@the_cad_says Is Running for President!

You seem to know a lot about me. Does someone have a little crush?

It’s okay. I’ve had girls crush on me before. Admittedly I’ve taken advantage of a few and had to pay them off. But in your case I don’t think I’ll bother.

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Who’s gonna tell him?


Paying everyone off so you can buy the election with no platform other than, “I have money.”

Isn’t that bit played out?

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve made my choice…

simpsons monorail money

And I suppose you’re gonna win with “policies”. Cute.

Nope. But the Corgi is cute.

That’s a shame @MrVinegar206. You were a great opponent, relentless, principled, really kept me honest, and I wish you well in whatever you choose to do hereafter. Good luck to you. :slight_smile:


Vinegar strokes!!


Wow. This presidential rate is heating up!

@The_Cad_Says I want to wish you luck. I hope you know I’m a big fan of what you have done with the RACDG. I promise to do my best to help you should you win.


I’ll take them!

This whole thing begs a massive, existential question tied into the election.

Are iron covers the next frontier of woke golf?

Only a matter of time before Seamus branch into them.

Then everyone will want them.

Currently got some underage children, sorry, adult employees, putting together a range of tweed covers to catch the woke wave. Always trying to stay ahead of the game.

I prefer to call them ‘booties’ however.

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Iron Booties sounds like something I’m gonna have to do some squats to get

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Well they are manly and aimed at the macho golfer. I’m thinking of a tie in with BarStool…

How else do you keep your copper Mizunos from going green?

Well exactly!

And with all the iron cover hate it’s obvious and just that the counter culture next generation will be all about the iron covers. Or booties.

Let us not forget that the whole reason I am a member of The Refuge is because of Mr. Cad.

So, if you are not a fan of mine (a not insignificant number of people on here) you can blame him.

My first post. I knew I had to create an account because I had never seen such blatant, absurd virtue signaling in my life.

Read through this thread. This is who Mr. Cad is. Remember that.

So I’m to blame? Add it to the list.

And anyone who knows me knows I’m not a virtue signaller or even a flip flopper. I’m a shit stirrer. Plain and simple.

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