covers an untapped market? No one carried their alignment sticks until someone made them fashionable.

Edit: and then people started making alignment stick covers!

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I’m sure @Geaugolf would be happy to help with that


It takes one person with vision. And that person is me.

Vote CAD!!



How many monocle’s do you own?

Sorry I’m voting for DBD or the dog.

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3 for my right eye. 6 for my left eye. 2 for my jap’s eye.

Is that racist now? I guess so. If you have to ask… :man_shrugging:t4:

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You’ll find out when you’re older.

Just checking…

After dark baby!

Very nice. Will you be running your campaign from Liechtenstein or Monaco?

Lichtenstein = boring

Monaco = Russian hookers

Andorra is where it’s at.

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Confirmed @The_Cad_Says is not actually an oligarch.

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Hey, gotta keep it official for the narcs. I “live” in Andorra. But I party elsewhere.

Also, Andorra is awesome! Mountains. Barcelona a couple of hours. French AND Spanish food…

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Yeah but they speak Catalan…

Nah. Only words you need to know are “tax haven” and “bung”. Same words in Catalan. True story.